2022 the Arnold Classic Europe Results

2022 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships Results at the Arnold Classic Europe 2022

The 2022 Arnold Classic Europe (IFBB Elite Pro World Championship) took place from Friday to Saturday in Seville, Spain. This comes one week before the 2022 Arnold Classic UK in Birmingham, England. 

During the event, the best bodybuilder and fitness athletes from around the world met on stage to win the 1st position in the world championship.

2022 IFBB Elite Pro World Championships Results

The first day at the stage of the 2022 Arnold Classic Europe was sealed with the celebrations of our 2022 IFBB Elite Pro World Champions.

Men’s Bodybuilding – 95kg Results 

Soepe Koese biography
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  • First Place (Soepe Koese)
  • Second Place (Venancio Bento Epolua)
  • Third Place (Pedro Esteves)
  • Fourth Place (David Henderson)
  • Fifth Place (Hilario Pinto) 

Men’s Classic Physique Results 

  • First Place (Sergey Serechshev)
  • Second Place (Jakub Kolinek)
  • Third Place (Serhii Danilets)
  • Fourth Place (Yuri Valentim)
  • Fifth Place (Joseph Peter) 

Women’s Fitness Results

  • First Place (Eszter Balogh)
  • Second Place (Svitlana)
  • Third Place (Nikolett Szabó)
  • Fourth Place (Kalina Zygowska)
  • Fifth Place (Oona Ylitolonen) 

Women’s Physique Results

  • First Place (Yasmina Gouaich)
  • Second Place (Aline Beck)
  • Third Place (Jessica Mariana Cervantes Aguilar)
  • Fourth Place (Sharleen Hengeveld)

Women’s Wellness Results

  • First Place (Fernanda Pignaton)
  • Second Place (Poliane Freitas)
  • Third Place (Elena Vasquez)
  • Fourth Place (Elly Ferreira)
  • Fifth Place (Kate Garcia Morales) 

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