Tonio Burton Biography

Tonio Burton is an American bodybuilder with a massive body. He got a lot of tattoos on his body which makes him a remarkable bodybuilder. People compare Tonio with Dexter Jackson.

Early Life of Tonio Burton

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Tonio Burton was born and raised in the USA. Tonio first got into bodybuilding at a young age, after years of playing football. Although he was an athletic boy, Tonio was skinny and had a slim frame.

To improve his body frame, Tonio went on to join a gym where he trained almost every day. His great willingness led him to build a strong, ripped body after months of dedication to his goals.

Tonio Burton at Hug High School

Tonio played football for Coach Rollins Stallworth at Hug High School. Tonio was not too big but strong for his size at the high school.

Tragedy in Tonio Burton’s Life

Tonio’s younger brother was killed by gang violence. Tonio’s brother, uncle, and aunt, along with his two best friends, died within a span of a few days in 2017. But that horrible incident served to further fuel Tonio Burton.

Bodybuilding Career of Tonio Burton

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Sometime after Tonio’s accident, the wait was finally over. He was ready to take part in his first-ever bodybuilding show in 2018, thinking it was silly and weird. Tonio Burton turned pro in bodybuilding and won his first pro event.

Tonio Burton Win 2021 Indy Pro Bodybuilding Show

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Tonio Burton made his pro debut at Indy Pro Bodybuilding Show 2021, and it was clear from the point he took the stage that everyone else was competing for second place.

He displayed thick and dense muscles with good balance. The judges approved, which is why he won the final round. After winning the pro show, he was a part of the Olympia 212 lineup.

Tonio Burton got the 2021 Indy Pro bodybuilding title, which led him to Mr. Olympia 2021, where he scored 10th place in the 212 Division. He then decided to follow in the footsteps of a former 212 winner, Shaun Clarida and attempted the Open Division for the 2021 Legion Sports Fest.

By 2022, Tonio Burton competed at IFBB California Pro 2022. Tonio got 3rd place against Charles Griffen and Mohamed Shabaan.

Body Measurement of Tonio Burton

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Tonio Burton Weight104 to 111 KG
Tonio Burton Height5 Feet and 8 Inches
Tonio Burton Arm Size23 Inches
Tonio Burton Chest Size30 Inches

Tonio Burton Wife

Tonio Burton has been married to an American woman for 15 years. The couple has two children.

Tonio Burton’s Net Worth

Tonio Burton’s net worth is $500k to $700k. He is a famous bodybuilder from the USA. He earned all his money being a professional bodybuilder.

Tonio Burton’s Training

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Tonio always tries to keep his workout simple, as he’s a firm believer in compound exercises, particularly for beginners.

Tonio Burton’s Workout Routine

Day 1Quads
Day 2Chest and Calves
Day 3Back
Day 4Shoulders and Hams
Day 5Biceps and Triceps
Day 6Ab and Cardio
Day 7Off

Tonio Burton’s Diet Plan

Having a balanced yet calorie-filled diet is something Tonio has whenever he’s in the off-season or during contest phases.

During the preparation for a competition, Tonio seldom cheats, as he believes that there is no substitute for a strict, clean diet.

Tonio Burton usually consumes lean meats such as steak and chicken as a source of protein, white or brown rice, sweet potatoes as a source of carbohydrates, and nuts for healthy fats.


How Tall is Tonio Burton Bodybuilder?
Tonio Buerton is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.
How Rich is Tonio Burton?
Tonio Burton’s net worth is $500k to $700k. He is a famous bodybuilder from the USA. He earned all his money being a professional bodybuilder.
How Rich is Dexter Jackson?
Dexter Jackson’s net worth is $2 Million in 2022.

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