Chul Soon Hwang Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Often referred to as the “Asian Arnold,” Chul Soon Hwang is a renowned Korean bodybuilder celebrated for his extraordinary physique, boasting chiseled eight-pack abs and a classic, old-school look. 

His journey from a scrawny youngster to an iconic figure in bodybuilding is a testament to his unwavering dedication and inspirational transformation.

Born on September 1, 1983, in Korea, Chul Soon Hwang stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs between 215 to 225 pounds (approximately 93.0 to 102.1 kilograms). 

He is not only a distinguished bodybuilder but also a celebrity personal trainer and fitness model, making waves in the world of fitness since the beginning of the decade.

Chul Soon’s Hwang journey into the world of fitness and bodybuilding began when he was just 20 years old. It was a pivotal moment in his life, driven by a desire to earn respect and transform his undernourished physique into something admirable. 

He candidly shared his motivation, saying, “When I turned 20, I had a skinny body and weighed only 57kg (125lb). I was treated with disrespect.

Chul Soon Hwang Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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People looked down at me in situations like if I was returning goods to a store, helping someone, or speaking to strangers.”

Determined to change his situation, Chul Soon Hwang embarked on a rigorous fitness regimen. In the early days, he devoted himself to performing an astounding 3,000 crunches daily, often with training sessions lasting more than two or three hours. 

However, he soon realized that such an approach was not the most efficient way to build muscle and attain his goals. Consequently, he shifted his focus towards structured workouts and a well-balanced diet.

This transition marked a turning point in Chul Soon’s Hwang journey, leading to remarkable progress and an astonishing physical transformation. Within just three years, his once scrawny frame had evolved into a massive, proportionate, and shredded physique.

With years of weightlifting experience under his belt, Chul Soon Hwang expanded his horizons by working as a personal trainer in a gym in Seoul, South Korea. 

However, his ambitions didn’t stop there. In 2009, he took the plunge into competitive bodybuilding, making his debut at the 2009 Musclemania World Championships. 

In a stunning display of his potential, he secured an impressive 2nd place finish in the lightweight category.

From that moment forward, Chul Soon Hwang dedicated himself to regular competition, consistently adding size and refining his conditioning year after year. 

Chul Soon Hwang Bodybuilder
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By the end of 2010, his relentless commitment to his craft bore fruit as he clinched the 2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend contest, earning not only the prestigious title but also his Pro Card.

Since then, Chul Soon’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He has not only carved a niche for himself in the bodybuilding world but has also ventured into the realm of celebrity fitness training. 

His star has risen to new heights, as he has graced numerous Korean and American commercials, TV shows, and magazines.

As he reflected on his journey, Chul Soon noted the transformation in how he is perceived by others, saying, “Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect. They call me the ‘Asian Sensation,’ ‘Asian Pride,’ and the ‘Asian Arnold.'”

Chul Soon Hwng Diet and Nutrition Plan

hwang chul soon diet
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Chul Soon Hwang, the “Asian Arnold,” owes much of his impressive physique to his meticulous and disciplined dietary regimen. 

His diet is strategically designed to support his rigorous training routine, promote muscle growth, and maintain his legendary shredded appearance.

Balanced Macronutrient Profile

Chul Soon’s Hwang dietary approach revolves around a well-balanced macronutrient profile. It primarily consists of high protein, moderate carbohydrates, and moderate fat intake. 

This balance provides him with the energy and nutrients necessary to fuel his intense workouts and facilitate muscle recovery.

Strategic Carbohydrate Timing

Carbohydrates play a pivotal role in Chul Soon’s diet, with a specific emphasis on their timing. He strategically consumes most of his carbohydrates in the morning and after his demanding workouts

This timing allows him to replenish glycogen stores, providing sustained energy and aiding in muscle recovery.

Protein and Healthy Fats

Protein is a cornerstone of Chul Soon’s nutrition plan, essential for muscle repair and growth. He incorporates ample protein sources throughout the day.

Additionally, he includes healthy fats, such as avocados, to support overall health and maintain optimal hormone levels.

Food Choices

Chul Soon’s Hwang diet is composed of nutrient-dense foods that cater to his fitness goals. Some of his staples include bananas, chicken, brown rice, whey protein shakes, and avocados. 

