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Regan Grimes is a Canadian bodybuilder who has successfully succeeded in the sport. He has competed in the Men’s Open and Classic Physique divisions.

Regan Grimes’ training style is unique in that it focuses on achieving a serious “pump,” a feeling of increased blood flow and muscle fullness during a workout.

As a professional bodybuilder, Regan Grimes has proven himself a dedicated and skilled athlete who constantly strives to improve his physique and achieve tremendous success.

Regan Grimes’s Early Life

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Regan Grimes was born on June 26, 1993, in Canada, and he discovered his passion for bodybuilding at 17. 

At the time, Regan Grimes was training for Motocross, and he wanted to pack some size and strength to improve his performance on the track. 

As he began to focus more on weight training, he quickly realized that he had a natural talent for bodybuilding.

At 18 years old, Grimes entered his first bodybuilding competition and impressed everyone with his incredible physique. 

Although competing in bodybuilding was not originally his discretion, the experience of the competition made him discover that this was where his true passion lay.

From then on, Regan Grimes dedicated himself to bodybuilding and began training more intensely than ever.

As Regan Grimes continued to train and compete, he quickly gained a reputation as a genetic freak due to his impressive physique and strength. 

Despite his young age, he had already made a name for himself in the bodybuilding world, and he was well on his way to becoming one of the top competitors in the sport.

Regan Grimes Bodybuilding Career

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Regan Grimes began his professional bodybuilding career in the Men’s Open division but quickly transitioned to the Classic Physique division. 

Throughout his career, Regan Grimes has competed in numerous competitions and has achieved several notable finishes. 

In 2012, he took home first place in the Middleweight Men’s Bodybuilding category at the Ultimate Fitness Events Bodybuilding Contest (UFE).

In 2014, he won first place in the Junior Bodybuilding, Men’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight, and Overall categories at the Mississauga Luchka O’Brien Classic. 

However, Regan Grimes decided to return to the Men’s Open division, and he returned to the 2017 Tampa Pro competition, where he placed 5th.

He made a name for himself in this division, winning several competitions, including the 2018 New York Pro Men’s Classic Physique, where he took home first place. 

Regan Grimes has also competed in several prestigious competitions, including the 2018 Olympia Classic Physique and the 2020 Olympia Men’s Open, where he placed 15th in both competitions. 

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He has also competed in international competitions, such as the 2021 Egypt Pro, where he took home first place. 

In 2022, Grimes got 7th place at the Boston Pro Show and Arnold Classic USA Pro in the Men’s Physique Class. 

Regan Grimes’ hard work and dedication have paid off, and he has established himself as one of the top bodybuilders in the sport today.

Regan Grimes Contest History 

regan grimes mr olympia place
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  • 2023, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 9th
  • 2021, KO Egypt Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 1st
  • 2021, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 15th
  • 2020, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 15th
  • 2020, Europa Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 4th
  • 2019, Japan Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 3rd
  • 2019, Romania Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 3rd
  • 2018, Olympia, Men’s Classic Physique, 8th
  • 2017, “Wings of Strength” Chicago Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – open, 5th
  • 2016, Arnold Classic South America (Amateur), Men’s Bodybuilding – over 100 kg, 1st
  • 2015, Canadian Bodybuilding Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – Juniors, 2nd
  • 2015, Canadian Bodybuilding Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – Heavyweight, 6th

Regan Grimes Body Measurements

regan grimes height
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Regan Grimes’ Height5 Feet and 11 Inches
Regan Grimes’ Weight116 to 120 KG
Regan Grimes’ Date of BirthJune 26, 1993
Regan Grimes’ Age30 Years
Regan Grimes’ Chest Size47 Inches
Regan Grimes’ Arm size17 Inches
Regan Grimes’ Waist size31 Inches
Regan Grimes’ NationalityCanadian

Regan Grimes Diet Plan

regan grimes diet plan
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Regan Grimes follows a diet plan that allows him to build muscle while gaining excess weight. He believes staying lean while adding muscle mass is difficult, especially for natural bodybuilders

Therefore, he doesn’t worry too much about gaining some extra weight during the bulking phase.

According to Regan Grimes, there are two phases in bodybuilding – bulking and cutting. During the bulking phase, he focuses on consuming a high-calorie diet rich in protein and carbohydrates. 

He typically consumes around 6-8 meals daily, each consisting of a protein source such as chicken, beef, or fish and a carbohydrate source such as rice, sweet potatoes, or pasta. He also includes healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

During the cutting phase, Grimes focuses on reducing his caloric intake while consuming enough protein to maintain his muscle mass. 

He typically consumes 5-6 meals daily, each with a protein source, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of vegetables. He also reduces his intake of fats and eliminates any sugary or processed foods from his diet.

Regan Grimes’s diet plan allows him to stay fueled for intense training sessions while building and maintaining muscle mass. 

He believes letting go of the idea of staying super lean during the bulking phase is essential to see the best results.

Regan Grimes Training 

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Regan Grimes is known for his intense training style centered around getting a severe pump of his muscles. He has said that achieving the pump is one of his primary goals when working out.

Regan follows a specific training routine focusing on heavy compound exercises and isolation exercises with lighter weights to achieve this.

To start his workouts, Regan Grimes warms up his muscles with light cardio and stretching exercises to get the blood flowing and to prepare his joints for heavy sets. 

He then moves on to heavy compound exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, to work on his strength and hypertrophy.

After completing the heavy compound exercises, Regan Grimes will transition to isolation exercises. However, he will use lighter weights to perform many repetitions instead of using heavy weights. 

This helps to increase blood flow to the muscles and create the pump effect that Regan is after. Additionally, Regan Grimes uses various techniques, such as drop sets and supersets, to challenge his muscles and stimulate growth.

Regan Grimes’s training style is focused on pushing his muscles to their limits and achieving maximum gains.

Regan Grimes Wife

regan grimes wife
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Regan Grimes tied the knot with his girlfriend, Victoria D’Ariano, in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2018. 

Regan Grimes and Victoria shared the happy news on their social media accounts, posting pictures and videos of the event for their fans and followers to see.

Victoria has been a supportive partner to Regan throughout his bodybuilding journey, and her unwavering love and encouragement have played a vital role in his success. 

Regan Grimes’ Net Worth 

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Regan Grimes, the rising star in professional bodybuilding. He has an estimated Net Worth of $500k. 


Is Regan Grimes a Natural Bodybuilder?

Yes, Regan Grimes is a natural bodybuilder who started bodybuilding at 17.

Where was Regan Grimes born?

Regan Grimes was born on June 26, 1993, in Canada, and he discovered his passion for bodybuilding at a very young age. 

How old is bodybuilder Regan Grimes?

Regan Grimes is 30 years old as of 2023.

Who is Regan Grimes GF?

Regan Grimes tied the knot with his girlfriend, Victoria D’Ariano, in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 2018.

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