Nick Walker’s Hypothetical Journey at the 2023 Mr. Olympia: Unraveling the What-If Scenario

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The anticipation surrounding the 2023 Mr. Olympia reached a fever pitch, only to be marred by the unfortunate injury that befell one of the most popular and entertaining bodybuilders of today – Nick Walker.

Less than two weeks before the show, a hamstring tear derailed Nick Walker’s Olympia aspirations, leaving fans and enthusiasts pondering the ‘what if’ scenario.

In this article, we delve into the hypothetical world where Nick Walker graced the Olympia stage, analyzing his potential against the top contenders.

The Nick Walker Phenomenon

nick walker injury recovery
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Nick Walker has carved a niche for himself in the bodybuilding landscape. Known for his entertaining stage presence, relentless attitude, and, of course, his impressive physique, Nick Walker has become a fan favorite.

Despite his divisive physique, there’s no denying the intrigue he brings to the stage, making any event he participates in a spectacle.

Assessing the Pre-Olympia Form

Before the unfortunate hamstring injury, Nick Walker teased fans with glimpses of his pre-Olympia form. 

A series of photos showcased a physique on the brink of contest shape, with notable improvements. His quad sweeps, a point of contention in the past, displayed evident progress. 

The dedication to two leg sessions per week seemed to yield results, though, unfortunately, it might have contributed to the hamstring injury.

nick walker bodybuilder Posing
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Nick Walker, renowned for having some of the best arms in the business, showcased impressive arm and shoulder development. 

While critics may nitpick his proportions, his midsection, taper, and overall conditioning were commendable, making a strong case for his Olympia potential.

Posing Comparison with Top Contenders

Let’s embark on a virtual posing comparison, juxtaposing Nick Walker’s pre-Olympia physique with the top three from the 2023 Olympia first call-out – Derek Lunsford, Hadi Choopan, and Samson Dauda.

Front Double Biceps:

nick walker front double bicep
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In this classic pose, Nick Walker’s lean physique was on full display. Despite criticisms about his quad sweeps, improvements were evident compared to his Arnold Classic version.

His midsection was defined, and the overall conditioning outshone the competitors. In this scenario, he arguably contends with Derek Lunsford for the top spot.

Front Lat Spread:

nick walker front lat spread
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Nick Walker’s weakest pose, the front lat spread, was noted for its structural challenges. 

Even in his Instagram updates, he strategically avoided this pose. Against top competitors, this pose doesn’t favor Nick Walker, placing him at a disadvantage.

Side Chest and Side Triceps:

nick walker side tricep
via nick walker instagram

The side triceps pose is a forte for Nick Walker, as evidenced by his Arnold Classic version. His lateral head and detailed midsection make a compelling case against Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan. Nick Walker seemingly outshines the competition in this pose.

Back Double Biceps and Back Lat Spread:

nick walker back lat spread
via nick walker instagram

Nick Walker’s powerful back has been a highlight, especially in the back double biceps pose. While Derek Lunsford’s improvements pose a challenge, Nick Walker’s progress is apparent.

In the back lat spread, Nick Walker would likely outshine Samson Dauda and Hadi but face stiff competition from Derek Lunsford.

Abs and Thighs:

nick walker abs posing
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In this shot, Nick Walker’s conditioning shines through. Though not as full as Hadi Choopan, Nick Walker’s impressive midsection and defined quads make him a strong contender. Hadi Choopan likely holds the edge, but Nick Walker secures a solid second position.

Most Muscular:

The most muscular pose, showcased in his Instagram update, accentuates Nick Walker’s chest improvements. Despite Hadi Choopan’s chest striations, Nick Walker’s shoulder and arm thickness, coupled with muscle definition, give him the upper hand in this pose.

The Verdict

In a hypothetical scenario, where Nick Walker overcame his hamstring injury, it’s plausible to imagine him battling Hadi Choopan for the 2023 Mr. Olympia title. 

However, considering Derek Lunsford’s victory at the show, it’s evident that winning more mandatories doesn’t guarantee the overall win.

The judges’ preference for a more classic physique might have played a role, making it unlikely for Nick Walker, with his less aesthetic physique, to secure the championship. 

Nevertheless, he would undoubtedly have earned a spot in the first call-out, engaging in a fierce battle with the top contenders.

In the unpredictable world of bodybuilding, ‘what if’ scenarios add another layer of excitement.

While we can’t rewrite history, the potential showdown between Nick Walker and the Olympia elite remains a captivating tale in the ever-evolving saga of bodybuilding.

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