Kyron Holden Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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Hailing from the United States, Kyron Holden is a distinguished IFBB professional bodybuilder, a sponsored champion, and a private trainer. 

Specializing in the Men’s Physique category, he has garnered significant recognition within the industry, standing out as the NPC USA Men’s Physique Champion of 2017.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, USA, Kyron’s Holden journey toward becoming a prominent figure in the bodybuilding world was rooted in his early passion for sports. 

His athletic inclinations were diverse from football and tennis to track and swimming. However, it was football that held a special place in his heart, showcasing his exceptional skills.

Throughout his youth, Kyron Holden remained dedicated to his fitness pursuits. Encouraged by his circle of friends who were already involved in bodybuilding and fitness, he began to envision a future in the field. 

As he pursued his studies for training eligibility, he deepened his understanding of muscle groups’ functionality, capitalizing on his prior sports knowledge and refining it to assist others effectively.

Kyron Holden’s hard work and dedication yielded swift results. He made his mark by securing top-three positions at the 2018 Northern Cal Pro Men’s Physique, 2018 California Night of Champions Pro Men’s Physique, and the 2018 LA Grand Prix Pro Men’s Physique events. 

Kyron Holden Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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He even left a lasting impact on the grand stage by excelling at the 2017 Olympia Men’s Physique competition.

2020 proved pivotal for Kyron Holden as he stepped onto the illustrious Olympia stage, securing an impressive third place in the Men’s Physique category. 

This accomplishment marked the beginning of his ascent in the professional bodybuilding realm, hinting at the remarkable successes to come.

With unyielding determination, Kyron Holden continued to shine in 2021. He clinched victory at the Border States Pro and Pittsburgh Pro competitions in the Men’s Physique category, and his fourth-place finish at the Olympia 2021 solidified his position among the industry’s elite. 

Moreover, his triumph at the Legion Sports Fest Pro further solidified his reputation as a frontrunner in the field.

The momentum carried into 2022 as Kyron Holden seized victory at the New York Pro and Legion Sports Fest Pro contests. 

His sixth-place finish at the Olympia of the same year underscored his sustained excellence on the global bodybuilding stage.

Renowned for his impeccably sculpted physique, Kyron Holden serves as a role model for aspiring bodybuilders. His dedication to rigorous training and disciplined nutrition has earned him widespread admiration. 

A true embodiment of commitment to excellence, Kyron Holden’s success story continues to inspire others in the realm of professional bodybuilding.

Kyron Holden’s Diet and Nutrition Plan

Here’s Kyron Holden’s Diet and Meal plan: 

kyron holden nutrition
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  • Scrambled eggs with cheese, spinach
  • Bulletproof coffee blended with butter and MCT oil



  • Pan-seared salmon with garlic butter
  • Sauteed spinach and mushrooms


  • Almonds
  • Cheese slices
  • Cucumber slices with guacamole

Kyron Holden Meal Plan

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Kyron’s Holden breakfast consists of a high-fat, low-carbohydrate meal. Scrambled eggs provide protein and healthy fats, while the addition of cheese and spinach offers additional nutrients and flavor. 

Bulletproof coffee blended with butter and MCT oil contributes healthy fats and can provide sustained energy throughout the morning.


His lunch choice of grilled chicken breast is an excellent source of lean protein

Paired with broccoli topped with melted cheese, this meal offers a balanced combination of protein and fiber, helping to maintain satiety and provide essential nutrients.


For dinner, Kyron Holden opts for pan-seared salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein

Garlic butter enhances the flavor and adds healthy fats, while sauteed spinach and mushrooms contribute fiber and additional vitamins.


Kyron’s Holden snacks are focused on maintaining his macronutrient balance. Almonds offer healthy fats and a dose of protein. Cheese slices provide more protein and a savory flavor. 

Cucumber slices paired with guacamole contribute healthy fats and a refreshing crunch.

This meal plan aligns with Kyron Holden’s physique-focused goals by incorporating lean sources of protein, healthy fats, and nutrient-dense vegetables while minimizing carbohydrates. 

It supports his active lifestyle and bodybuilding efforts by providing essential nutrients for recovery and muscle growth.

Kyron Holden Workout Routine

kyron holden workout
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Kyron Holden’s abs workout is designed to target and strengthen the core muscles, sculpting an impressive aesthetic six-pack. 

This routine is suitable for beginners and requires no equipment, making it convenient to perform anywhere. 

Each exercise should be done for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest.

Exercise 1: Crunch with Crossed Arms

  • Lie on your back with your feet on the floor.
  • Cross your arms over your chest.
  • Lift your upper body in a crunching motion.
  • Exhale as you perform the crunch.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 2: Alternating Heel Touch

  • Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart.
  • Crunch your torso and reach out to touch each heel alternately.
  • Exhale as you touch each heel.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 3: Seated In and Outs

  • Sit down and support your upper body.
  • Crunch by bringing your knees up toward your chest.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 4: Plank Knees to Elbows

  • Assume a plank position.
  • Bring your knees up to your elbows alternately.
  • Maintain your breathing throughout the exercise.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 5: Push-Throughs

  • Lie on your back with knees apart and lower back pressed to the floor.
  • Lift your upper body and push your hands forward.
  • Exhale during the crunch.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 6: Russian Twists

  • Raise your feet a few inches from the floor.
  • Move your hands from side to side next to your waist.
  • You can add weight for an extra challenge.
  • Maintain steady breathing.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 7: Alternating Crunches

  • Lie on your back with hands loosely behind your head.
  • Bring your right elbow to your left knee as you crunch.
  • Exhale during the crunch.
  • Alternate sides.
  • Duration: 45 seconds

Exercise 8: Tuck Crunch

  • Lock your knees and hips.
  • Engage your abs and core.
  • Reach up as high as you can.
  • Keep your breathing steady.
  • Duration: 45 seconds
  • Rest 15 seconds between each exercise.
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Kyron Holden’s abs workout routine is a comprehensive set of exercises that effectively engage the core muscles from various angles, contributing to a defined and aesthetically pleasing abdominal area.

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