Nick Walker ‘Expects’ to Win 2024 New York Pro ‘Pretty Clear,’ Talks Dorian Yates-Style Training Split

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Nick Walker, a rising star in the world of bodybuilding, is gearing up for a triumphant return to the stage after facing setbacks in 2023.

In a recent YouTube video, Nick Walker candidly shared his thoughts on entering the 2024 New York Pro, his determination to earn his spot at Olympia, and the intriguing shift in his training regimen inspired by the legendary Dorian Yates.

The Unprecedented Rise of Nick Walker:

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At just 29 years old, Nick Walker has already etched his name in bodybuilding history with remarkable achievements in the Men’s Open Pro category.

The 2021 New York Pro and Arnold Classic champion stunned the world with a fifth-place finish in his Mr. Olympia debut, followed by a bronze medal in 2022, showcasing unparalleled promise.

Setback and Redemption:

After a brief setback due to a hamstring and calf tear that hindered his participation in the 2023 Arnold Classic, Walker is back with renewed vigor.

Despite expectations of a special invite from Olympia, Nick Walker embraces the challenge of earning his place, viewing the New York Pro as a pivotal opportunity to reclaim his status as a top-tier athlete.

The New York Pro: A Prestigious Battlefield:

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The New York Pro, considered the third-most prestigious contest in the IFBB Pro League, holds special significance for Nick Walker.

Having previously claimed victory, Nick Walker expresses excitement about returning to this iconic stage and aims to secure another title with unwavering confidence.

Competition and Mentality:

Acknowledging potential threats from the likes of Tonio Burton, Stu Sutherland, and Rubiel Mosquera, Nick Walker remains focused on his journey.

He emphasizes treating the competition as if he is re-qualifying for his first Olympia, demonstrating humility and dedication to his craft.

A Mental Shift and Dorian Yates-Inspired Training Split:

The revelation of not receiving a special invite from Olympia prompted a mentality shift in Nick Walker.

Opting for a Dorian Yates-style training split, he explains the decision to emulate Dorian Yates’s high-intensity approach and the benefits he has observed in terms of recovery and results.

Dorian Yates’ Training Style

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Dorian Yates, known as the “Shadow” during his reign as Mr. Olympia from 1992 to 1997, revolutionized the world of bodybuilding with his intense and efficient training style.

His approach to high-intensity training (HIT) went beyond the conventional methods of his time, focusing on fewer sets, shorter workouts, and an emphasis on pushing the body to its limits.

Dorian Yates‘ training philosophy was heavily influenced by the teachings of Mike Mentzer and Arthur Jones, who were proponents of HIT.

However, Dorian Yates took this approach to new heights, creating a system that worked exceptionally well for him and left a lasting impact on the bodybuilding community.

Key features of Dorian Yates‘ training style included:

Brief and Intense Workouts:

Dorian Yates advocated for shorter, more focused training sessions. His workouts typically lasted around 45 minutes to an hour, emphasizing quality over quantity.

He believed that extended training sessions could lead to overtraining and diminished gains.

High-Intensity Techniques:

Incorporating intensity techniques such as forced reps and drop sets, Dorian Yates pushed his muscles to the brink of failure.

This approach was aimed at maximizing muscle stimulation in a condensed timeframe, promoting hypertrophy and strength gains.

Split Training:

Dorian Yates favored a split routine, targeting specific muscle groups on different days of the week.

This allowed for sufficient rest and recovery while maintaining the intensity during each workout.

His preferred split often included training four to five days a week.

Focus on Compound Movements:

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Compound exercises, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, formed the core of Dorian Yates’ workouts.

He believed in the efficiency of these multi-joint movements for building overall muscle mass and strength.

Listen to the Body:

Dorian Yates emphasized the importance of listening to one’s body and adjusting the training intensity accordingly.

If a muscle group was not fully recovered, he would advocate for rest rather than pushing through potentially counterproductive workouts.

Mental Focus:

Known for his mental fortitude, Dorian Yates brought a high level of focus and intensity to each training session.

He often referred to the mind-muscle connection, stressing the importance of being fully present and engaged during workouts.

Dorian Yates‘ training style was not only effective for him but also left a lasting legacy in the bodybuilding world.

Many contemporary bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts continue to incorporate elements of his high-intensity approach into their training routines.

The emphasis on intensity, efficiency, and strategic use of advanced techniques has solidified Dorian Yates‘ place as a trailblazer in the evolution of bodybuilding training methodologies.

Bob Cicherillo’s Guidance:

After dedicating 13 years to amateur competitions, Bob Cicherillo achieved his professional status at the 2000 USA’s.

His bodybuilding journey began at the age of 12 when he commenced training, and he entered his inaugural contest at the age of 13.

Bob Cicherillo, an influential figure in bodybuilding, advises Nick Walker against pursuing additional size, emphasizing the importance of refining his physique.

This strategic approach aligns with Nick Walker’s current stage in his career and reflects a commitment to gradual enhancements.

Skepticism and Shawn Ray’s Perspective:

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While Nick Walker exudes confidence, not everyone in the bodybuilding community shares the same optimism.

1990s standout Shawn Ray expresses skepticism about Nick Walker’s return to the 2024 Mr. Olympia stage, adding an element of intrigue to Nick Walker’s journey.

The Road Ahead: Gold at the New York Pro and Beyond:

Nick Walker’s decision to focus on refinement oversize sets the stage for a compelling narrative.

As he vies for gold at the 2024 New York Pro, success could propel him closer to the pinnacle of the sport—the Mr. Olympia title.

The changes to his routine and mindset present a captivating storyline that fans and fellow athletes will undoubtedly follow closely.

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Nick Walker’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence in the realm of bodybuilding.

As he embarks on the road to the 2024 New York Pro with a Dorian Yates-inspired training split, Nick Walker’s story becomes a captivating narrative of redemption and refinement.

Whether he silences skeptics and secures gold or faces unexpected challenges, one thing is certain—the bodybuilding world will be watching, eager to witness the unfolding chapters of Nick Walker’s extraordinary career.

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