Chris Cormier and Terrick El Guindy Unveil Their Top 5 Mr. Olympia Bodybuilders of All Time

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In the grand tapestry of bodybuilding history, few voices carry as much weight as that of Chris Cormier.

A seasoned veteran and a respected figure in the sport, Chris Cormier has joined forces with Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy to embark on a journey through time, unveiling their picks for the top five Men’s Open division bodybuilders of all time.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic vacuum pose to the modern marvel of Phil Heath, this discussion transcends eras, dissecting physiques and leaving an indelible mark on the annals of bodybuilding lore.

Chris Cormier’s Legacy and Insights

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The Modern Oracle

Chris Cormier’s post-retirement legacy extends far beyond his illustrious bodybuilding career. Renowned for his insightful commentary on the current bodybuilding landscape, Chris Cormier’s recent caution to Hadi Choopan underscored his commitment to shaping the future of the sport.

A key participant in the roundtable discussion alongside bodybuilding luminaries like Lee Priest and George Farah.

The Emergence of Andrew Jacked and Michal Krizo

Amidst the established giants of bodybuilding, emerging talents like Andrew Jacked and Michal Krizo have captured the attention of the community.

Andrew Jacked, a Men’s Open division standout, earned his Pro card with a commanding victory at the 2022 Arnold Classic Amateur contest.

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Notable figures like Jay Cutler acknowledge Andrew Jacked’s potential, with Chris Cormier echoing the sentiment while emphasizing the need for enhanced definition and clearer lines.

Meanwhile, Michal Krizo’s journey, marked by a Pro card secured at the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy, adds an exciting dimension to the Olympia roster.

Unveiling the Top 5

In a recent video on the Muscle and Fitness channel, Chris Cormier and Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy engaged in a captivating discussion, unveiling their top five greatest Men’s Open division bodybuilders of all time.

Their selections, rooted in the unique physiques that defined their respective eras, showcase a blend of admiration, critique, and reverence for the titans of muscle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger, commands the first position in the pantheon of bodybuilding greats.

While Terrick El Guindy acknowledged certain physical aspects, he emphasized Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vacuum pose, an iconic representation of aesthetic mastery.

Despite acknowledging areas for improvement, the consensus is clear—Arnold Schwarzenegger’s impact on the sport remains unparalleled.

Lee Haney

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Lee Haney’s dominance in winning eight Olympia titles places him among the elite.

Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier expressed awe at Lee Haney’s flawless physique, highlighting his era of dominance and the absence of perceived flaws.

In an era pre-dating the pervasive influence of social media, Lee Haney’s excellence might have gone even further underappreciated.

Dorian Yates

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The shadow of Dorian Yates looms large in the third spot. Renowned for his gritty determination and groundbreaking conditioning, Dorian Yates altered the landscape of bodybuilding.

Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier recognized Dorian Yates’s impact, with Chris Cormier emphasizing the transformative nature of Dorian Yates’s contributions.

Ronnie Coleman

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The indomitable Ronnie Coleman claims the fourth position. A force of nature, Ronnie Coleman’s unparalleled size and mass earned him eight Olympia titles.

Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier acknowledged Ronnie Coleman’s sheer physicality while subtly alluding to potential areas for refinement.

Jay Cutler

Securing the fifth position is Jay Cutler, a modern icon of bodybuilding. Terrick El Guindy and Chris Cormier commended Jay Cutler’s overall package, with Chris Cormier particularly highlighting Jay Cutler’s impressive conditioning.

As the torch passed to the newer generation, Jay Cutler’s legacy endured.

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Aesthetics Versus Size: Chris Cormier’s Ongoing Debate

In a separate discussion, Chris Cormier delved into the perpetual debate of aesthetics versus size.

Acknowledging ‘Big Ramy’s‘ solid overall package, Chris Cormier expressed his belief in the necessity for improvements in certain areas. 

The conversation encapsulated the nuanced assessments that define the ongoing dialogue within the bodybuilding community.


As the echoes of Chris Cormier and Terrick El Guindy’s discussions reverberate through the bodybuilding community, a poignant acknowledgment of the past and present emerges.

The top five Men’s Open division bodybuilders of all time, meticulously chosen based on their unique contributions, embody the essence of a sport that continually evolves while paying homage to its storied history.

In the ever-expanding realm of bodybuilding, where giants of the past cast shadows on the present, the conversations led by figures like Chris Cormier shape the narrative and propel the sport into uncharted territories.

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