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Andrei Deiu is best known as a British Bodybuilder and Fitness Model. He has become known for his first-place closes at competitions like the 2011 Miami Pro. The British fitness model has competed since 17 years old in tournaments such as the Miami Pro in 2011 and 2014.

Andrei Deiu Posing

Andrei Deiu stands in 5th position in men’s physique in the 2020 Olympia competition. Andrei Deiu is also IFBBPRO bodybuilder. Brandon Hendrickson said if he competes for someone to him, he is Andrei Dieu.

Andrei Deiu Early Life

Andrei Deiu Early Life

Andrei Dieu was born on May 8, 1996, in Romania. He hasn’t always been active and the healthy man he’s been known as. In his youth, he used to play a lot of video games and eat junk food. At that time, Andrei didn’t imagine too much about the likely health indications this lifestyle might have had for his future.

As his weight gently began to increase, his confidence rose to drop. It wasn’t only his weight that pulled his ambition down. He also experienced bullying in high school.

This only made Andrei feel more serious. Andrei is coming to Sheru Classic in India’s New Delhi bodybuilding competition. Andrei is also a good dancer who has performed with The Adonis Cabaret Show.

He is one of the great bodybuilders. He has ranked on the list of those extraordinary people born on May 8, 1996. He is one of the richest and most famous bodybuilders from Romania.

Andrei Deiu Bodybuilding Career

andrei deiu bodybuilding career

In 2011, Andrei opened his first contest and flew to Miami, where he showed an extraordinary physique as a 17-year-old boy. He now proceeds to train and improve on his weaker areas to return positively year after year, making the top spot as a Pro Bodybuilding champion.

Andrei Deiu, a Romanian bodybuilder, has a promising career in Men’s Physique competitions. He started his journey in the amateur category in 2017, where he competed in the Arnold Classic Europe and placed second in the Muscular Men’s Physique category for over 175 cm.

In 2019, Andrei turned professional and debuted in the IFBB Pro League at the Romania Pro competition, winning first place in the Men’s Physique division.

He continued competing in various international competitions, such as the Olympia and the Texas Pro, where he consistently ranked in the top 5.

Andrei Deiu bodybuilder

In 2021, Andrei had a successful season, winning first place in the Republic of Texas Pro competition and third in the Romania Muscle Fest Pro. He also qualified for the Olympia Pro, placing seventh in the Men’s Physique division.

Andrei’s hard work and dedication to his craft have paid off as he continues to improve and make a name for himself in bodybuilding.

His future looks bright as he switches to the Men’s Classic Physique, continues competing at the highest level, and inspires others to pursue their fitness goals.

Andrei Deiu Contest History

Andrei Deiu IFBB Pro
  • 2022, Texas Pro, Men’s Physique, 2nd
  • 2021, Romania Muscle Fest Pro, Men’s Physique, 3rd
  • 2021, Olympia Pro, Men’s Physique, 7th
  • 2021, the Republic of Texas Pro, Men’s Physique, 1st
  • 2020, Olympia, Men’s Physique, 5th
  • 2019, Romania Pro, Men’s Physique, 1st
  • 2017, Amateur Olympia San Marino, Men’s Physique – class C, 1st
  • 2017, (Amateur) Arnold Classic Europe (Amateur) Muscular, Men’s Physique – over 175 cm, 2nd

Andrei Deiu Body Measurement

Andrei Deiu weight 80 To 84 KG
Andrei Deiu Height 5 Feet and 11 inches
Andrei Deiu Chest Size44 Inches
Andrei Deiu Waist Size28 Inches
Andrei Deiu Date of Birth 8 May 1996
Andrei Deiu Age 27 Years
Andrei Deiu Religion Christian
Andrei Deiu Nationality Romanian, British
andrei deiu body measurement

Andrei Dieu Modeling Career

Andrei has become a flourishing and great fitness model, seen in numerous clothing brands and fitness garments ads. His physique has taken him from being a couch potato playing video games all day to becoming one of the best in his class. It’s obvious to see Andrei’s hard work pay off.

Andrei Deiu Switched to Classic Physique from Men’s Physique

Andrei Deiu is one of the most stunning Men’s Physique bodybuilders in the IFBB pro. He is also a famous fitness influencer, coach, and model.

Andrei Deiu Men's Classic Physique

Deiu announced that he would be leaving Men’s Physique in favor of a switch to the Classic Physique Category. He will compete in the Classic Physique at the Arnold Classic 2023.

Andrei Deiu Net Worth

andrei deiu net worth

According to some resources, Andrei Deiu’s estimated Net Worth is $2 Million to $3.5 Million. He is one of the richest and most famous bodybuilders from Romania.

Andrei Deiu Wife

andrei deiu wife

Andrei Deiu is not dating anyone. Andrei is 25 years old. According to some resources, Andrei Deiu had at least one relationship before. He has not been previously engaged to anyone.


Where is Andrei DEIU From?

Andrei Dieu was born on May 8, 1996, in Romania.

What is Andrei DEIU Worth?

According to some resources, Andrei Deiu’s estimated Net Worth is $2 Million to $3.5 Million. He is one of the richest and most famous bodybuilders from Romania.

What is the Age of Andrei DEIU?

Andrei DEIU is 25 years old as of this year.

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