Rubiel Mosquera Diet Plan and Workout Routine 

In bodybuilding, where athletes strive to sculpt their physiques to perfection, a few exceptional individuals stand out for their chiseled muscles and unique and remarkable qualities. Rubiel Mosquera, famously known as “Neckzilla,” is one such athlete who has captured the attention of the bodybuilding community for his extraordinary neck muscles.

While the neck is not typically an area of specific focus in bodybuilding, Rubiel’s neck development is genuinely exceptional and sets him apart from his peers. 

His remarkable presence serves as a reminder of the distinctiveness and individuality each athlete brings to the bodybuilding world.

His remarkable neck development does not solely define Rubiel Mosquera‘s impressive physique; he possesses a solid body with good size and balanced proportions. 

Rubiel Mosquera Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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His distinctive feature only adds to his overall appeal and uniqueness.

In the competitive realm of bodybuilding, Rubiel Mosquera is ready to embark on his ongoing journey, shoulder to shoulder with renowned bodybuilders like Big Ramy, Blessing Awodibu, Nick Walker, Brandon Curry, Charles Griffen, Nathan De Asha, and Hunter Labrada

With his muscular physique and unparalleled neck development, Rubiel Mosquera has the potential to make waves in the bodybuilding industry and compete on the same stage as these notable athletes.

Rubiel Mosquera‘s Early Success and Dedication

Rubiel Mosquera‘s journey in bodybuilding is a testament to his unwavering dedication and early success. 

From a young age, he exhibited a deep commitment to an active lifestyle, displaying a natural talent for body shaping and muscle growth. 

These attributes laid the foundation for his future accomplishments in the bodybuilding industry.

Rubiel Mosquera solidified his place in the bodybuilding community by participating in his first professional event, the 2019 IFBB Elite Pro-South America. 

Despite being a relative novice, he showcased his incredible physique and secured an impressive second place in the men’s bodybuilding division, earning recognition for his undeniable talent and potential.

Rubiel Mosquera Age
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Later that same year, Mosquera demonstrated prowess by claiming the first-place title in the men’s bodybuilding category at the South American Championships. 

This significant achievement underscored his remarkable journey in the world of bodybuilding. 

Rubiel Mosquera‘s dedication and potential for success in the sport are unquestionable as he continues to evolve and make his mark.

Diet and Nutrition Plan of Rubiel Mosquera, “Neckzilla”

Rubiel Mosquera, known as “Neckzilla” in the bodybuilding community, understands that proper nutrition is crucial to muscle activation and growth. 

His diet plan is meticulously designed to support his training and competition preparation. Here’s a glimpse into Neckzilla’s diet and nutrition strategy:

Eliminating Refined White Bread

Neckzilla’s nutrition plan prioritizes excluding refined white bread from his meals. 

Rubiel Mosquera Instagram Account
via Rubiel Mosquera Instagram Account

Fine white bread is known to have a high glycemic index and can cause rapid spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. 

By eliminating it, Rubiel Mosquera manages his blood sugar more effectively and ensures sustained daily energy levels.

Prioritizing Protein Intake

Protein is the cornerstone of any bodybuilder’s diet, and Neckzilla is no exception. 

He emphasizes protein intake from various sources, including lean meats like chicken, turkey, and fish, and plant-based sources like legumes and tofu. 

Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, and it’s a critical element of his diet to support his muscle-building goals.

Carbohydrate and Sweets Avoidance

In preparation for competitions, Rubiel Mosquera refrains from carbohydrates and sweets. 

This dietary approach aligns to lean down and reduce body fat while preserving muscle mass. 

By cutting back on carbohydrates and avoiding sweets, he effectively manages his calorie intake and maintains a well-defined physique.

Rubiel Mosquera Height
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Incorporating Whole Grains

While Neckzilla limits refined carbohydrates, he incorporates whole grains into his diet. 

Whole grains are a source of complex carbohydrates that provide sustained energy without the rapid spikes in blood sugar associated with refined carbohydrates. 

Foods like brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat bread are likely part of his diet to support his training and overall health.

Controlled Caloric Intake

Maintaining his muscular mass while reducing body fat requires a careful balance of caloric intake. 

By consuming fewer calories than he expends through his intense workouts, Neckzilla can achieve the calorie deficit necessary for fat loss while preserving his hard-earned muscle.

Rubiel Mosquera‘s diet and nutrition plan reflects a strategic approach to support his bodybuilding goals. 

By focusing on protein intake, eliminating refined carbohydrates, and controlling his calorie intake, he can maintain a well-rounded and muscular physique while preparing for competitions. 

This approach showcases his dedication to the sport and commitment to achieving his desired shape.

Rubiel Mosquera‘s Workout and Training Regimen

Rubiel Mosquera is a genetic wonder and an athlete whose remarkable physique results from dedicated training and a carefully tailored workout regimen. 

Rubiel Mosquera workout
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His approach to training has played a significant role in his muscular development and awe-inspiring physique. 

Here’s an overview of what his training may involve:

Varied Exercises

To achieve a well-rounded and massive physique, Rubiel Mosqueralikely incorporates a variety of exercises into his training routine. 

This could include compound movements like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead presses, which engage multiple muscle groups and promote overall muscle growth.

Isolated Movements

In addition to compound exercises, Mosquera may include isolated movements that target specific muscle groups. 

Rubiel Mosquera Training
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For example, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and leg curls can help him focus on individual muscle development and detail.

High Repetitions

Higher repetitions with moderate weights often promote muscle endurance and definition. 

This approach can help Mosquera achieve the aesthetics and muscle separation characteristic of top bodybuilders.

Heavy Weightlifting

Heavy weightlifting with fewer repetitions per set is crucial to build muscle mass and size. 

Rubiel Mosquera Neck training
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Rubiel Mosquera likely lifts heavy weights to stimulate muscle growth, particularly in key muscle groups like the chest, back, and legs.

Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is a fundamental principle in bodybuilding. Mosquera would progressively increase the weight and intensity of his exercises over time to continue challenging his muscles and promoting growth.

Nutrition and Recovery

A well-structured diet and adequate rest and recovery are essential to any bodybuilder’s training regimen. 

Rubiel Mosquera would need to ensure he’s consuming enough protein and calories to support muscle growth, and he likely pays close attention to his nutrient intake, particularly in the lead-up to competitions.


Periodization, which involves changing the intensity and focus of workouts over time, is often used by bodybuilders to avoid plateaus and continually challenge their muscles. 

Rubiel Mosquera may incorporate periodization into his training plan.

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