Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Diet Plan and Workout

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In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, sometimes it takes a single moment, a solitary comment, to ignite the spark of transformation.

For Wittemberg Adolf Stanley, that moment came in college when a girl candidly remarked that she would never consider dating a guy as skinny as he was. 

Little did she know that her words would be the catalyst for a remarkable journey that would lead Wittemberg Adolf to become a celebrated name in the realm of muscle modeling.

Determined and unwavering, Wittemberg Adolf Stanley didn’t waste any time. The very same day he heard those words, he set foot in the gym with a resolute commitment to sculpting his body into a masterpiece.

Hours turned into weeks, weeks into months, and through relentless dedication, Wittemberg Adolf’s physique underwent a profound metamorphosis.

His hard work and unwavering perseverance bore fruit when he clinched the title of the WBFF Pro Muscle Model champion not once but twice, in both 2014 and 2015, during the prestigious competition held in Las Vegas.

Wittemberg Adolf’s journey, however, was far from over. Rather than resting on his laurels, he continued to push the boundaries of his physical potential. 

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Diet Plan and Workout
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Since his last victory in 2015, he has continued to refine and enhance his physique, adding more size and definition to his already awe-inspiring frame. 

His focus on maintaining the ideal balance while accentuating his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and sweeping thighs has set him apart as a legend in the making.

As a well-established and respected Muscle Model, champion Wittemberg Adolf Stanley is undoubtedly poised to dominate the competitive stage for many years to come. 

His achievements include securing 2nd place at the 2013 WBFF Muscle Model competition in Las Vegas, followed by an impressive back-to-back victory, claiming 1st place titles at the 2014 and 2015 WBFF Muscle Model competitions in the same city.

Wittemberg Adolf’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and the unwavering pursuit of one’s goals. 

It’s a journey that began with a simple comment in a college classroom but has since evolved into a legacy of fitness excellence and an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

“The day was March 1, 2007. I was sitting in Biochemistry class, and a girl mentioned she would never date a guy as skinny as I was. Later that day, yours truly – all 141 lbs of him – paid his first visit to the gym. Let’s face it. Women love muscles, and I wanted to get their attention.”

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Diet and Nutrition Plan

Maintaining a championship physique requires not only rigorous training but also a well-structured and balanced diet

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley, a celebrated Muscle Model champion, adheres to a gluten-free diet due to his diagnosis of celiac disease. 

While this dietary restriction can sometimes be seen as a challenge, Wittemberg Adolf Stanley has discovered that it brings its unique advantages, helping him maintain a lean and sculpted physique. 

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley fitness
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The core of his diet consists of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats, ensuring he remains in optimal shape for his rigorous fitness journey.

Here’s a glimpse of Wittemberg’s gluten-free diet plan:

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Breakfast:

Egg Whites

Wittemberg starts his day with a protein-packed breakfast, often opting for egg whites, which are a low-calorie source of high-quality protein.


Complex carbohydrates are a fundamental part of Wittemberg’s diet, and gluten-free oats provide a great source of energy for his intense workouts. He often combines them with almond milk for added flavor.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Mid-Morning Snack:

Greek Yogurt

This dairy option is not only a source of lean protein but also provides healthy probiotics, which can aid digestion.


A serving of fresh fruits adds essential vitamins, minerals, and natural sugars to boost his energy levels.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Lunch:

Grilled Chicken

Lean proteins are crucial for muscle recovery and growth. Wittemberg frequently includes grilled chicken in his lunch for its high protein content.


As a gluten-free alternative to traditional grains, quinoa serves as a source of complex carbohydrates, offering sustained energy throughout the day.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Afternoon Snack:

Mixed Nuts

Healthy fats are a staple in Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s diet. A handful of mixed nuts like almonds and walnuts provide a satisfying snack while contributing to overall nutrition.


Wittemberg Adolf Stanley often pairs his nuts with fresh vegetables, such as carrots and bell peppers, for added fiber and nutrients.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Dinner:


Fatty fish like salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are not only heart-healthy but also beneficial for maintaining a lean physique.

Sweet Potatoes

These are Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s choices for complex carbohydrates. They provide a nutritious alternative to gluten-containing grains and are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Evening Snack

Rice Cakes

A small serving of rice cakes can serve as a light and satisfying evening snack. Wittemberg Adolf Stanley often tops them with almond butter for added flavor.


A final addition of mixed berries like blueberries or strawberries offers antioxidants and natural sweetness.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s Meal Plan

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley bodybuilding
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Wittemberg Adolf Stanley, a renowned Muscle Model champion who follows a gluten-free diet due to his celiac disease, meticulously structures his daily meals to ensure optimal nutrition and performance. 

