Best Abs Workout Bodybuilding: 8 Workouts For Abs

Everyone wants six-pack abs, but for these, you’ve required abs workout properly.

best abs workout bodybuilding

Nowadays, it’s an easy task to get the six-pack at your home or gym without a trainer. You can get these abs by following the 8 best abs workouts for your body.

Most of our choices are surprisingly amazing, and trying them perfectly will make us realize why these are on our list.

I want to clear you up before starting: We will not recommend you for the single best abs exercise. Most authors and organizations have tried to do this in the past and are still doing the same and are making the situation confusing for the audience.

In the past (if you go a few years back), most authors recommended traditional crunch, and then they started talking about the bicycle crunch. Then they decided to talk on the plank, rollout, and pike go on.

However, we gathered the top choices in no specific order with some description based on qualities or reasons that make them awesome, and all are backed by research when desired.

The list we will present before you include best-loaded and bodyweight exercises. We included rotation movements (anti or clockwise), EMG studies, and much more, so no exercise is missed for your abs and bodybuilding.

Best Abs Workout Bodybuilding

1 By Hanging Yourself Raise Your Legs

By Hanging Yourself Raise Your Legs

This is the exercise mostly famous by names knee raise or leg raise by hanging. So, why we included it in the list: The main reason is the scalability and variations.

You can perform lower core if you want to stress the lower core, or use a Roman chair for knee raises by bent, raising your legs straightly and then at the last hanging bar.

You can get activeness and strength for many days by doing bar raises to straight toes leg exercises.

It is not the only way to develop your abs and muscles; you can create variation and difficulty by grasping the medicine ball in your ankles and knees; it will focus on the lower rep and train you. Try to pull your legs up as high as you can without swinging in each repetition.

Leg Raise By Hanging

Try to do this exercise in 10 to 15 repetitions in each set; you need to perform three to four sets. Perform a drop set if you are performing this exercise with medicine.

2 Abs Workout Bodybuilding With Machine Crunch

Abs Workout Bodybuilding With Machine Crunch

So, what are the reasons to put this exercise on our list? According to our observation and opinion, adding extra resistance with ab exercises doesn’t attain sufficient affection or love! These only cause development in the spur that formulates the six-pack “bricks”. You can perform any rep by adding or removing the load. During the drop set performance, the machine with a pin load gives you good results.

In addition to this great exercise in your abs workout, you start focusing on lower rep with the challenging weight. In each set, you need to demonstrate 10 minimum and 15 maximum reps, 3 to 4 sets are enough to perform such machine crunch.

3 Cable Pallop Press

Cable Pallop Press

The reason behind the inclusion of this exercise in the list: The cable press is gaining popularity because it trains and develops abs in a direction that gives strength and increases the regulated capacity of your skeleton. This exercise trains your body through anti-rotation movement. By doing this exercise with core strength, there are fewer chances of causing injury to your body.

You can perform this movement in so many ways. But first, you need to take a start with the D handle and cable stack below but close to your shoulder. With your two hands, grasp the handle, keep yourself far from the pulley at least 4 to 5 steps and turn your face toward the plate stack. No need to rotate your hips; you need to press the D handle firmly and straightly move back to the centre; now try to turn in the direction of pulley fighting.

Keep your spine neutral and shoulders below during this exercise. As a newbie, there is no need to go for heavyweights; all you need to do is manage your quality moves. Need to do 3 sets,s with each set repetition of 8 to 15 repetitions.

4 What is kneeling cable crunch?

Kneeling Cable Crunch

The main reason for this is on our list is its versatility; you can perform this exercise on any cable pulley or stack. This exercise is more effective if you perform it correctly, but people are still performing it wrong.

It is easy for you to perform this exercise in a sitting posture. This exercise will beat your upper abdominal area more if you have a round back; if your back is flat, then this exercise will help you to target your abdomen.

Now grab the rope, fix it with a cable pulley with the weight, keep your hands around your head, and start pulling the rope; keep your shoulders and upper body moving.

You can perform this exercise in 1st and 2nd place in your routine workout. 3 to 4 sets and each set should include 10 to 15 repetitions. When you feel a muscle in the drop set, pin it off or change it.

5 Decline Bench Crunch With Medicine Ball

Decline Bench Crunch With Medicine Ball

We added this to our list because of the variety of movements, and just by making changes in the angle of the bench, you can create difficulty. You can get more resistance by adding the weight plate or medicine ball.

However, there are possibilities you can do this exercise in the wrong way. Due to feet being hocked, so try to lift via thighs.

Do this exercise after the hard or challenging exercise. Do 3 to 4 sets with each set reps from 8 to 15. If it is easy for you to do 15 repetitions, then enhance the decline angle or use a more weighted plate or ball.

