Sam Sulek’s Full Day of Eating for Cutting

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Fitness influencer Sam Sulek is currently in the cutting phase of his fitness journey, and he recently shared his daily diet plan for cutting as part of his efforts to achieve his fitness goals

In addition to his dietary practices, Sam Sulek is well-known for his extensive social media presence and impressive physique, which he performed at a young age.

Sam Sulek began his fitness journey with a background in competitive diving, representing Miami University during his first year. 

However, his passion for bodybuilding gradually took over, leading to his impressive transformation and a substantial following on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Sam Sulek Diet Plan
via Sam Suek Instagram Account

While Sam Sulek‘s remarkable progress has garnered attention, it has also raised questions within the fitness community about the potential use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). 

Despite these speculations, there is no conclusive evidence of steroid use, and Sulek remains dedicated to his training and dietary regimen.

Sam Sulek’s Cutting Diet

Sam Sulek, at the age of 21, follows a modest 2700-calorie-per-day meal plan during his cutting phase. 

His diet is somewhat unconventional and includes foods typically considered unhealthy or suboptimal for bodybuilding and overall health. 

Notably, his carbohydrate intake is on the higher side, a practice not commonly recommended for long-term health and performance longevity. 

However, Sam Sulek has chosen this dietary approach, which has been effective for him.

Sam Sulek Meal Plan
via Sam Suek Instagram Account

Sam Sulek‘s daily diet consists of four meals, incorporating various protein sources such as turkey, chicken, beef, and low-fat milk. 

He also doesn’t shy away from store-bought items like burgers and Subway sandwiches to meet his daily nutritional requirements. 

Here’s a breakdown of a typical day of eating in Sam Sulek’s current cutting diet:

Sam Sulek Meal 1 – Post Cardio Workout:

  • 4 Burgers made of Burger Buns, Processed Turkey Meat, Mustard Sauce, Low Fat Mayonnaise
  • Multivitamin Drink

Sam Sulek begins his day with fasted cardio, supported by caffeine tablets before the session. 

Following the calorie-burning cardio workout, he has his first meal to help sustain him throughout the morning.

Sam Sulek Meal 2 – Pre-Workout Meal:

  • Ground Beef
  • Cheddar Broccoli Rice
  • Hot Sauce

Sam Sulek‘s pre-workout meal isn’t a single portion but a larger batch of ground beef and cheddar broccoli rice, which he divides into two to three parts. 

This approach offers flexibility as he juggles his college commitments.

Sam Sulek Meal 3 – Post-Workout Meal:

2 Cups of Nonfat Chocolate Milk

Foot-long Italian Sandwich from Subway

After a rigorous day at the gym, Sam Sulek consumes his next meal, focusing on finishing most of his calories toward the end of the day to satisfy his hunger. 

He acknowledges the importance of proper calorie management to achieve his cutting goals.

Sam Sulek Meal 4:

  • 8 Ounces Steak
  • Sugar-Free Lemonade

Sam Sulek‘s full day of eating concludes with a steak and a refreshing drink. 

This high-protein, low-carb meal helps curb late-night hunger and keeps him satiated until the following day.

While Sam Sulek‘s dietary choices may raise eyebrows in the fitness community, it’s important to remember that individual responses to diet can vary. 

Sulek’s regimen, while unconventional, has worked for him in his pursuit of a lean physique.

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