Carlos Thomas Jr. Boldly Declares He’ll Beat Labrada and Jacked at Texas Pro

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Rising sensation Carlos Thomas Jr. has confirmed he will make his highly anticipated pro debut at the 2023 Texas Pro on July 29th. 

In a recent interview, Thomas Jr. confidently predicted he would defeat fellow top challengers Hunter Labrada and Andrew Jacked to qualify for his first Mr. Olympia. The gifted Thomas Jr. has generated plenty of buzz after dominating as a National level amateur. 

But health issues derailed his original plan to turn pro earlier this year. Now that he’s back on track, Thomas Jr. is ready to live up to immense expectations.

Background on Thomas Jr.’s Meteoric Rise in Bodybuilding

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At just 26 years old, Carlos Thomas Jr. has already been tabbed as potentially the future face of bodybuilding. His otherworldy muscles, shape, and proportions lit the amateur ranks on fire.

In 2021, Thomas Jr. put the industry on notice by sweeping the super heavyweight and overall divisions at the NPC National Championships. His flawless victory earned pro status.

With a physique seemingly tailor-made for the pro stage, many predicted Thomas Jr. would instantly be a title threat. However, ulcerative colitis forced him to withdraw from his original pro debut at the 2022 New York Pro.

After taking the past year to manage his health properly, a refocused Thomas Jr. began preparing for the 2023 Texas Pro on July 29th. The contest shapes up as an ideal launching point against elite competition.

Thomas Jr. Confirms Texas Pro Entry, Discusses Previous Health Struggle

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In a recent interview with Olympia TV, Thomas Jr. verified he will compete at the Texas Pro. He explained how ulcerative colitis previously hampered his prep for New York Pro.

Thomas Jr. felt he “would have won” New York Pro without the illness flare-up. Having addressed those gut health issues, he feels ready to unveil his complete physique at 100%.

The systematic approach of starting his pro career later in 2023 should alleviate previous stresses. Thomas Jr. can grow into the grueling demands of the pro schedule.

Flex Wheeler and Bob Cicherillo Laud Thomas Jr.’s Potential

Renowned coach and former Mr. Olympia Flex Wheeler declared Thomas Jr. could crack the top 5 at this year’s Mr. O “if he nails the condition.”

Industry veteran Bob Cicherillo agreed, stating Thomas Jr. has all the tools to become a superstar. He praised his structural balance, shape, proportions, and muscularity.

According to Cicherillo, Thomas Jr. has no visible weak points that require improvement other than refining his back. 

His raw thickness already matches the top Olympia competitors. Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy called Thomas Jr. the best amateur of the last decade. 

He believes the young phenom can hang with the elite upon improving his back development.

Thomas Jr. Analyzes Matchups Against Labrada and Jacked

Hunter Labrada and Andrew Jacked represent formidable opposition for Thomas Jr.’s Texas Pro debut.

Hunter Labrada, son of legend Lee Labrada, placed 4th at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. And Andrew Jacked owns back-to-back pro show wins in 2022. But Carlos Thomas Jr. broke down why he expects to beat them both.

Against Labrada, Thomas Jr. feels he possesses superior thickness and proportions in side poses. 

While Labrada owns tremendous arms, Thomas Jr. matches up well there too. His conditioning should also be on par with Labrada’s renowned shape.

As for Jacked, Thomas Jr. sees himself edging out the New York Pro champ in key poses like the front and side double biceps. His thicker legs, arms, and lat width make those shots more complete.

By bringing his best package, Thomas Jr. is confident his strengths in muscularity and symmetry will override any weaknesses. He expects to conquer two leading Open contenders.

Carlos Thomas Jr. Likely to Take Year Off If He Falls Short

Placing anything less than 1st would be considered a disappointment for Thomas Jr. at Texas Pro, given expectations. He estimated an 85% probability he will sit out the rest of 2023 if he fails to secure an Olympia qualification. 

Thomas Jr. is no stranger to patiently returning to the drawing board when needed. While the bodybuilding world eagerly awaits his arrival, Thomas Jr. will only rush the process once he’s fully ready. 

A fierce competitor, he is determined to fulfill predictions of being a future Mr. Olympia.

Thomas Jr’s Background and Beginnings in Bodybuilding

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Before breaking out as a star amateur, Carlos Thomas Jr. was immersed in sports and fitness from a young age. He was born in 1996 in Alexandria, Virginia, as one of five siblings.

Thomas Jr.’s father was a collegiate shot putter, and his mother ran track. Growing up, he quickly took after their athletic genes by playing football, basketball, and running track.

Around middle school, Thomas Jr. discovered muscle magazines and became enamored with bodybuilding. 

He adopted a training and nutrition regimen while continuing his other sports. During high school, Thomas Jr. focused solely on cultivating his physique.

After graduating, he pursued college while lifting weights became a proper lifestyle. At 21, Thomas Jr. entered his first National NPC competition in 2017. 

His early shows provided invaluable experience against elite amateurs. Over the next few years, Thomas Jr. slowly built up quality mass and refined his genetic shape. 

Everything culminated with his dominant NPC Nationals win, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a pro.

Scouting Report on Thomas Jr.’s Structure, Training, and Potential Weaknesses

Standing 5’10” but weighing up to 300 pounds in the offseason, Carlos Thomas Jr. is remarkably proportional and balanced. He combines tremendous density and thickness with an aesthetically pleasing shape.

His shoulder-to-waist ratio is desirable, creating a dramatic V taper. Thomas Jr.’s quads and hamstrings are noteworthy for their impressive sweep and cuts. When hitting back poses, his posterior chain comes firing through.

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Thomas Jr. focuses on progressive overload and strength gains in the gym to keep building his physique. He tailors his training to bring up any latent body parts. 

Legs are a current priority, along with improving back width and density. The lone weaknesses pundits point to are his back from the rear needing more maturity and slightly blocky obliques. 

As long as Thomas Jr. avoids widening his waist, his midsection shouldn’t be detrimental. Possessing some of the roundest muscle bellies and deepest separations seen lately, Thomas Jr. applies intense focus when peaking for shows. 

He has the ingredients to be supremely conditioned with granite-like hardness and striations.

The Promise of Thomas Jr’s Earth-Shattering Pro Debut

Carlos Thomas Jr’s pro debut will be must-see viewing for every bodybuilding fan. Expect him to shock the sport with 280-plus pounds of jaw-dropping mass balanced by an artistic shape.

The question is not whether Thomas Jr’s physique will impress but whether he can fine-tune enough details to conquer the likes of Labrada and Jacked. If he nails every facet of his prep, the Olympia stage awaits.

Of course, Thomas Jr. won’t define himself solely by this first show. At just 26 years old, he has ample time to develop his gifts. But the expectations stem from once-in-a-generation physical talents.

When a prospect of this caliber arrives, the bodybuilding world takes notice. Every move Thomas Jr. makes will be scrutinized as fans clamor to see if he lives up to the hype. 

Regardless of the outcome at Texas Pro, the future remains blindingly bright for this prodigy.

The Takeaways

With his health problems resolved, Carlos Thomas Jr. is finally eager to unveil his phenomenal physique as a pro. Confidence oozes through his bold predictions of defeating Labrada and Jacked at the Texas Pro.

If Thomas Jr. can sharpen his back and keep his waist tight, the Olympia stage may call immediately. But at just 26 years old, he remains focused on the long-term view. One thing is clear – bodybuilding has a budding new superstar ready to make the sport his own. 

When Carlos Thomas Jr. steps on stage, all eyes will be transfixed. The promise surrounding his pro debut and future is unmatched—strap in for what should be an unforgettable arrival.

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