Zane Watson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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Zane Watson is an accomplished IFBB professional bodybuilder hailing from Hamilton, Canada.

He has made a notable mark in the bodybuilding world, achieving the prestigious feat of gracing the Mr. Olympia weekend stage and securing victories in various professional competitions across Canada.

Zane Watson’s journey to professional bodybuilding was marked by both determination and adversity. Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, he was exposed to the world of bodybuilding from a young age. 

Watching his parents, who were competitive bodybuilders themselves, he couldn’t help but develop an inherent interest in the sport. 

Zane Watson’s father, in particular, played a significant role in shaping his passion by involving him in training sessions and instilling a strong work ethic.

Zane Watson Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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Their training together was intense, and they diligently worked out in the family’s backyard gym, with Zane Watson’s father pushing him to surpass his personal bests. 

Zane Watson’s physique took shape under this rigorous guidance, and he began considering competing in bodybuilding contests. 

His father intensified the training, aiming to create a proportional and well-developed physique for Zane Watson.

Despite their dedication to bodybuilding, Zane Watson’s family faced personal challenges. 

Zane Watson’s father struggled with a drug addiction that impacted both their home life and the family’s fitness business. 

This led to the loss of some gym chains and forced the sale of other fitness centers at a lower value.

As a result of these family struggles and external influences, Zane Watson found himself involved in a downward spiral. 

He became entangled with the wrong crowd, which led to drug-related issues and eventually, at the age of 19, an arrest and a six-month prison sentence. 

During this difficult period, he lost touch with his passion for bodybuilding.

Upon his release from jail, Zane Watson decided to turn his life around. He distanced himself from drugs and reconnected with his father, who was also in a better place, and they refocused their efforts on his bodybuilding goals. 

Their sights were set on the 2012 Canadian Nationals, and to qualify, Zane Watson had to excel in several smaller competitions. 

With less than eight weeks of preparation, he competed in the Stratford competition in Ontario, where he secured a first-place finish and the overall title.

This victory filled Zane Watson with optimism and determination, and he carried this newfound confidence into the Ontario provincial show. He clinched the title there, which qualified him for the nationals. 

His father, recognizing the high stakes, intensified Zane Watson’s training regimen, meticulously planning his preparation and competition timeline.

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The culmination of their efforts paid off, as Zane Watson emerged victorious at the 2012 Canadian Nationals, earning his professional card and launching his career as an IFBB professional bodybuilder.

Despite a challenging start to his professional journey with a 13th-place finish at the 2013 Toronto Pro, Zane Watson remained undeterred. He resolved to push his limits and committed himself to extensive training. 

The following year, at the 2014 Toronto Pro, he secured a 1st-place victory, marking not only his first professional win but also earning him a spot at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Weekend.

Though the Mr. Olympia is a daunting event for any bodybuilder, Zane Watson approached it with a sense of readiness and familiarity. 

He maintained his diet and training regimen following his Toronto victory, feeling confident in his preparations. 

While he placed 16th at the Mr. Olympia, the experience provided invaluable lessons and an opportunity for growth.

Zane Watson’s journey through bodybuilding exemplifies the importance of persistence and determination in both the sport and life. 

Despite facing adversity and setbacks, he remained dedicated to his goals, ultimately achieving professional success in the competitive world of bodybuilding.

Zane Watson’s Diet and Nutrition Plan

Zane Watson follows a meticulously timed and structured diet plan, both during the on-season and off-season, to ensure he provides his muscles with the necessary nutrients for optimal performance and growth. 

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Here is his off-season meal plan:

Zane Watson Meal 1: (7 am)

  • 1½ cups of oatmeal
  • 8 egg whites mixed in milk
  • A coffee

Zane Watson Meal 2: (10 am)

  • 1 can of tuna with pineapple
  • A sandwich

Zane Watson Meal 3: (1 pm)

  • 2 cups of rice
  • Steak
  • Vegetables

Zane Watson Meal 4: (2 pm)

  • B1CAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) drink

Zane Watson Post Workout Shake:

  • 50 grams of protein
  • Waxy maize
  • Green Plus (likely a supplement providing essential nutrients)
  • Psyllium fiber (a source of soluble fiber)

Zane Watson Main Meal (Variable, one of the following Options):

  • Steak
  • Rack of ribs
  • Double bacon cheeseburger

It’s important to note that in the off-season, Zane Watson incorporates more carbohydrates into his diet to support muscle growth and recovery. 

This structured approach to meal timing and nutrient intake allows him to maintain the discipline required for bodybuilding while adapting his diet to his training goals.

Zane Watson Workout Routine

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Zane Watson’s workout routine is heavily influenced by his admiration for British bodybuilder Dorian Yates and his father’s training approach, which centers around high-intensity muscle building through relentless effort. 

Zane Watson incorporates variation into his workouts to target muscles from different angles and stimulate new growth. 

He typically follows a four-day split, focusing on chest/biceps, legs, shoulders/triceps when training four days a week. 

Here’s a breakdown of his training routine:

Training for Off-Season Mass

In the off-season, Zane Watson prefers a challenging approach, aiming to complete either 5 sets of 5 or 8 sets of 10 with the heaviest weights possible. 

He regards this as the most demanding routine he follows and only pushes his limits (in terms of weight lifted) once a month. This approach has allowed him to maintain a “comfortable body weight” of 240 pounds. 

Given that he competes at 212 pounds, he doesn’t go beyond this weight in the off-season to provide a solid foundation for the cutting phase.

Zane Watson Training Routine

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Monday: Back Workout

  • Focus on deadlifts and heavy rows in the morning.
  • Return in the afternoon to complete 4 or 5 additional back exercises.
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Tuesday: Chest and Calves and Biceps Workout

  • Aim to complete 4 exercises.
  • Incorporate supersets for maximal muscle engagement.

Wednesday: Biceps, Quads, and Triceps Workout

  • Start with one or two biceps exercises.
  • After a break, shift to quads and triceps, pushing to failure on each set.

Thursday: Hamstrings and Back Workout

  • Emphasize hamstrings, including stiff-legged deadlifts.
  • Integrate D-handle cable rows or heavy D-handle barbell rows.

Friday: Triceps and Shoulders Workout

  • Focus on the triceps with two random exercises, completing high-rep sets for muscle tone.
  • Return at night for an intense shoulder workout.
  • Utilize supersets for rear delt exercises.
  • Perform seated side lateral and reverse pec deck butterfly movements.
  • Conclude with dumbbell exercises, such as the dumbbell press.

Zane Watson’s training routine reflects his dedication to high-intensity, heavy lifting, and a variety of exercises to stimulate muscle growth and development. 

This rigorous approach aligns with his aspirations to compete at a professional level in bodybuilding.

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