Anatoly Powerlifter Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Vladimir Shmondenko, widely recognized as Anatoly Powerlifter, is a 24-year-old Ukrainian bodybuilder and powerlifter who embarked on his weightlifting journey in 2016. 

Born in 1999 on a cattle farm near the charming village of Krishtopovka, Anatoly Powerlifter’s fascination with bodybuilding was ignited when his town gained access to the internet, and he discovered videos of American bodybuilders

This newfound passion led him to craft his makeshift gym, constructed from wood, bricks, and old Soviet-era tractor parts, a testament to his unwavering commitment to his fitness pursuits.

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Remarkably, at the tender age of 15, Vladimir consumed seven meals a day, predominantly consisting of cottage cheese and eggs, demonstrating a level of dedication that set him apart. 

Although his classmates may have ridiculed him for bringing tubs of oatmeal to school, Vladimir’s resilience and focus on his fitness goals remained unwavering.

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Vladimir Shmondenko has also significantly impacted social media through his Russian-language YouTube channel, boasting an impressive 1.94 million subscribers. 

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His track features entertaining videos, often showcasing him “pranking” unsuspecting gymgoers. 

Vladimir’s unique approach to humor involves disguising himself as a cleaner or a pensioner, wearing muscle-concealing overalls, and then astonishing onlookers by effortlessly lifting massive weights.

Anatoly Powerlifter achieved 3rd place at the 2018 GPA World Championships in Ukraine, competing in the Teen 18-19 category, underscoring his growing prominence in powerlifting and bodybuilding.

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Anatoly Powerlifter’s net worth is estimated to be around £1.45 million, mainly stemming from his YouTube revenue and sponsorships from prominent fitness brands. 

His journey from a small village in Ukraine to becoming a renowned bodybuilder and powerlifter is a testament to his unwavering dedication, hard work, and the transformative power of pursuing one’s passion. 

Anatoly Powerlifter
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In the following sections, we will delve into Anatoly Powerlifter’s workout routine and diet plan, offering insights into the principles that have contributed to his success in fitness.

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Anatoly Powerlifter Height5 Feet and 11 Inches
Anatoly Powerlifter Weight80 to 85 KG
Anatoly Powerlifter Date of Birth1999
Anatoly Powerlifter Age24 Years
Anatoly Powerlifter Chest Size45 Inches
Anatoly Powerlifter Waist Size32 Inches
Anatoly Powerlifter Arm Size16 Inches
Anatoly Powerlifter NationalityUkranian
Anatoly Powerlifter GirlfriendValeria

Vladimir Shmondenko, known as Anatoly Powerlifter in the gym, adopts an amusing alter ego for his performances, humorously portraying “Anatoly” as a slender cleaner or retiree. 

The comedic essence of his acts lies in the stark contrast between his unassuming appearances and his true strength, akin to the comedic tradition of characters like Barry Humphries’s creation, Dame Edna Everage.

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As for Anatoly Powerlifter’s personal life, he is in a relationship with a lingerie model named Valeria. 

Valeria has garnered a following of 68,000 on Instagram, where she shares snapshots from their workouts and offers glimpses into their glamorous life in destinations such as Dubai and Bali. 

Valeria also shares her experiences with plastic surgery and posts intimate photos of herself and Vladimir.

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Vladimir Shmondenko, aka Anatoly Powerlifter, adds humor and entertainment to his gym performances through his Anatoly persona, and he is currently in a relationship with Valeria, a lingerie model who shares their adventures and personal moments on social media.

Anatoly Powerlifter Diet and Nutrition Plan

anatoly powerlifter diet plan
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Anatoly Powerlifter adheres to a comprehensive diet and nutrition plan tailored to support his demanding powerlifting regimen. 

His daily caloric intake typically ranges from 3,000 to 4,000 calories, distributed across four meals, although he occasionally substitutes different foods for variety. 

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Here is an overview of his diet plan, along with a sample powerlifting diet:

Anatoly Powerlifter Daily Diet Overview:

  • Caloric Intake: 3,000 to 4,000 calories
  • Number of Meals: Four meals per day
  • Variation: Anatoly occasionally substitutes foods to diversify his meals.

Anatoly Powerlifter Breakfast

  • 4 whole eggs, scrambled
  • 2 slices of whole-grain toast with avocado spread
  • Greek yogurt with mixed berries and a tablespoon of honey
  • A banana
  • Coffee or tea
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Anatoly Powerlifter Mid-Morning Snack

  • A protein shake (with milk or water, depending on calorie needs)
  • Handful of mixed nuts

Anatoly Powerlifter Lunch

  • Grilled chicken breast or tofu
  • Quinoa or brown rice
  • Steamed broccoli and carrots
  • Mixed leafy greens with olive oil and vinegar dressing

Anatoly Powerlifter Mid-Afternoon Snack

  • Cottage cheese with sliced pineapple
  • A handful of whole-grain crackers
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Anatoly Powerlifter Dinner

  • Grilled steak, fish, or legumes for vegetarians
  • Mashed sweet potatoes with a pat of butter or olive oil
  • Asparagus or green beans sautéed in garlic
  • Salad with mixed veggies and feta cheese

Anatoly Powerlifter Evening Snack (Especially If Training in the Evening)

  • Casein protein shake or a cup of milk
  • Dark chocolate square (for those little cravings)

Anatoly Powerlifter Hydration

Drink at least 3-4 liters of water throughout the day, more if training intensely.

