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Steve Laureus has been praised as a bodybuilder to observe in the Classic Physique division. He has shown his God-given skills with multiple wins, and some impressive showings at high-level competitions. Gaining the third position at the Arnold Classic 2020, Laureus proved he has a mess of potential.

Key Points!

  • Steve Laureus Age 38 Years Old

  • Steve Laureus Height 5 Feet & 11 Inches

  • Steve Laureus Weight 98 KG

  • Steve Laureus Arm Size 24 Inches

  • Steve Laureus Waist Size 30 Inches

  • Steve Laureus Chest Size 53 Inches

  • Steve Laureus Nationality American

  • Steve Laureus Net Worth $1 to 2 Million

  • Early Life of Steve Laureus

    Steve Laureus early life
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    Steve Laureus was born in 1986 in Haiti, a country with a long and bloody history of revolts and political roughness. His father lived in France, but Steve was raised by his mom and grandmother. He was an athletic boy who loved soccer, track, basketball, and martial arts.

    When Steve Laureus was 10 years old, both his mother and sister were killed by state forces. His father got him back to France, where they lived before moving to New York City.

    Steve saw a stunning buff young guy, in his early 20s, straight across the table with a magazine that caught his attention towards bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman was on the cover of that magazine.

    BodyBuilding Career of Steve Laureus

    steve laureus height
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    Steve Laureus had shortly competed in the natural Muscle mania events recently and was getting ready for his first NPC concert in the Classic Physique division.

    There have been passionate arguments as to whether some athletes in this still fairly new division represent the models of Classic, or if they are simply bodybuilders who can assemble the weight needs. George Peterson and Regan Grimes both come to mind. Not so with Steve.

    One look at those tiny joints, full muscle guts, and flowing lines, and there is no doubt Steve was born to be a Classic Physique pro bodybuilder.

    That fact was cemented at the 2019 Arnold Classic, where Steve Laureus went down to the wire with last month’s MD cover man George Peterson, who occurs to also trains at Bev and Steve’s Powerhouse Gym and is coached by Miller.

    steve laureus bodybuilder
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    Steve Laureus lost on a nail-biting one-point decision. As is often the point, the loss probably got more people speaking about Steve and his limitless possibility than if he’d won.

    Steve went in hopes of taking his physique to the advanced level. Having a large amount of downtime, Steve Laureus has reviewed the package he requires to bring to the stage. He has the lines and the balance. He has a great build that lends itself well to the Classic Physique.

    Ultimately for Steve Laureus, it all comes down to size. While he has obtained a great amount of musculature, he has still found himself a bit little.

    When you compared his body to that of Chris Bumstead and Breon Ansley, you could see a noticeable contrast. Both Olympia champions had a huge amount of muscle packed onto their frames while keeping their classic silhouette.

    Contest History of Steve Laureus

    steve laureus age
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    • 2018 Mr. Olympia Physique, IFBB Classic Physique 7th
    • 2018 New York Pro Bodybuilding, IFBB Pro 212 14th
    • 2020 Arnold Classic 2020 Physique, Men’s Classic Physique 3rd
    • 2021 Texas Pro Physique, Classic Physique 3rd

    Body Measurement of Steve Laureus

    steve laureus weight
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    Steve Laureus Weight97 KG
    Steve Laureus Height5 Feet and 10 Inches
    Steve Laureus Age36 Years
    Steve Laureus Chest Size53 Inches
    Steve Laureus Arm Size24 Inches

    Diet and Nutrition of Steve

    steve laureus diet
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    Steve did a clean bulk before this year, and he communicated his full day of eating on a channel. Steve takes his health and nutrition.

    Meal 15 Whole Eggs + 2 Bagels + Glass of Orange Juice
    Meal 2200g Chicken +280g Rice +15g Macadamia Nut Oil + 3Waffles
    Meal 3220g Brown Rice +180g Turkey + Marinara Sauce
    Meal 4150g Chicken +280g Rice + Spinach
    Meal 5500g Raw White Potato + 180g Turkey


    Who is Steve Laureus

    Steve Laureus was born in 1986 in Haiti. Steve Laureus has been praised as a bodybuilder to observe in the Classic Physique division.

    How Tall is Steve Laureus?

    Steve Laureus is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

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