Calum Von Moger Bodybuilder: Age, Weight, Height, Transformation, Diet Plan, and Workout Routine

Calum Von Moger, born in 1990 in Geelong, Australia, began his journey into the world of bodybuilding at a young age.

It was his older brother who ignited the spark when, at the age of 14, Calum Von Moger was invited to join him at a basic and rustic gym close to their home.

Despite the lack of fancy equipment, this humble gym became the breeding ground for the passion that would shape Calum Von Moger’s destiny.

The brothers, fueled by a friendly rivalry, found themselves lifting weights in an old warehouse. The gym owner’s trust in them was evident as they were given access after hours, sometimes requiring a bit of ingenuity to gain entry.

Calum Von Moger’s motivation stemmed from the burning desire to match up to his older brother’s strength and stature, coupled with the aspiration to overcome his perception of being a skinny kid.

Inspirations: Steve Reeves and the Golden Era of Bodybuilding

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Calum Von Moger’s early exposure to bodybuilding legends Steve Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger played a pivotal role in shaping his aspirations.

Watching Reeves in ‘Hercules’ and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the iconic ‘Pumping Iron documentary fueled his admiration for the classic physiques of the ’60s and ’70s.

Calum Von Moger envisioned a return to the golden era of bodybuilding, emphasizing aesthetics, symmetry, and proportion – values he holds dear to this day.

The Classic Physique Vision

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From the outset, Calum Von Moger made it clear that he wasn’t drawn to the contemporary bodybuilding scene. Instead, he set his sights on emulating the classic physiques of the past, prioritizing quality over quantity.

His ultimate goal was to build a body reminiscent of the golden era but with a touch of modern refinement.

“I’m not interested in any of today’s bodybuilders. That doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s not what I want to look like, it’s not what I want to be, it’s too much. What I like are the old classic physiques. That’s my favorite. Quality over quantity.

Bodies made in the 60’s and 70’s. Aesthetic, with perfect symmetry and proportion. My ultimate goal would be to build a body like that one day. But then again, probably just a little bit better.”

Achievements and Competition Triumphs

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Calum Von Moger’s journey in bodybuilding quickly gained momentum as he immersed himself in intense training and competition.

His hard work and dedication bore fruit as he won his first bodybuilding competition in 2010 in Australia.

The taste of victory fueled his determination, and he continued to rise through the ranks.

One of his notable achievements was securing the first position in the Junior Mr. Universe competition, marking a significant milestone in his budding career.

Calum Von Moger’s commitment to the sport extended beyond competitions, as he embraced roles as a brand ambassador and fitness/fashion model.

Aesthetic Philosophy and Training Approach

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Calum Von Moger’s training philosophy revolves around a return to basics – heavy compound movements and old-school techniques that defined the classic physiques he admired.

His focus on aesthetic principles, symmetry, and proportion is evident in every aspect of his training.

Rather than conforming to preset rules, Calum Von Moger trains by instinct, choosing exercises that work best for him and prioritizing warm-up sets followed by three working sets.

“I train by instinct. Which means I don’t follow the rules others have made that might work for them. I always use exercises that I know work for me, and I generally warm up at the start for 1-2 sets then complete 3 working sets.”

Calum Von Moger’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurement 

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Calum Von Moger’s physique is a testament to his commitment to embodying the classic aesthetics he admires. Standing at 6’2″ (188cm) and weighing between 245-255lbs (111.1-115.7kg), Calum Von Moger possesses a commanding presence.

His measurements, including a 20″ (50.8cm) arm size and a 48″ (121.92cm) chest, reflect the classic proportions reminiscent of the golden era bodybuilders he idolizes.

His waist measures 32″ (81.28cm), and his thighs are 26″ (66.04cm), contributing to a well-balanced and symmetrical physique.

Calum Von Moger’s commitment to discipline, instilled during his upbringing on a small farm in a structured household, has played a pivotal role in shaping his mindset and approach to bodybuilding.

Beyond Bodybuilding: Inspirational Speaker and Brand Ambassador

Calum Von Moger transcends the boundaries of bodybuilding, extending his influence as an inspirational speaker and brand ambassador.

His journey from a small town in Australia to the international stage has become a source of motivation for aspiring individuals worldwide.

