Sam Sulek’s 10 Essential Exercises for Lifelong Muscle Growth

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Sam Sulek, a 21-year-old sensation in the bodybuilding world, has captured the attention of fans not only for his jacked physique but also for his unconventional diet choices.

Despite the controversies surrounding his “trash diet,” which includes Krispie Kreme donuts and sugar-dense foods, Sam Sulek remains a prominent figure in the fitness community.

In a recent TikTok revelation, he shared the only 10 exercises he would rely on for a lifetime to achieve and maintain his impressive muscle growth.

The Rise of Sam Sulek

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In the past year, Sam Sulek’s popularity has skyrocketed, propelled by his remarkable physique and, admittedly, controversial dietary preferences.

While some, like bodybuilder Nick Walker, express concerns about the messages Sam Sulek may be sending to younger fans, others, including Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead, see him as a positive force shaping the future of the sport.

Sam Sulek’s Top 10 Exercises for Muscle Growth

Incline Bench Press

sam sulek Incline Bench Press
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For Sam Sulek, building a formidable chest starts with the incline bench press. 

This compound movement engages the upper chest, contributing to a well-rounded and sculpted torso.

Lateral Raises

Moving on to shoulders, Sam Sulek emphasizes lateral raises. This isolation exercise targets the side delts, enhancing shoulder width and creating a visually striking upper body.

Reverse Lateral Raises

To complete the shoulder trifecta, Sam Sulek incorporates reverse lateral raises. This exercise specifically targets the rear delts, ensuring balanced, three-dimensional shoulder development.


sam sulek pull downs workout
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Transitioning to back training, Sam Sulek includes pull-downs. This versatile exercise engages the latissimus dorsi, contributing to a V-tapered physique.

Cable Rows

Complementing pull-downs, cable rows cut Sam Sulek’s essential exercises. This back movement provides additional stimulation to the muscles of the upper and middle back.

sam sulek cable rows
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Seated Hamstring Curl

Shifting the focus to the lower body, Sam Sulek incorporates the seated hamstring curl. This isolation exercise targets the hamstrings, contributing to overall leg development.

Leg Extensions

sam sulek leg workout
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Continuing with lower body essentials, leg extensions make Sam Sulek’s list. This exercise isolates the quadriceps, promoting balanced and sculpted leg muscles.

Dumbbell Curls

sam sulek bicep workout
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For arm development, Sam Sulek opts for the classic dumbbell curls. This fundamental bicep exercise aids in achieving well-defined and proportionate arm muscles.

Straight Bar Pushdowns

To target the triceps, Sam Sulek includes straight bar pushdowns. This cable exercise hones in on the triceps, completing the arms development repertoire.

Cardio Bike

In a surprising twist, Sam Sulek introduces cardio into his top 10. Acknowledging the importance of cardiovascular health, he opts for the cardio bike, ensuring overall fitness and endurance.

Sam Sulek’s Strategic Approach to Exercise Selection

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Sam Sulek provides insights into his exercise selection process, focusing on comprehensive muscle engagement. 

For the chest, shoulders, and back, compound movements like incline bench presses and pull-downs take center stage. 

Isolation exercises such as lateral raises and dumbbell curls target specific muscle groups, ensuring a well-rounded physique.

Controversial Choices and Unconventional Wisdom

Sam Sulek’s decision to exclude abdominal training sparks controversy, as he emphasizes that it’s not a priority for him. Instead, he opts for the cardio bike, a choice that aligns with his fitness philosophy.

Following in the Footsteps of Bodybuilding Icons

Sam Sulek is one of many bodybuilders to outline a set of essential exercises. Chris Bumstead and Phil Heath have also shared their preferred movements for muscle growth.

Chris Bumstead’s emphasis on squats and pull-ups aligns with foundational strength, while Phil Heath incorporates technical exercises like bent-over underhand barbell rows for a holistic approach.

The Uncharted Path Ahead

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While Sam Sulek hasn’t ventured into professional bodybuilding competition, his journey continues to captivate the fitness community. 

Fans eagerly await his next steps, curious to see how he will further push the boundaries of conventional bodybuilding.

In the realm of fitness, where methodologies vary widely, Sam Sulek’s unorthodox approach stands as a testament to the diversity of paths one can take to achieve a sculpted physique.

His top 10 exercises serve as a blueprint for those looking to optimize their workouts for lifelong muscle growth.

As Sam Sulek continues to make waves in the industry, one can’t help but wonder what groundbreaking insights and revelations he’ll unveil in the future.

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