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Marc Hector is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, bodybuilding coach, and bodybuilding posing coach from the United Kingdom. Marc competes in the Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Class. 

Marc Hector is going to participate in the Arnold Classic UK against the best bodybuilders in the world such as Michal Krizo, Andrew Jacked, Roelly Winklaar, and William Bonac

Marc Hector Early Life

Marc Hector bodybuilder
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Marc Hector was born in 1987 in the United Kingdom. Marc was brought up in the United Kingdom. Marc Hector played football, baseball, and track.

During the training for these sports, he noticed his body’s responsiveness to weight training, which inspired him to enter the bodybuilding world.

Marc Hector Bodybuilding Career 

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In 2018, at the age of 31, Marc competed at the Amateur Olympia United Kingdom and won the Amateur Olympia overall in the Men’s Bodybuilding – Open division.

When Marc Hector won his pro card at the Amateur Olympia in 2018, he asked for feedback from the judges. Although he had straight firsts in his class, he just wanted to find out where the judges thought he needed to improve. One of the areas was his back, in a particular thickness. 

In 2019, Marc competed at the Tampa Pro Show against Dexter Jackson, Luke Sandoe, Iain Valliere, Hassan Mostafa, Charles Griffen, and Joel Thomas. Marc did not get a prominent place there.

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In 2020, Marc Hector competed at the IFBB Europa Pro Show. He got 7th place in the show against James Hollingshead, Lukas Osladil, Rafael Brandao, Samson Dauda, Andrea Muzi, and Jamie Christan-Johal

In November 2020, Marc Hector entered the IFBB British Grand Prix to compete against James Hollinshead, Jamie Christan-Johal, Theo Leguerrier, and Samson Dauda. Marc got 3rd place in the 2020 IFBB British Grand Prix.

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Marc Hector Contest History 

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  • In 2018, Amateur Olympia United Kingdom, Men’s Bodybuilding, 1st place
  • In 2020, FBB Europa Pro Show, Men’s Bodybuilding, 7th place
  • In 2020, IFBB British Grand Prix, Men’s Bodybuilding, 3rd place 

Marc Hector Body Measurements 

marc hector height
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Marc Hector Height5 Feet and 11 Inches
Mark Hector Weight123 KG
Marc Hector Age35 Years
Marc Hector Waist Size30 Inches
Marc Hector Arm Size20 Inches
Marc Hector Chest Size49 Inches
Marc Hector NationalityBritish

Marc Hector Wife

marc hector wife
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Marc Hector is not married yet. Marc has been dating Kerry Sexton since 2022. Kerry Sexton is a bikini bodybuilder who has won many titles across the world since 2016. She is holding pro status with PCA and British and international titles.

Kerry Sexton is an online coach who is inspirational about mental health and well-being around body portrait and nutrition as well as prepping clients for shows. 

Marc Hector Diet Plan

marc hector diet plan
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Marc Hector eats high amounts of protein, low carbohydrates, and moderate fat. Marc Hector gets most of his protein from boiled eggs, steaks, and ground beef. 

Marc Hector’s diet consists of beef, eggs, bread, salads, and ground beef. His diet works because he consumes a simple and clean diet. 

On his rest day, Marc Hector usually eats 2 double burgers, fries, white chocolate, and Twix. The purpose of this food is to stop him from running too flat if he goes way too flat trying to bring his physique back.

Marc Hector Training

Marc Hector Training
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A major factor for him during the off-season, which he has carried over into prep is not using a log book during his sessions. Now, this might not work for everyone, but for him, he prefers it.

He finds that he can go into his sessions knowing what exercises he already has pre-planned, but the weight he uses is largely dictated by how he feels when he is training.

Marc Hector focused his lifts on heavy weights, placing focus on the perfect form for maximum contraction of the muscle.

Marc Hector’s Leg Workout

Marc Hector’s Leg Workout
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Standing Calf Raises3 Sets of 20 Reps
Seated Calf Raise3 Sets of 15 Reps
Front Squats3 Sets of 15 Reps
Leg Extensions4 Sets of 25 Reps
Leg Extensions6 Sets of 10 Reps
Squats4 Sets of 15 Reps

Marc Hector’s Net Worth

Marc Hector's Net Worth
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Marc Hector is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, bodybuilding coach, and bodybuilding posing coach from the United Kingdom. He has an estimated net worth of $500k. He earned all his wealth as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, bodybuilding coach, and bodybuilding posing coach. 

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