Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera: A New Force in Men’s Open Bodybuilding According to Kevin Levrone

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In the realm of Men’s Open bodybuilding, the emergence of new talent is always a topic of excitement and speculation.

Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera has recently stepped into the spotlight, and the bodybuilding community is buzzing with discussions about his potential. 

In a recent interview on YouTube, veteran bodybuilder Kevin Levrone shared his insights on Rubiel Mosquera’s future, drawing comparisons to legends like Ronnie Coleman and Victor Richards.

The Evolution of “Neckzilla”:

rubiel mosquera neck
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Rubiel Mosquera’s journey to prominence began with a switch from the IFBB Elite Pro League to the NPC. His debut at the 2023 Amateur Prague Pro was nothing short of spectacular. 

Winning his Pro card and securing bronze in his Pro debut marked a promising start for the young athlete. 

Rubiel Mosquera’s standout features include his freak factor, massive neck, and notably impressive tree trunk legs.

Kevin Levrone’s Perspective:

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Kevin Levrone, known for his illustrious career and keen insights, sees in Rubiel Mosquera the potential for greatness. 

Kevin Levrone draws parallels between Rubiel Mosquera and two iconic figures in bodybuilding history – Ronnie Coleman and Victor Richards

According to Kevin Levrone, Rubiel Mosquera embodies a combination of Ronnie Coleman’s unparalleled size and Victor Richards‘ awe-inspiring physique.

Kevin Levrone emphasizes the importance of Rubiel Mosquera finding the right training environment and mindset to unlock his full potential. 

He envisions a scenario where Rubiel Mosquera, guided by the right coaches and immersed in a conducive atmosphere, could reach unprecedented heights in the Men’s Open division.

Unlocking the Mindset:

A recurring theme in Kevin Levrone’s analysis is the mental aspect of Rubiel Mosquera’s potential. 

Kevin Levrone suggests that if Rubiel Mosquera can cultivate a mindset aligned with the intense East Coast training mentality, it could be a game-changer. 

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The veteran bodybuilder believes that Rubiel Mosquera’s current laidback demeanor could transform into a relentless, focused approach with the right guidance.

Kevin Levrone underscores the significance of mental toughness, pointing out that connecting with a coach like Chris Aceto, known for shaping champions, could be a crucial factor. 

The ability to endure and embrace the challenges of intense training is, according to Kevin Levrone, a defining trait of the greats in bodybuilding history.

Physical Comparisons:

victor richards bodybuilder
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Kevin Levrone doesn’t hold back in expressing his admiration for Rubiel Mosquera’s physique. He asserts that Rubiel Mosquera’s quads and calves already surpass the legendary Ronnie Coleman’s in size. 

This bold statement adds weight to the growing anticipation surrounding Rubiel Mosquera’s future performances.

The bodybuilding community, including fellow competitors like Samson Dauda and Nick Walker, recognizes Rubiel Mosquera’s potential as a future force in the Men’s Open division.

Chris Cormier, Rubiel Mosquera’s coach, has even suggested that the newcomer could challenge Nick Walker in specific poses.


Rubiel “Neckzilla” Mosquera’s journey is unfolding as a captivating narrative in the world of bodybuilding.

With accolades from seasoned figures like Kevin Levrone and a physique that has garnered widespread attention, Rubiel Mosquera’s future performances are eagerly awaited.

As the young athlete continues to make strides in his career, the bodybuilding community remains on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next chapter in the rise of “Neckzilla.”

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