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Alex Cambronero is a Costa Rican-born professional bodybuilder who has taken the fitness and bodybuilding world by passion. 

After relocating to the United States to follow his passion, Alex has become a rising star in the bodybuilding scene, impressing judges and audiences alike with his incredible physique and commitment to the sport. 

Alex Cambronero won Arnold Classic 2020 in the Men’s Classic Physique against Terrence Ruffin, Steve Laureus, Abner Logan, and Rickey Moten Jr.   

In 2023, Alex achieved a significant milestone by placing third in the Men’s Classic Physique division at the prestigious Arnold Classic competition, cementing his status as one of the top athletes in bodybuilding.

Alex Cambronero Early Life 

alex cambronero early life
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Alex Cambronero was born on May 18, 1982, in Costa Rica. Alex was a pleasant and friendly child who got along well with everyone at school. 

He had a diverse group of friends, including rockers, rappers, and jocks from all backgrounds, including white, black, and Latino.

Despite his outgoing nature, Alex remained humble and respectful toward others. He never spoke ill of anyone, earning him the admiration and respect of his peers and those he worked with in the fitness industry. 

Alex Cambronero Bodybuilding Career

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Alex Cambronero’s bodybuilding career began at a young age, starting in the 212 bodybuilding class. Alex quickly made a name for himself in his early years by placing second at the Tampa Pro Show in the Men’s Bodybuilding up to 212. 

Later in the same year, he went on to win the Texas Pro Show in the 212 division. In 2015, Alex made his Olympia debut, finishing 12th place in the 212 class. 

In 2016, he continued to build momentum, winning the Toronto Pro Supershow and placing 10th in the 212 class at the Olympia 2016.

Alex’s win continued in 2017 when he placed 5th at the New York Show and 2nd at the Chicago Pro. The following year, he won the Europa Dallas Pro Show and finished 8th place at the Olympia.

In 2019, Alex switched to Classic Physique and quickly made an impact by winning the Pittsburgh Pro Show and finishing 2nd place at the New York Pro Show

He continued to dominate in 2020, winning the Arnold Classic USA Pro in the Men’s Classic Physique and finishing 4th place at the Olympia.

Alex placed 2nd at the Arnold Classic and 6th at the Olympia 2021. He won the Hurricane Pro Show and qualified for the 2022 Olympia, where he placed 9th in the Men’s Classic Physique.

alex cambronero bodybuilder
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In 2023, Alex achieved a significant milestone by finishing 3rd place at the Arnold Classic in the Men’s Classic Physique, competing against top athletes like Ramon Dino and Urs Kalecinski

Though his name may not be as well-known as some of the sport’s biggest names like Chris Bumstead, Ramon Dino, and Urs Kalecinski, Alex’s dedication, hard work, and consistent success make him one of the most impressive bodybuilders of his generation.

Alex Cambronero Contest History 

alex cambronero age
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  • 2023, Arnold Classic USA Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 3rd
  • 2022, Olympia, Men’s Classic Physique, 9th
  • 2021, Hurricane Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 1st
  • 2021, Olympia Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 6th
  • 2021, Arnold Classic USA Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 2nd
  • 2020, Olympia, Men’s Classic Physique, 4th
  • 2020, Arnold Classic USA (PRO), Men’s Classic Physique, 1st
  • 2019, Yamamoto Pro Cup, Men’s Classic Physique, 2nd
  • 2019, Olympia, Men’s Classic Physique, 6th
  • 2019, New York Pro Show, Men’s Classic Physique, 2nd
  • 2019, Pittsburgh Pro, Men’s Classic Physique, 1st
  • 2018, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 8th
  • 2018, Europa Dallas Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 1st
  • 2017, Vancouver Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 7th
  • 2017, “Wings of Strength” Chicago Pro Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 2nd
  • 2017, New York Pro Show, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 5th
  • 2016, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 10th
  • 2016, Toronto Pro Supershow, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 1st
  • 2015, Olympia, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 12th
  • 2015, Texas Pro “Wings of Strength,” Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 1st
  • 2015, Tampa Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 2nd
  • 2012, NPC Nationals, Men’s Bodybuilding – Light-Heavyweight, 7th
  • 2012, NPC USAs, Men’s Bodybuilding – Light-Heavyweight, 9th
  • 2011, NPC Nationals, Men’s Bodybuilding – Light-Heavyweight, 10th

Alex Cambronero Body Measurement

alex cambronero neck
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Alex Cambronero Height5 Feet and 7 Inches
Alex Cambronero Weight110 KG
Alex Cambronero Date of Birth18 May 1982
Alex Cambronero Age41 Years
Alex Cambronero Arm Size17.5 Inches
Alex Cambronero Chest Size46 Inches
Alex Cambronero Waist Size31 Inches
Alex Cambronero NationalityAmerican

Alex Cambronero Wife 

alex cambronero wife
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Alex Cambronero is married to Maggie Cambronero, a female IFBB Pro. Maggie is a successful bodybuilder in her own right, having placed 4th at the 2013 San Antonio Texans Pro.

It is said that Maggie played a significant role in Alex’s success, providing him with support and motivation throughout his career. The couple first met at the Riddle Bar South Beach, and after sparks flew, they were married just two months later.

Alex and Maggie share a passion for bodybuilding and have supported each other in their respective fields. Their relationship is a testament to the power of mutual support, dedication, and hard work in achieving one’s goals.

Alex Cambenero Neck

The neck of a bodybuilder is a crucial component of their overall physique. It supports the head and helps create a well-rounded, muscular appearance.

However, sometimes a bodybuilder’s neck can be the subject of attention for reasons beyond its size and definition.

Take the case of Alex, a bodybuilder whose head tilt has been noticed by many fans and spectators.

At first glance, it may seem like a posture issue or a result of an injury, but it has a unique backstory.

Alex revealed that his head tilt resulted from an accident while racing BMX in his youth. He attempted a backflip on his bike but unfortunately landed hard on his head, breaking his collarbone and fracturing his skull.

The accident also damaged one of his optic nerves permanently. If he keeps his head straight, the damaged eye moves to the side, making it difficult for him to focus his vision. However, tilting his head to the side allows him to see clearly.

While some may find Alex’s head tilt distracting, it’s a small price to pay for him to be able to compete and perform at his best.
The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wearing protective gear, especially when participating in high-risk sports like BMX or motocross.

As for bodybuilders, maintaining proper posture and alignment during training and competition is critical for both performance and injury prevention.

Alex Cambronero Net Worth 

alex cambronero net worth
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Alex Cambronero is a highly successful bodybuilder with a nearly $1 million net worth. Although he has never disclosed his wealth, his numerous victories in bodybuilding competitions and owning various food supplement businesses suggest a highly lucrative career.

In addition to his impressive winnings and business ventures, Alex has also amassed a large following on social media, with hundreds of thousands of fans following his journey on Instagram. 

His success both on and off the stage is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and commitment to his craft, making him one of the most respected and admired bodybuilders in the industry today.


How Tall is Alex Cambronero?

Alex Cambronero is 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

How Old is Alex Cambronero?

Alex Cambronero is 41 years old as of 2023.

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