Calum Von Moger’s commitment to fitness and nutrition extends to his role as an inspirational figure, where he shares insights with audiences, especially young minds eager to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

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Colum Von Moger Diet and Nutrition Plan

Calum Von Moger’s fast metabolism allows him to consume a substantial amount of food while maintaining a lean physique.

His dietary philosophy is straightforward – eat more to gain muscle and slightly reduce calorie intake when cutting for competitions or photoshoots.

Favorite Meals and Family Cooking:

Calum Von Moger enjoys simple yet wholesome meals, with a particular fondness for watermelon with cottage cheese. Home-cooked meals by family and friends, featuring staples like meat, potatoes, and vegetables, hold a special place in his diet.


Calum Von Moger supplements his diet with essentials such as whey protein, BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids), creatine, and a pre-workout formula to support strength during gym sessions.

Additionally, he incorporates glucose powder, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins, fish oil, and taurine to maintain heart health and a robust nervous system.

Daily Meal Plan


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 scoops ice cream
  • 1 tablespoon Nutella/peanut butter
  • Oats, whey protein, honey smoothie

Midday Meals:

  • Chicken with white rice
  • Beef with white rice
  • Chicken with white rice
  • Protein shake


  • Potato, steak, salad
  • Casein protein, milk, flaxseed oil
  • Nutella on toast with banana

Calum Von Moger’s holistic approach to training and nutrition underscores the fusion of disciplined workouts, tailored dietary choices, and supplementation strategies.

His dedication to classic aesthetics and commitment to an active lifestyle continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts globally.

Calum Von Moger’s Workout Routine

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4-Day Split with Emphasis on Growth:

Calum Von Moger adheres to a 4-day split routine, prioritizing lifting heavy weights to stimulate muscle growth.

He places significant importance on maintaining strict form to ensure each muscle fiber experiences the right amount of tension for optimal development.

Lifting Heavy with Pyramid Training:

Calum Von Moger’s preferred training style involves heavy weights and low reps, utilizing a pyramid training structure. This entails increasing the weight with each set.

His workouts prominently feature fundamental compound exercises such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and bent-over rows, contributing to his remarkable muscular development.

Intense and Basic Workouts:

While Calum Von Moger’s workouts might seem basic, they are characterized by their intensity. Basic, heavy, and intense workouts form the core of his training philosophy.

According to Calum Von Moger, it’s crucial to incorporate rest days, with a minimum of three days spread throughout the week to facilitate recovery when lifting heavy weights.

Cardiovascular Training

Tailored Cardio to Match His Metabolism:

Given Calum Von Moger’s fast metabolism, traditional cardio plays a less prominent role in his routine. However, when he engages in cardiovascular exercises, he opts for swimming and mountain biking.

These activities not only contribute to cardiovascular health but also align with Calum Von Moger’s active and adventurous lifestyle.

Calum’s Von Moger’s Training Split

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Monday & Thursday:

Incline Situp2-3 x 20-30
Hyperextension2-3 x 10-15
Squat6 x 12/10/8/6/4/2*
Barbell Bent Rowing5 x 12/10/8/6/4*
Deadlifts4 x 8/6/4/2*
Barbell Wrist Curl3 x 12/10/8*
Standing Calf Raise5 x 15/12/10/8/6*

Tuesday & Friday:

Incline Leg Raise2-3 x 20-30
Bench Press5 x 10/8/6/4/2*
Incline Press4 x 10/8/6/4*
Military Press4 x 8/6/4/2*
Barbell Curl4 x 10/8/6/4*
Skull Crushers4 x 12/10/8/6*
Seated Calf Raise5 x 15/12/10/8/6*

The Arnold 2.0: Legacy and Future Aspirations

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Often referred to as the “Arnold 2.0,” Calum Von Moger’s journey echoes the spirit of his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With a physique reminiscent of the golden era, a commitment to timeless aesthetics, and a vision for quality over quantity, Calum Von Moger stands as a modern-day classic bodybuilder.

As he continues to make strides in competitions, inspire audiences, and represent brands, the legacy of Calum Von Moger is still unfolding.

Calum Von Moger’s ultimate goal remains to build a body that pays homage to the classic physiques of the 60s and 70s, with a personal touch that sets him apart.

His journey, marked by perseverance, dedication, and a passion for the artistry of bodybuilding, ensures that the “Arnold 2.0” legacy continues to inspire generations in the pursuit of a timeless and aesthetic physique.

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