Joshua Manoi Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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Joshua Manoi, a multi-talented American Pro Bodybuilder, Actor, and Fitness Coach, has set his sights on conquering the Classic Physique Bodybuilding world.

With a passion for bodybuilding that runs deep, Joshua’s Manoi journey in the fitness industry has been marked by dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

It all began in the bustling city of Los Angeles, where Joshua Manoi found himself working as a fitness helper at a local gym. 

Little did he know that this seemingly ordinary job would ignite a burning desire within him to explore the world of bodybuilding. 

Fate smiled upon him when he crossed paths with Choice Skinner, a seasoned bodybuilder, and actor, who recognized Joshua’s Manoi potential and encouraged him to pursue his acting and bodybuilding aspirations.

Joshua Manoi Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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Inspired by Choice Skinner’s mentorship, Joshua Manoi dived headfirst into the film and fitness industry, eager to make his mark. 

In 2016, he bravely stepped onto the bodybuilding stage for the first time, competing at the 2016 NPC Daytona Beach Classic. 

The result? He had a resounding victory, as he secured 1st place in the Men’s Physique Category, announcing his arrival as a force to be reckoned with. Determined to refine his craft and take on new challenges, Joshua Manoi continued to push himself further. 

In 2016, he showcased his versatility by competing at the 2016 NPC All South Championship, where he impressed the judges and clinched an impressive 2nd place in the Men’s Classic Physique Division.

A brief hiatus from the competitive scene did not deter Joshua’s Manoi passion for bodybuilding. In 2021, he triumphantly returned to the stage, competing at the 2021 NPC West Coast Classic. 

Joshua’s Manoi dedication and hard work paid off despite the time away, earning him a remarkable 2nd position in the fiercely competitive Men’s Classic Physique category.

Ever the driven athlete, Joshua Manoi didn’t stop there. In the same year, he set his sights on the prestigious 2021 NPC USA Championships, one of the most esteemed events in bodybuilding. 

Against an elite field of competitors, Joshua displayed his unwavering commitment to the sport, securing an impressive 6th place in the Men’s Classic Physique Division.

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As Joshua Manoi’s star rises, he focuses on perfecting his craft and cementing his place among the top bodybuilders in the Classic Physique Class. 

With a sincere love for bodybuilding and his unwavering determination and talent, Joshua is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of fitness and bodybuilding. 

Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to inspire and captivate audiences with his exceptional physique and captivating presence on and off the stage.

Joshua Manoi Diet and Nutrition Plan

joshua manoi nutrition
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Joshua Manoi, the talented American Pro Bodybuilder, Actor, and Fitness Coach, knows that achieving greatness in bodybuilding requires more than intense workouts it demands a meticulous and disciplined approach to nutrition

With his sights set on conquering the Classic Physique Bodybuilding world, Joshua Manoi follows a well-structured diet plan tailored to fuel his body and support his muscle-building endeavors.

As we delve into Joshua’s Manoi daily eating routine, it’s evident that his diet revolves around high-quality, nutrient-dense foods strategically timed to optimize performance, muscle recovery, and growth. 

Let’s take a closer look at his comprehensive diet and nutrition plan:

Meal 1: Energizing the Day

Joshua’s Manoi day begins with a power-packed breakfast to kickstart his metabolism and provide sustained energy throughout the morning. 

He opts for a balanced meal consisting of:

  • Three whole eggs
  • Three egg whites
  • Two cups of power grains
  • Three cinnamon-flavored rice cakes
  • A tablespoon of almond butter and ham on top

Meal 2: Pre-Workout Fuel

As Joshua gears up for an intense workout, he knows the importance of priming his body with the proper nutrients. His pre-workout meal includes:

Rice cakes with almond butter and honey

Meal 3: Post-Workout Recovery

After a grueling training session, post-workout nutrition becomes crucial for muscle recovery and growth. Joshua Manoi consumes his post-workout shake, featuring:

Meal 4: A Satisfying Lunch

For lunch, Joshua Manoi aims to strike a balance between taste and nutrition. His bodybuilder-friendly meal includes:

  • A 12-ounce Angus steak cooked to medium perfection
  • A generous portion of white rice and brown rice
  • Bell peppers and onions for added flavor
  • Quality mushrooms, spinach, and broccoli for added nutrients

Meal 5: Fuel for the Evening

As the day progresses, Joshua Manoi maintains his nutrient intake with a well-rounded meal featuring:

  • Pink salmon for lean protein
  • A full cup of white rice
  • A whole avocado for healthy fats
  • A cup of organic carrot juice for essential vitamins and minerals

Meal 6: Nourishment Before Bed

Joshua Manoi ensures that his body is fueled even before he goes to sleep, providing it with the necessary nutrients to support muscle repair and growth during the night. His late-night snack includes:

  • One and a half bananas
  • Two tablespoons of almond butter

Throughout the day, Joshua Manoi also supplements with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, to support his overall health and well-being.

