Rubiel ‘Neckzilla’ Mosquera: A Freak Factor Phenomenon in the World of Bodybuilding

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Every era in bodybuilding history has witnessed the emergence of a standout athlete, a freak of nature who captures the imagination of fans and competitors alike. 

In our current generation, that distinction may well belong to Rubiel Mosquera, better known as Neckzilla, a rising star whose freak factor has left the bodybuilding community in awe.

Samson Dauda, the Nigerian powerhouse and the third-best bodybuilder globally, recently shared his insights on the burgeoning career of Neckzilla during Fouad Abiad’s Bro Chat Podcast on YouTube. 

Samson Dauda, having shared the stage with Rubiel Mosquera, couldn’t help but express his admiration for the young bodybuilder’s unique attributes.

The Rise of Samson Dauda

samson dauda evls prague pro 2023
via samson dauda instagram

Before delving into the phenomenon that is Neckzilla, it’s crucial to acknowledge the achievements of Samson Dauda, also known as ‘The Nigerian Lion.’ 

Samson Dauda’s stellar year included remarkable performances at the 2023 Mr. Olympia and the Romania Muscle Fest Pro, where he clinched a first-place victory. 

His triumphant year concluded with a gold medal at the prestigious EVLS Prague Pro.

Enter Neckzilla: A Freak Among Freaks

rubiel mosquera neck training
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While securing victories for himself, Samson Dauda couldn’t ignore the conspicuous presence of Rubiel ‘Neckzilla’ Mosquera on the EVLS Prague Pro stage. 

Rubiel Mosquera, who earned his Pro card just a day before at the EVLS Prague Pro Amateur, made a remarkable Pro debut, finishing third behind Michal Krizanek and the champion, Samson Dauda.

One defining feature that sets Neckzilla apart is his incredibly large nape, measuring an astounding 20 inches—five inches larger than the average male neck. 

This distinctive trait has earned him the moniker ‘Neckzilla,’ a fitting title for a bodybuilder who is turning heads and making waves in the industry.

Samson Dauda’s Impression of Neckzilla

Samson Dauda, during the Bro Chat Podcast, shared his perspective on Rubiel Mosquera, emphasizing the significance of having a ‘freak’ in every generation of bodybuilding.

“Every generation has to have their freak, right? You have the Ramy, you have the Markus Ruhl. Every generation has to have that one freak. I think we just found ours in our generation because he’s extremely freaky, and it’s that freakiness that draws your eyes to it. Just like wow,” remarked Samson Dauda.

In the realm of bodybuilding, where competitors are evaluated pose by pose, Samson Dauda acknowledged the distinctiveness of Neckzilla’s physique, stating, “In a whole world of just freak factor, he has it in spades.”

Neckzilla’s Trajectory: A Comparison with Michal Krizo

michal krizo vs rubiel mosquera
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The ascent of Neckzilla in the bodybuilding world has drawn comparisons to Michal Krizo’s journey. 

Michal Krizo transitioned to the NPC after earning his pro card at the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy, showcasing a blend of definition, conditioning, and balance.

However, according to Samson Dauda, Neckzilla appears to lack the balance that Michal Krizo effortlessly brings to the stage. Samson Dauda explained, “It wasn’t close (between Rubiel and Krizo). 

It wasn’t because of size and conditioning it’s just that balance where Michal Krizo is a lot more balanced between upper body and lower body, but with him [Neckzilla], when he walks out, it’s almost like the lower body and the upper body belong to two different people.”

Despite the apparent disparity, the bodybuilding community recognizes Neckzilla’s potential, with influential figures like Chris Cormier predicting a groundbreaking future for the aspiring mass monster.

Chris Cormier’s Endorsement: Neckzilla’s Unique Physique

Chris Cormier, a respected figure in bodybuilding, has joined the chorus of those praising Neckzilla. Chris Cormier believes that the world has never seen a physique quite like Rubiel Mosquera’s

While critics may attempt to scrutinize every detail, Chris Cormier is confident that Neckzilla is just beginning his journey and will leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Neckzilla’s Future in Men’s Open

rubiel mosquera bodybuilder
via rubiel mosquera instagram

As one of the foremost Men’s Open bodybuilders globally, Samson Dauda’s acknowledgment of Neckzilla’s potential speaks volumes. 

Samson Dauda, a seasoned competitor with a keen eye for exceptional physiques, deems Rubiel Mosquera one of the freakiest athletes of this generation.

With Chris Cormier guiding Neckzilla’s training, fans and enthusiasts anticipate that he will make significant strides in the Men’s Open category. 

While time will ultimately reveal the trajectory of Rubiel Mosquera’s career, the collective sentiment is that he has the makings of a formidable force in the world of bodybuilding.

In conclusion, the rise of Neckzilla, with its unparalleled freak factor, adds an exciting chapter to the ongoing narrative of bodybuilding

As he continues to evolve and refine his physique, Rubiel Mosquera stands poised to make history and leave an enduring legacy in the realm of Men’s Open bodybuilding.

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