Vladimir Yakovlev Bodybuilder, Age, Weight, Height

Vladimir Yakovlev is an outstanding IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, influencer, and social media star from Russia who lives in Moldova. 

He has gained widespread recognition and acclaim for his exceptional physique, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the fitness industry. 

With his dedication, hard work, and captivating online presence, Vladimir Iacovlev has inspired many aspiring fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

Vladimir Yakovlev Early Life

vladimir yakovlev early life
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Vladimir Yakovlev was born in 1993 in Moscow. From a young age, he found inspiration in the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and aspired to emulate his physique. 

Motivated by this ambition, Vladimir embarked on his fitness journey at a tender age, committing himself to train and shaping his body to resemble his idol. This early passion for fitness laid the foundation for his future success in bodybuilding.

Vladimir Yakovlev Bodybuilding Career

vladimir yakovlev bodybuilding careers
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Vladimir Yakovlev’s bodybuilding career has been marked by consistent dedication, hard work, and notable achievements.

In 2015, as an amateur bodybuilder, Vladimir competed in the IFBB European Championships. He participated in the Men’s Bodybuilding category, placing 9th in the up to 90 kg division. 

Additionally, he competed in the Juniors division, securing an impressive 3rd place finish in the over 75 kg class.

vladimir yakovlev bodybuilder
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In 2016, Vladimir continued his pursuit in the amateur ranks the following year, participating in the Arnold Classic Europe

He competed in the Juniors and up to 100 kg categories, earning commendable 6th and 7th place finishes, respectively. As his skills and physique continued to develop, Vladimir decided to leap to the professional level. 

In 2019, he debuted in the IFBB Pro League at the Romania Pro competition, competing in the Men’s Bodybuilding up to 212 lbs division and placing 12th.

vladimir yakovlev ifbb
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2021 proved to be a significant turning point in Vladimir’s career. He participated in multiple IFBB Pro League events, including the Bigman Pro Spain and the KO Egypt Pro, where he achieved 6th and 11th place finishes in the Men’s Bodybuilding up to 212 lbs category. 

However, his breakthrough came at the European Pro competition, where he emerged victorious, clinching 1st place in the up to 212 lbs division. Building upon his success, Vladimir continued his professional journey into 2022. 

He competed in the IFBB Pro League events, such as the Romania Muscle Fest Pro 2022 against Radoslav Angelov, European Pro Championships, and EVLS Prague Pro, where he attained excellent 2nd, 4th, and 8th placements in the Men’s Bodybuilding divisions.

vladimir yakovlev mr olympia
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Throughout his career, Vladimir Yakovlev has demonstrated his commitment to the sport, continuously striving to improve his physique and achieve remarkable results on the competitive stage. 

His fitness and bodybuilding journey inspires aspiring bodybuilders and showcases his potential for future accomplishments in professional bodybuilding.

Vladimir Yakovlev Contest History

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  • 2022 European Pro Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 4th
  • 2021 Bigman Pro Spain, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 6th
  • 2021 KO Egypt Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 11th
  • 2021 European Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 1st
  • 2019 Romania Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 212 lbs, 12th
  • 2016 Arnold Classic Europe (Amateur), Men’s Bodybuilding – Juniors, 7th
  • 2016 Arnold Classic Europe (Amateur), Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 100 kg, 7th
  • 2015 Arnold Classic Europe (Amateur), Men’s Bodybuilding – Juniors, 6th
  • 2015 European Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – up to 90 kg, 9th
  • 2015 European Championships, Men’s Bodybuilding – Juniors – over 75 kg, 3rd

Vladimir Yakovlev Measurements

vladimir yakovlev weight
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Vladimir Yakovlev Height5 Feet and 11 Inches
Vladimir Yakovlev Weight90 to 95 KG
Vladimir Yakovlev Date of Birth1993
Vladimir Yakovlev Age30 Years
Vladimir Yakovlev Arm Size18 Inches
Vladimir Yakovlev Chest Size46 Inches
Vladimir Yakovlev Waist Size31 Inches
Vladimir Yakovlev NationalityRussian

Vladimir Yakovlev Wife

vladimir yakovlev wife
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Vladimir Yakovlev is happily married to Yuliya Yakovleva, who plays an integral role in his life and bodybuilding journey. 

