2022 Mile High Pro Results and Prize

The Mile High Pro 2022 was held on June 11, 2022, in Denver, Colorado. Contestants from Men’s Physique and Bikini took to the stage looking to get the invitation to contest at Mr. Olympia 2022.

Steven Cao from Men’s Physique class and Elisa Pecini from the Bikini class won the show and earned their invitation to compete at Mr. Olympia 2022.

2022 Mile High Pro Winners 

  • Men’s Physique: Steven Cao
  • Bikini: Elisa Pecini

2022 Mile High Pro Results

Men’s Physique

Steven Cao from Men’s Physique class is the winner of the Mile High Pro Show 2022. Steven had competed in only one IFBB pro show before. Steven competed at the 2022 Optimum Classic Pro last month in May, ultimately securing sixth place.

Reuban Glass got 2nd place at the 2022 Mile High Pro Show as Men’s Physique competitor. Reuban competed last week at the 2022 Toronto Pro Supershow and got 2nd place there.

  • Steven Cao, 1st (Winner)
  • Reuben Glass, 2nd
  • Frank Worley, 3rd
  • Tony Chinakwe, 4th
  • Burak King, 5th
  • Eric Lisboa, 6th
  • Derrick Stevenson, 7th

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After a close fight with Kaltwasser, Elisa Pecini took first place, earning her invitation to Mr. Olympia 2022. She was the winner at the 2021 Tampa Pro last year in the Bikini division.

  • Elisa Pecini, 1st (Winner)
  • Ashley Kaltwasser, 2nd
  • Liana Giannamore, 3rd
  • Carla Garthwalte, 4th
  • Shanae DiCicco, 5th
  • Taryn Flanagan, 6th
  • Cory Hageman, 7th
  • Jimi Marley, 8th
  • Amber Wilberg, 9th
  • Joy Sheppard, 10th

Despite a razor-close battle with Kaltwasser, Elisa Pecini took first place, earning her invitation to 2022 Mr. Olympia. Pecini has made it clear following the victory that she intends to participate at the Patriots Pro and the Expo Super Show next! 

  • Winner — Elisa Pecini
  • Second Place — Ashley Kaltwasser
  • Third Place — Liana Giannamore
  • Fourth Place — Carla Garthwalte
  • Fifth Place — Shanae DiCicco
  • Sixth Place — Taryn Flanagan
  • Seventh Place — Cory Hageman
  • Eighth Place — Jimi Marley
  • Ninth Place — Amber Wilberg
  • Tenth Place — Joy Sheppard

2022 Mile High Scorecards

Tikkay Khan would like to congratulate all champions on their success and gaining their invitation to compete at the Olympia 2022.

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