Joshua Manoi and Tristyn Lee Link Up for Motivational Arm Day Grind

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Top amateur bodybuilders and fitness influencers Joshua Manoi and Tristyn Lee recently came together for an intense arm training session. A youtube video documented their workout while providing inspiration and insight into their training approaches. 

With Joshua Manoi fresh off a bodybuilding competition and Tristyn Lee prepping for his amateur debut, it showcased two rising stars pushing their physical limits.

Introduction to Joshua Manoi: Accomplished Men’s Physique Competitor

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26-year-old Joshua Manoi has made waves in the men’s physique division over the last few years. 

Standing at 5’8″ and weighing around 175 pounds on stage, Joshua Manoi has sculpted an impressive aesthetic physique characterized by broad shoulders, a narrow waist, shredded six-pack abs, and, most notably, phenomenal arm development that earned him the nickname “Python.”

After playing college football, Joshua Manoi found his passion for bodybuilding and fitness modeling. He dove in headfirst, adopting a strict training and nutrition regimen that helped him gain lean muscle while keeping his body fat low. 

Joshua Manoi entered physique competitions in his early 20s and quickly ascended the ranks. In 2022, his hard work paid off in a big way. Joshua Manoi earned top 3 finishes at the Vancouver Pro Supershow, New York Pro, and Chicago Pro

The pinnacle was placing 2nd at the prestigious West Coast Classic against a stacked lineup of seasoned pros. This qualified him for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, the pinnacle bodybuilding competition.

While over the moon from his competitive successes, Joshua Manoi remains focused and hungry. His rigorous training has continued as he looks to claim a pro title in 2023 and make a Mr. Olympia debut on the prestigious Las Vegas stage.

Introducing Tristyn Lee: 20-Year-Old Phenom

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At just 20 years old, Toronto native Tristyn Lee has already made waves in the bodybuilding industry with his genetic gifts and impressively developed physique. 

Tristyn Lee has trained religiously since age 13, sculpting an aesthetic yet muscular frame that looks far beyond his years. Standing 5’9″ and weighing around 190 pounds, Lee boasts a complete package. 

While his chest, back, and legs impress, his absurd arm development at his age has generated buzz among fans and fellow competitors. 

Tristyn Lee’s biceps bulge and triceps flare out even when relaxed. His arms look cartoonish when flexed, showcasing diamond-shaped peaks and dramatically sweeping horseshoes.

While gifted, Tristyn Lee puts the work in daily to keep improving. He trains each muscle group 2-3 times weekly, continually adding weight or reps and taking every set to complete failure. 

His strict nutrition approach also complements his training efforts. As a hugely popular social media influencer, Tristyn Lee’s diligent work has paid dividends. 

He leveraged his genetic advantages and inspiring workout ethic to build an audience of over 500k on Instagram alone. 

Now, Tristyn Lee is set on conquering the competitive men’s physique and bodybuilding scenes as he looks to earn his pro card soon.

Joshua Manoi’s Post-Competition Arm Workout Program

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In the start, Joshua Manoi discusses his mindset transitioning from competition back to the offseason. After a brief rest, it was time to rejuvenate his body and spark new growth. 

Being only a few days removed from his last show, he wasn’t pushing the heavyweights he usually would in training. The goal was stimulating his muscles, not crushing them.

Joshua Manoi kicked off the workout with some warm-up giant sets, pulling the cables for triceps pushdowns immediately followed by dumbbell bicep spider curls. 

This pumped blood into the elbow joints and primed the surrounding muscles for growth. They moved into a more traditional training approach, hammering their biceps with challenging straight sets. 

Joshua Manoi and Tristyn Lee focused on feeling the deep muscle contraction on exercises like concentration curls and used advanced techniques like drop sets to fatigue the biceps completely.

They again emphasized perfect form, squeezing the triceps on every rep rather than just moving weight. 

Isolation moves like rope pushdowns and dumbbell kickbacks carved striations, while compound lifts like close grip bench built overall mass. After several grueling tri-sets, their horseshoes and bicep peaks were throbbing.

Tristyn Lee’s Approach to Nutrition and Training Philosophies

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Between sets, Tristyn Lee discussed his training history and nutrition strategies. He highlighted his passion for competitive soccer growing up and transitioning to bodybuilding provided that same sense of challenge and adrenaline rush that Lee missed. 

The process of sculpting an aesthetic, proportional, stage-ready physique felt like a new creative outlet. To fuel his intense workouts, Tristyn Lee follows a carnivore-style diet with protein sources like ground beef, steak, salmon, and eggs comprising most of his meals. 

Tristyn Lee tailors his calorie intake to the goal at hand, reducing down to 2000 calories when cutting yet still eating ample protein to retain muscle. In the offseason, Lee averages around 2500 calories to bulk up slowly.

Tristyn Lee Foree works for each muscle group 2-3 times weekly and constantly varies training variables to shock his muscles. Hws that progressive overload through added weight, sets, or criticals is critical to continued growth. 

Tristyn Lee always trails failure and focuses on feeling the deep burn and contraction on every set. According to him, the mind-muscle connection makes a tremendous difference long term.

The young phenom also emphasizes that building his physique took years of diligent meal prepping and training. He says there are no shortcuts if you want to earn elite status in bodybuilding. 

By surrounding himself with seasoned pros like Joshua Manoi, Tristyn Lee absorbs their knowledge and experience to level up even faster.

The Takeaways

This motivational workout session between Joshua Manoi and Tristyn Lee provided many practical takeaways with both for training and life:

Don’t let offseason complacency set in. Stay hungry and focused on improving. Training partners like Joshua Manoi and Tristyn Lee push you beyond perceived limitations.

Meticulous nutrition tailored to your goal – mass gain or fat loss – is crucial. Strive for progressive overload and training to failure to spur continued growth.

Perfecting mind-muscle connection and exercise technique unlocks maximum results. Consistency, hard work, and patience over many years are required to reach the top level.

The industry is in good hands if Tristyn Lee and Joshua Manoi represent bodybuilding’s future stars. 

Their commitment to constant improvement and inspirational yet pragmatic approach to training serve as an excellent blueprint for sustainable success in fitness.

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