Arnold Classic UK 2021 Complete Results

The Arnold Classic 2021 UK was held on October 1st-2nd, in Birmingham, NEC, UK. It is the whole result of this bodybuilding competition.

Arnold Classic 2021 UK First Show

The 2021 Arnold Classic UK took place at the start of the Arnold Sports Festival UK, which highlights competitions in a type of sports, varying from strongman, MMA, and arm wrestling, just to name a few.

Nathan De Asha

This competition highlighted competitors from five different categories, all of which looking to meet requirements for the 2021 Mr. Olympia

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Taking place just a week before Mr. Olympia 2021, it did not have the most stacked lineup of contestants, although there were certainly some good competitors to look forward to.

Kuba cielen

The Arnold Classic 2021 UK was a fun event with the likes of Nathan De Asha, Ryan Terry, Samson Dauda, Jamie Christian-Johal, and more, taking the stage and performing their role all to win this competition.

Here is the complete list of results from this major bodybuilding competition.

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The 2021 Arnold Classic UK Results and Prize Money

Complete results of the bodybuilding work from the Arnold Classic 2021 UK

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  • Nathan De Asha, $30,000
  • Samson Dauda, $10,000
  • Theo Leguerrier, $5000
  • Patrick Johnson, $3000

Classic Physique

  • Michael Daboul, 10,000
  • Shane Cullen,$5000
  • Valentin Petrov, $3000
  • Vincent Craine, $2000
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Men’s Physique

Ryan Terry
  • Ryan Terry
  • Ryan John Baptiste
  • Xiao Long Hong
  • Emil Walker
  • Romane Lance ford

Women’s Fitness

  • Michelle Mensah, $3000
  • Kate Errington, $2000

Bikini Division

  • Phoebe Hagan, $7500
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Congratulations to all of the champions at the Arnold Classic 2021 UK.

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