2022 Toronto Pro Supershow Results

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Here are the results of 2022 Toronto Pro Supershow. Check results in all categories below:

Men’s Bodybuilding Toronto Pro

Mohamed Shaaban was lost against Charles Griffen at California Pro, So in Toronto Pro he proved himself as a Champion and directly qualified for Mr. Olympia 2022.

  1. Mohamed Shaaban
  2. Theo Leguerrier
  3. Andrea Muzi
  4. Dorian Haywood
  5. Slavoj Bednar
  6. Mariuz Tomczuk
  7. Joe Seeman
  8. Gabriel Gariepy
  9. Fabian Mayr
  10. Coming soon

Toronto Pro Supershow 2022 Scorecard Men’s Bodybuilding

2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Men’s Classic Physique Toronto Pro

  1. Tyler Johnson
  2. Kown Hyoung JoO
  3. Cody Amey
  4. Kellen Wilson
  5. Eric Abelon
  6. Rob Van Sant
  7. Aaron Aramini
  8. Luis Sosa Mureuta

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Men’s Classic Physique Supershow Scorecard

2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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212 Men’s Bodybuilding Toronto Pro

  1. Hossein Kalateh
  2. Murat Gonal
  3. Kentaro Kuramochi
  4. Junho Kim

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Toronto Pro Supershow Scorecard

Men’s Physique Toronto Pro Results

  1. Mehdi Kabbadj
  2. Reuben Glass
  3. Chevy Phillips
  4. Lamar McNeal Sminth
  5. Francisco A. DE LA Cruz
  6. Brett Jackson Jr.
  7. Daniel Leone
  8. Sharif Reid
  9. Vilius Palionis
  10. Nicolas Dery-Belanger
  11. Akbar Sarbaz Sarkhanlo
  12. Clarence Lau
  13. Michael Norwood Jr.

Men’s Physique Toronto Pro Supershow Scorecard

2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Wheel Chair
  1. Woody Belfort

There was no opposite against Woody, so it was supposed to won.

2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Bodybuilding Toronto Pro Results

  1. Lisa Kudrey
  2. Michelle Jin
  3. Michelle Brent
  4. Gisela Nunes Chan
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Bikini Toronto Pro Results

  1. Ashley Kaltwasser
  2. Ha Yeun Kim
  3. Eli Fernandez
  4. Maria-Eve Duechesneau
  5. Jodie Jean Yunker
  6. Cassandra De La Rosa
  7. Laura Ziv
  8. Adair Libbrecht
  9. Yeoni Lee
  10. Bola Seo
  11. Lilian Lopez Alonso
  12. Karen Wall
  13. Sarah Devore
  14. Annelle Petitpas
  15. Juliane Andrade
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Wellness Bodybuilding Toronto Pro Results

  1. Kassandra Gillis
  2. Emily Azzarello
  3. Anne Marie Gobeil
  4. Daniela Deiana
  5. Normarie Fonseca
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Fitness Toronto Pro Results

  1. Stephanie Jones
  2. Giorgia Foroni
  3. Danielle DaCosta
  4. Abby Bolton
  5. Corina Harkelroad
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Figure Toronto Pro Results

  1. Hanwool Park
  2. Mandy Urner
  3. Valerie Rattelle
  4. Yelena Larina
  5. Melissa Cech
  6. Larissa Penaloza
  7. Danielle Rose
  8. Emily Hammond
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Women’s Physique Toronto Pro Results
  • Ji Hye Lee
  • Emilija Martic
  • Eleonora Dobrinina
  • Jody Johanson
  • Jazmin Lira Flores
  • Marianne Von Gierke
  • Renee Reefschlager
  • Sanna Nupponen
  • Alethia Legall-Gabriel
  • Mindi O’Brien
  • Marysel Cruz
  • Nadia Vandal
  • Sarah Bow
2022 toronto supershow scorecard
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Featured Image: Mohamed Shaaban by @bisandtris and @fitnessvolt / Instagram 

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