6 How To Do A Perfect Squat?

Perfect Squat

Squats are perfect exercises for your bodybuilding and muscle development and are the king of all exercises. Squats train your quads, hips, hamstrings, core, and hips. The squat exercise is good for bone density and creates coordination and balance in the body. Now it is time to move from sloppy exercise and start the squats.

Different kinds of squats:

How Do You Do Body Weight Squats?

You must carefully implement the following steps for Body Weight Squats: By standing on your feet, shuffle and arrange your hips on the knees and knees on the ankles. Far from your ears, roll down and back your shoulders. Keep your back straight so that it causes no rounding and will stress the back’s lower part. It is mandatory to control the neutral spine throughout the movement.

Now, facing down, the hand’s palms extend in a parallel direction to the floor; it is just like a 7TH Grade Dance by putting hands on somebody’s shoulders like your wife or girlfriend.

Now unlock your hips by inhaling and start the movement, and move them back slowly to the starting position. Your back should be straight. Your head must be in the forward direction, and look with your eyes in the straight direction for the neutral spine.

Involve your core with heels, bodyweight, with pressure stand-up. Your feet should be in the extended position: For example, the right foot to the right side and the left foot to the left side.

What Is Goblet Squat?

If you are new to this exercise, do it without any weight. If you start goblet squats with high weights, it will be difficult to perform deeper squats in contrast to low weights.

You can squat in various ways, but the most popular are front squats, back squats, and goblet squats.

Now first, discuss the goblet squat.

This squat doesn’t comprise the Goblet with wine. No need to keep a medicine ball, kettlebell or dumbbell at the centre of the chest. Lean down your knees slightly by descending into a squat and straightly standing up. During the squat for full movement, move down the elbows to the inner part of the knees and among the legs.

What Does A Back Squat Work?

The barbell makes the squat a challenging exercise. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, take the services of a trainer or professional bodybuilder.

By moving forward, your hands and elbows are in the direction of the floor. Hold your hips back and do the bodyweight squat with the same form.

When you contrast the bodyweight squat with the back squat, you can feel one major difference in breathing. Before descending in the barbell squatting, you inhale; now, you can keep (hold) the breath and exhale while standing.

How To Do Front Squats?

It means pulling up the barbell with your two hands in front of your face and keeping it above the neck and shoulder bone (clavicles), pushing up your elbows and triceps in a parallel position to the floor.

Use your fingertips to handle the bar, which is not stable; the bone that relates the shoulder blades with the breastbones works as a rod (protective place) for the bar, with your hands help you control the bar from moving or rolling.

While moving downwards or falling the front squat, the body should be in the upright position, contrasting to the back squat and body weight.

Do not move back with the push as you did in the bodyweight squat because it can move your body forward with a specific angle and create difficulty in the weight up.

7 Medicine Ball Russian Twist

Medicine Ball Russian Twist

The Russian twist with the medicine ball gives strength to your obliques. The spin movement of the medicine ball is the main cause of this motion. You are melting muscle fibres or fat in the belly area when you control and take the weight of the medicine and strengthen your tummy.

The Russian twist facilitates you with lightweight. Without any risk to your back, it enhances your body’s stability. Once you are using too with this exercise, you will feel glad to add more weight, and your body muscles will also feel well.

Medicine Balls have a variety of weights and sizes, between 2 and 20 pounds. After choosing the Medicine ball for the Russian Twist, start your exercise with the lighter weight and when your body becomes strong, start adding more weight, So that your back will not harm.

During this exercise, you need to pull the lower side abdominals, just like pushing up the pant zip that does not fit you. Keep breathing during the whole exercise.

The Performance Of The Steps In The Medicine Ball Russian Twist

Begin this exercise in the seating position and lean down the knees, keep up your feet from the floor and grasp the medicine ball up to some inches above your chest. Now spin the ball into your left direction hip bone by remaining your body in the centre and do the same on the right side. You have performed one rep and continue this exercise to the desired extent in the same way by spinning back and forth.

8 What Does The Ab Wheel Work?

Ab Wheel Work

It is not a complicated machine: comprised of two handles similar to the two paddles of a cycle associated with the wheel or tire. Building your core, triceps, and lats is not old, but it is a new training tool.

While using the Ab Wheel, the central body shshowsesistance against the back arching and pies the spine to contract and stretch your abs with full movement. This movement is effective for the six-pack muscles and abdominous.

The wheel rolling-out is just an ab exercise that stresses the shoulders, latissimus dorsi, hips, and triceps.

How To Do This Exercise?

Most people are doing this exercise with stability ball rollout because it is the modified variation of the ab rollout exercise. You need to perform this exercise in the following way:

Your body should be in a position so that it is supported by the legs and a sufficient hip-width apart, and place your elbows on the ball. No need to curve your back.

Slowly lengthen your arms as you move forward with a roll. Now reverse the game by rolling back the ball. Do this exercise in 12 -15 reps.

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