His diet, rich in complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats, provides him with the fuel he needs to maintain his world-class physique and excel in the demanding world of competitive bodybuilding

Here’s a detailed look at Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s daily meal plan:

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 1:

  • 10 Egg White Omelette: Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s day starts with a protein-packed omelette, featuring 10 egg whites, a low-calorie and high-quality protein source.
  • Greek Yogurt & Fruit: He pairs his omelet with a serving of Greek yogurt and a selection of fresh fruits for added flavor and essential nutrients.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 2:

  • Tilapia: A lean source of protein, Wittemberg Adolf Stanley enjoys tilapia, which he complements with a blend of flavors.
  • Baked Sweet Potato: As a gluten-free complex carbohydrate, sweet potatoes provide lasting energy.
  • Protein Shake: A protein shake is a convenient way to meet his protein requirements during the day.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 3:

  • Protein Bar: Wittemberg Adolf Stanley opts for a protein bar, which offers a quick and easy protein boost.
  • Almonds: A handful of mixed nuts like almonds provides healthy fats and added nutrients.
  • Banana: Fresh fruit, like a banana, adds natural sugars and energy to keep him going.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 4:

  • Steak: Wittemberg incorporates steak into his dinner to ensure he receives ample protein.
  • Broccoli: This green vegetable complements his steak, offering vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Avocado: A source of healthy fats, avocado adds flavor and nutrition.
  • Protein Shake: Wittemberg includes a protein shake in this meal to maintain his protein intake.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 5:

  • Chicken Breast: Lean protein is a priority, and Wittemberg chooses chicken breast for this purpose.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus, rich in vitamins and fiber, serves as a side dish.
  • Sweet Potato: Once again, he opts for sweet potatoes as a source of complex carbohydrates.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley Meal 6:

  • Sushi: Wittemberg enjoys sushi, a delightful and diverse source of protein and healthy fats.
  • Edamame: These young soybeans are a popular accompaniment to sushi, providing additional protein and fiber.
  • Casein Protein Shake: His final meal of the day includes a casein protein shake to support muscle recovery during the night.

Wittemberg’s dedication to his gluten-free meal plan is a testament to his commitment to excellence in the field of Muscle Model competitions. 

By carefully selecting each meal to include complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats, he ensures he remains at the peak of his performance. 

This comprehensive meal plan not only fuels his intense workouts but also serves as an inspiration to those on their fitness journeys.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s Comprehensive Workout Routine

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley workout
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Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s journey to becoming a renowned Muscle Model champion has been paved with years of dedication and an intensive workout routine. His program spans 5-6 days a week, targeting all major muscle groups. 

His training regimen combines large compound movements and meticulous exercises to sculpt his physique into the complete package it is today. 

For those looking to embark on their fitness journey, Wittemberg Adolf recommends three exercises that have become his personal favorites:

Front Squats: “Front squats are easier on your back and knees and engage the core. They also help build amazing mass in your legs.”

Wide Grip Pull-Ups: “This is my favorite back exercise as it targets my lats and helps give my physique that V look.”

Dips: “Essential to any upper body workout and a must for good chest development.”

Here’s a breakdown of Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s intense workout routine:

Monday: Back

Wide Grip Pull Ups4 Sets x 10 Reps
Pull Downs4 Sets x 10 Reps
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down4 Sets x 10 Reps
Bent Over Barbell Rows4 Sets x 10 Reps
One Arm Dumbbell Row4 Sets x 10 Reps
Stiff Legged Deadlift4 Sets x 10 Reps

Tuesday: Chest

Dumbbell Flat Bench Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Incline Barbell Bench Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Dips4 Sets x 10 Reps
Weighted Pushups3 Sets x 15 Reps
Decline Barbell Bench Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Fly’s4 Sets x 10 Reps

Wednesday: Legs

Front Squats6 Sets x 10 Reps
Walking Lunges4 Sets x 10 Reps
Single Leg Press6 Sets x 10 Reps
Calf Raises4 Sets x 10 Reps
Seated Leg Curl4 Sets x 10 Reps
Romanian Deadlift4 Sets x 10 Reps

Thursday: Shoulders

Barbell Shoulder Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Arnold Dumbbell Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Alternating Deltoid Raises4 Sets x 10 Reps
Rear Delt Fly4 Sets x 10 Reps
Barbell Incline Shoulder Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Bent Over Low Pulley Side Laterals4 Sets x 10 Reps

Friday: Arms

Dumbbell Bicep Curls4 Sets x 10 Reps
Single Reverse Tricep Pushdowns4 Sets x 10 Reps
Drag Curl4 Sets x 10 Reps
Dips (Tricep Version)4 Sets x 10 Reps
Close Grip Barbell Bench Press4 Sets x 10 Reps
Overhead Cable Curl4 Sets x 10 Reps

Saturday: Rest Day

Dedicated to recovery, allowing muscles to heal and grow.

Sunday: Rest Day

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley wbff
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Another day of essential recovery to support the body’s adaptation and rejuvenation.

Wittemberg Adolf Stanley’s training routine is a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication to achieving a top-tier physique.

By consistently incorporating these intensive workouts into his lifestyle, he has propelled himself to the pinnacle of the Muscle Model world, setting a remarkable example for aspiring fitness enthusiasts.

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