The 1981 Mr. Olympia – Unveiling Bodybuilding’s Darkest Hour

In the vast realm of bodybuilding history, certain moments stand out as pivotal, shaping the trajectory of the sport. One such moment that cast a shadow over the Mr. Olympia stage was the 1981 competition.

As we eagerly await the upcoming contest season, let’s delve into the annals of bodybuilding, revisiting this dark chapter that left an indelible mark on the sport.

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The Controversial Prelude

The stage was set in 1980 when Arnold Schwarzenegger, a colossal figure in bodybuilding, made a surprise comeback to win Mr. Olympia.

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This unexpected turn of events stirred controversy, leaving bodybuilders and fans in heated debates about the legitimacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s victory.

The shockwaves from the 1980 Olympia would reverberate into the following year’s competition.

Boycotts and Unexpected Entrants

In response to the controversial 1980 Olympia, renowned bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer, and Boyer Coe chose to boycott the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

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The absence of these formidable contenders created a void in the lineup. Seizing the opportunity, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) managed to convince seasoned competitors such as Ken Waller, Mike Katz, and Ed Corney to step onto the stage.

Franco Columbu’s Ambitious Gamble

franco columbu olympia 1981
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Franco Columbu, the 1976 Mr. Olympia winner and close friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, saw an opening. Emboldened by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprise entry in 1980, Franco Columbu decided to take a shot at the 1981 Olympia. 

However, the landscape had shifted. While some top-tier bodybuilders were absent, formidable contenders like Chris Dickerson, Tom Platz, and Danny Padilla were in peak condition.

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The Shocking Outcome

In an unforeseen turn of events, Franco Columbu clinched the title, despite glaring disparities in his physique compared to competitors like Chris Dickerson, Tom Platz, and Danny Padilla.

Franco Columbu displayed signs of heavy gynecomastia, and his legs, arms, and back paled in comparison to his peers.

The decision to crown him the champion left the bodybuilding community astounded.

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Controversial Placings

The shock extended to other placings, with Danny Padilla finishing fifth, while many believed he deserved a higher position.

Chris Dickerson and Tom Platz were strong contenders for the top spot, leading to an air of dissatisfaction among competitors and fans alike.

The aftermath saw expressions of disappointment and disagreement among the bodybuilding fraternity.

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The Aftermath and Redemption

The 1981 Mr. Olympia remains a stain on the competition’s history. Fortunately, subsequent years witnessed redemption. Chris Dickerson claimed the title in 1982, followed by Samir Bannout in 1983.

The arrival of Lee Haney in 1984 marked a new era of dominance, bringing a sense of fairness and credibility back to the prestigious competition.

1981 Mr. Olympia Results: Unraveling the Controversial Rankings

Franco Columbu:

franco columbu mister olympia
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Despite noticeable disparities in his physique, Franco Columbu secured an unexpected victory at the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

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Chris Dickerson:

chris dickerson bodybuilder
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Chris Dickerson, a formidable contender, claimed the second spot, leaving many to question the judging criteria.

Tom Platz:

tom platz then and now
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Tom Platz, renowned for his exceptional leg development, secured the third position, adding to the controversial nature of the competition.

Roy Callendar:

roy callender now
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Roy Callendar occupied the fourth position, navigating the challenging landscape of a competition marked by unexpected outcomes.

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Danny Padilla:

danny padilla height in feet
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Danny Padilla, considered a front-runner, surprisingly finished fifth, sparking debates about the judges’ decisions.

Jusup Wilkosz:

jusup wilkosz cause of death
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Jusup Wilkosz earned the sixth spot, contributing to the array of unexpected rankings that characterized the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

Dennis Tinerino:

Dennis Tinerino secured the seventh position, further adding to the intrigue surrounding the final results.

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Johnny Fuller:

Johnny Fuller occupied the eighth spot, navigating a competitive field filled with unexpected outcomes.

Samir Bannout:

samir bannout posing
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Samir Bannout, who would later become Mr. Olympia in 1983, finished ninth in the 1981 competition.

Roger Walker:

roger walker australian bodybuilder
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Roger Walker rounded out the top ten, part of the lineup that witnessed a deviation from conventional expectations.

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Hubert Metz:

hubert metz height
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Hubert Metz claimed the eleventh position, contributing to the unpredictable nature of the competition.

Carlos Rodriguez:

carlos rodriguez bodybuilder death cause
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Carlos Rodriguez secured the twelfth spot in a field where every placement added to the overall sense of astonishment.

Ed Corney:

ed corney squat
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Ed Corney, a seasoned competitor, finished thirteenth, experiencing an outcome that defied conventional predictions.

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Steve Davis:

Steve Davis occupied the fourteenth position, adding to the narrative of surprising placements in the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

Mike Katz:

Mike Katz secured the fifteenth position, navigating a competition that would be remembered for its controversial rankings.

Ken Waller:

ken waller bodybuilder now
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Ken Waller finished sixteenth, contributing to the unexpected results that marked the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

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Jorma Raty:

jorma räty mr olympia
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Jorma Raty rounded off the rankings, concluding a competition that would go down in history as one of bodybuilding’s most controversial moments.

The 1981 Mr. Olympia results continue to be discussed and analyzed within the bodybuilding community, serving as a reminder of the sport’s occasional unpredictability.


While bodybuilding has seen its share of contentious decisions, the 1981 Mr. Olympia stands out as a dark chapter in the sport’s history. Franco Columbu’s victory, amidst clear disparities in physique, left an enduring mark on the community.

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However, the resilience of bodybuilding prevailed, ushering in an era of deserving champions and restoring the credibility of the Mr. Olympia competition.

As we reflect on the sport’s past, it serves as a reminder that even in its darkest moments, bodybuilding has the power to rise, evolve, and redefine its narrative.

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