These choices offer a combination of essential nutrients, quality protein, and healthy fats.

Frequent Meals

Chul Soon Hwang adopts a meal frequency that keeps his body fueled for growth and recovery. He follows a pattern of eating every three hours, ensuring a steady supply of nutrients to his muscles. 

Each meal is substantial, with an average weight of around half a pound.

Caloric Surplus

To maintain his formidable physique and support muscle growth, Chul Soon maintains a calorie-surplus diet. On a typical day, he consumes approximately 7,500 calories. 

This substantial intake provides him with the necessary protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to sustain his imposing appearance.

Whey Protein Emphasis

Recognizing the importance of protein in muscle development, Chul Soon incorporates multiple servings of whey protein into his daily meals. 

This strategic inclusion ensures he meets his protein requirements and maximizes muscle recovery and growth.

Chul Soon Hwang Meal Plan

hwang chul soon nutrition
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Chul Soon Hwang’s impressive physique is not only a result of rigorous training but also meticulous attention to his nutritional intake. 

Here’s a glimpse of his daily meal plan, carefully crafted to support his intense workouts and muscle-building goals:

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 1: Muscle-Packed Breakfast

  • 6 whole eggs
  • 2 cups of egg whites
  • 2 cups of white rice

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 2: Protein-Packed Shake

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 3: Midday Fuel

  • 2 cups of brown rice
  • Steamed broccoli
  • 12 ounces of Tilapia (a lean source of protein)

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 4: Post-Workout Recovery

  • 8 ounces of chicken breast (lean protein source)
  • 2 cups of noodles
  • Green beans

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 5: Protein and Energy Boost

  • Whey protein (2 scoops)
  • 1 banana (a natural source of energy and essential nutrients)

Chul Soon Hwang Meal 6: Evening Feast

  • 12 ounces of shrimp (rich in protein and low in fat)
  • 10 ounces of steak (a hearty source of muscle-building protein)
  • 2 cups of white rice
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Chul Soon’s meal plan is strategically designed to provide him with the necessary macronutrients, including protein for muscle repair and growth, carbohydrates for energy, and healthy fats for overall well-being. 

This well-balanced approach fuels his body throughout the day and supports his ongoing journey to maintain his awe-inspiring physique.

Chul Soon Hwang Workout Routine

Chul Soon’s incredible classic physique didn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of years of hard work, dedication, and a meticulously planned workout routine. 

hwang chul soon workout plan
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He’s a firm believer in the effectiveness of old-school, compound movements that target multiple muscle groups.

Here’s a glimpse into Chul Soon’s workout routine:

Bench Press (Chest and Triceps)

Sets4 Sets
Repetitions8-10 Reps
FocusBuilding a strong, well-defined chest and triceps

Squats (Legs and Glutes)

Sets4 Sets
Repetitions8-10 Reps
FocusDeveloping powerful legs and glutes while enhancing overall lower body strength.

Pull-Ups (Back and Biceps)

Sets4 Sets
RepetitionsTo Failure
FocusStrengthening the back and biceps, creating that classic V-taper physique

Deadlifts (Full Body)

Sets4 Sets
Repetitions6-8 Reps
FocusA total-body exercise, emphasizing core strength, back, legs, and grip

Chul Soon believes that these four fundamental exercises are the cornerstone of his physique and closely resemble the training principles of the Golden Era of bodybuilding

However, he also incorporates isolation movements to refine his muscles and address any imbalances:

Cable Flys (Chest)

Sets3 Sets
Repetitions10-12 Reps
FocusIsolating the chest muscles, enhancing definition and shape

Rear Delt Dumbbell Flys (Shoulders and Rear Delts)

Sets3 Sets
Repetitions10-12 Reps
FocusStrengthening the rear deltoids for a balanced shoulder development

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns (Back and Biceps)

Sets3 Sets
Repetitions10-12 Reps
FocusTargeting the lats and biceps, further sculpting the back

Chul Soon’s workout routine combines the best of both worlds – compound movements for overall strength and size, and isolation exercises for muscle refinement and symmetry. 

This well-rounded approach has allowed him to achieve his classic, old-school physique that’s admired by many in the fitness and bodybuilding community.

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