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Anatoly Powerlifter Supplements

anatoly powerlifter supplements
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  • Creatine for improved strength and performance
  • Whey Protein
  • Beta-alanine for buffering lactic acid
  • Fish oil for joint health and inflammation
  • Vitamin D and multivitamins, especially if dietary diversity is lacking

Anatoly Powerlifter also occasionally enjoys his favorite foods, such as pizza, burgers, fries, and soft drinks, to balance his strict workout meals and indulgence.

This balanced diet provides Anatoly with the necessary energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients to support his rigorous powerlifting workouts and overall health. 

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It’s crucial to remember that Anatoly’s Powerlifter diet plan may vary daily to ensure variety and meet his dietary needs while adapting to his training intensity and goals.

Anatoly Powerlifter Workout Routine

anatoly powerlifter workout plan
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Anatoly Powerlifter follows a well-structured workout routine that focuses on enhancing strength and endurance while addressing weak points to minimize the risk of injuries. 

His programs are meticulously designed to target major muscle groups effectively. Here’s a glimpse of Anatoly’s back workout routine, which follows a full-body warm-up, joint warm-up, and at least 7 minutes of cardio:

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Anatoly Powerlifter Back Workout

Block Deadlift2 Sets of 5 Reps
Conventional Deadlift2 Sets of 2 Reps
Dumbbell Row4 Sets of 10 Reps
Lat Pull-Down with Close Grip4 Sets of 12 Reps
Weighted Pull-Ups3 Sets of 6 Reps
Weighted Hyperextension3 Sets of 12 Reps

While this represents just one of Anatoly’s workout days, here’s a sample weekly workout routine more focused on major muscle groups:

Day 1: Squat Day

Back Squats4 Sets of 5 Reps at 80% of your one-Rep Max (1RM)
Front Squats (For Quad Emphasis)3 Sets of 8 Reps
Romanian Deadlifts3 Sets of 8 Reps (For Posterior Chain Development)
Leg Press3 Sets of 10 Reps
Calf Raises3 Sets of 12 Reps
Planks3 Sets, Hold for as Long as Possible (Core Stability is Crucial for Squats)
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Day 2: Bench Press Day

Bench Press4 Sets of 5 Reps at 80% of your 1RM
Close Grip Bench Press (For Tricep Emphasis)3 Sets of 8 Reps
Dumbbell Flyes3 Sets of 10 Reps (For Chest Stretch and Pec Development)
Overhead Shoulder Press (Dumbbell or Barbell)3 Sets of 8 Reps
Tricep Dips or Skull Crushers3 Sets of 10 Reps
Barbell Rows3 Sets of 8 Reps (Upper Back Strength to Support Bench)

Day 3: Rest/Active Recovery

  • Consider light cardio, stretching, or mobility work.

Day 4: Deadlift Day

Deadlifts (Conventional or Sumo, Based on Preference)4 Sets of 5 Reps at 80% of your 1RM
Deficit Deadlifts (for Increased Range of Motion)3 Sets of 6 Reps
Barbell Glute Bridges3 Sets of 10 Reps
Pull-ups or Lat Pulldowns3 Sets of 8-10 Reps
Face Pulls3 Sets of 12 Reps (for Rear Deltoid and Upper Back Strength)
Hanging Leg Raises3 Sets of 12 Reps (Core Stability for Deadlifts)
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Day 5: Accessory/Weak Point Training

Paused Bench Press (Stay at the Bottom for 2-3 Seconds)4 Sets of 5 Reps at 70% of your 1RM (for Building Strength out of the Bottom Position)
Box Squats or Paused Squats3 Sets of 5 Reps at 70% of your Squat 1RM (Developing Explosive Strength from a Static Position)
Dumbbell Rows or T-Bar Rows3 Sets of 8 reps Each Side
Dumbbell/Barbell Bicep Curls3 Sets of 12 Reps
Tricep Rope Pushdown3 Sets of 12 Reps

Day 6 & 7: Rest/Active Recovery

Include light cardio, stretching, or mobility work during these rest days. Anatoly Powerlifter’s workout routine is meticulously structured to maximize strength and endurance while ensuring balanced muscle development and injury prevention. 

anatoly powerlifter girlfriend valeria
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It showcases his dedication to the sport and commitment to maintaining peak physical condition.

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