It’s essential to note that Joshua’s Manoi diet is tailored to his specific goals, including his preparation for the Muscle Mania Universe show. 

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The macronutrient ratios, meal timing, and food choices are vital in his journey to building a well-rounded and muscular physique. Joshua Manoi’s diet plan exemplifies the dedication and attention to detail required in bodybuilding. 

By nourishing his body with wholesome, nutrient-dense foods and optimizing his meal timing, Joshua continues to make strides toward becoming a top-class bodybuilders in the Classic Physique category. 

His disciplined approach to nutrition inspires aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, emphasizing the power of food in fueling greatness.

Joshua Manoi Workout Routine

joshua manoi workout
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In the heart of bodybuilding’s mecca, Gold’s Gym Venice, Joshua Manoi embarks on an intense arm workout that leaves no muscle fiber untouched. 

In this exclusive session, they reveal their top movements for the biceps and triceps, focus on proper form, and dedication to achieving a well-rounded, proportionate physique.

 Let’s dive into the thrilling world of push and pull as these athletes share their training strategies for building powerful arms.

Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curls: Isolating the Biceps for Maximum Peak

The workout starts with seated alternating dumbbell curls, a classic exercise targeting the biceps. Joshua Manoi emphasizes the importance of isolation and focuses on a wrist twist to fully engage the muscle. 

By supinating the hand and pushing out with the pinky, he taps into the biceps’ peak and achieves a complete range of motion. 

This meticulous form helps him build impressive biceps with a controlled approach, avoiding ego lifting.

Overhead Tricep Extensions: Flushing the Triceps with Intense Blood Flow

To complement the biceps work, Joshua Manoi transitions to overhead tricep extensions. 

He emphasizes going below 90 degrees to stretch the triceps fully and then performs a complete lockout at the top for a muscular contraction. 

By keeping his elbows pinned in, he ensures maximum triceps engagement. Focusing on the proper form allows optimal blood flow to the muscle, enhancing the pump and promoting growth.

Supersets and Progressive Overloading: The Path to Gaining Size

Joshua Manoi incorporates supersets and progressive overloading throughout the workout to challenge his muscles further. 

He gradually increases the weight and aims for eight to ten reps per set to encourage muscle growth during his bulking phase. 

This strategic approach ensures that he continually pushes his limits and maximizes his training sessions.

Bicep Blaster: Restricting Momentum for Focused Bicep Work

Joshua Manoi introduces the bicep blaster, an old-school tool restricting momentum and promoting targeted bicep work. He isolates the biceps with the blaster, focusing solely on the muscle’s contraction and stretch. 

This exercise allows him to avoid relying on his back and rear delts, providing a strict form emphasizing the biceps’ peak.

Cable Rear Delt Face Pulls: Enhancing Posterior Shoulder Development

Moving on to a crucial accessory exercise, Joshua Manoi performs cable rear delt face pulls. This movement helps develop the posterior shoulder, contributing to overall shoulder aesthetics and balance. 

The exercise targets the rear delts, ensuring they are addressed in the training routine.

The Ultimate Finisher: 10 and 10 Reverse Curls and Regular Curls

To conclude the intense arm session, Joshua Manoi performs a challenging finisher to push his muscles to the limit. He combines reverse curls for forearms and brachialis with regular curls for biceps. 

The excruciating finisher leaves him feeling the burn, a testament to his dedication and passion for arm development.

The intense arm workout at Gold’s Gym Venice showcases Joshua Manoi’s dedication to building powerful biceps and triceps. 

He ensures maximum muscle engagement and growth by incorporating supersets, progressive overloading, and meticulous form. 

From seated alternating dumbbell curls to cable face pulls, each exercise serves a specific purpose in creating a well-rounded, proportionate physique. Joshua’s Manoi relentless pursuit of aesthetic symmetry and strength exemplifies the true essence of bodybuilding. 

As he stays true to the path of push and pull, he hammers home the importance of proper training techniques and a dedicated mindset in pursuing a powerful physique.

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