Yuliya’s unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in helping Vladimir achieve his dreams in the world of bodybuilding. He deeply loves and cherishes her for the incredible role she plays in his life.

Vladimir often expresses his gratitude for Yuliya’s unwavering support, describing her as a source of inspiration and motivation. 

He acknowledges that her support is immeasurable, compared to the energy value surpassing that of carbohydrates and other essential nutrients. Yuliya’s presence in his life uplifts and energizes him, providing the strength and determination needed to pursue his goals in bodybuilding.

Their relationship is built on love, trust, and a shared passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. Yuliya’s dedication to Vladimir’s success in bodybuilding showcases the strong bond they share as a couple. 

Together, they form a formidable team, supporting each other through the ups and downs of Vladimir’s competitive journey. Yuliya Yakovleva is not only Vladimir’s loving wife but also his pillar of support in his bodybuilding endeavors. 

Her presence in his life fuels his motivation and drives him to achieve greatness in the sport he loves. Their partnership exemplifies the power of love and support in helping individuals reach their fullest potential.

Vladimir Yakovlev Net Worth

vladimir yakovlev net worth
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Vladimir Yakovlev has built a successful career in the world of bodybuilding, which has contributed to his impressive net worth. As a renowned IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, influencer, and social media star, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry.

As the owner of a net worth estimated at $500,000, Vladimir Yakovlev’s financial success can be attributed to his multifaceted career in bodybuilding. 

His earnings stem from various sources, including prize money from competitions, endorsement deals, sponsored content, merchandise sales, and appearances at fitness events.

Net worth is subject to change and can fluctuate based on various factors, such as career developments, investments, and market conditions. 

Nonetheless, Vladimir’s entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to his craft, and strong presence in the industry have undoubtedly played a significant role in his financial achievements.

Vladimir Yakovlev’s net worth is a testament to his hard work, talent, and entrepreneurial endeavors within bodybuilding. 

His accomplishments and financial success reflect the dedication and passion he has poured into his career, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the fitness industry.

Vladimir Yakovlev Diet and Nutrition Plan

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Vladimir Yakovlev attributes a significant part of his success in bodybuilding to the early nutrition guidance provided by his mother. 

From age 15, his mother took on the role of his first nutritionist. She played a crucial role in shaping his dietary habits and understanding the importance of proper nutrition in achieving his fitness goals.

After his initial home workouts, his mother would prepare an oatmeal shake with banana and milk, providing him with a nutritious post-workout meal. 

She would pack him a lunchbox filled with rice and zander to support his training, ensuring he had a balanced meal to fuel his activities throughout the school day.

Recognizing the importance of a well-structured diet and recovery routine, his mother instilled in him that training hard necessitates eating more and prioritizing sufficient sleep. This guidance helped him maintain the right direction from the beginning of his bodybuilding journey.

vladimir yakovlev meal plan
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Vladimir acknowledges that without his mother’s support and guidance, he may not have been able to embark on his bodybuilding journey successfully. 

She served as his guardian angel, helping him navigate the challenges and temptations of his teenage years and redirecting him whenever he strayed from the path.

Vladimir Yakovlev’s diet plan was initially crafted by his mother, who played a pivotal role in instilling the importance of nutrition and setting him on the right path from the beginning of his bodybuilding journey. Her guidance and support drive his commitment to maintaining a healthy diet.

Vladimir Yakovlev Workout Routine

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Vladimir Yakovlev follows a rigorous workout routine to sculpt his physique and maximize his performance in bodybuilding. His dedication to training is evident in his enthusiastic and disciplined approach to his workouts.

His training regimen consists of compound exercises, isolation exercises, and targeted training for specific muscle groups. He focuses on various activities to ensure overall muscular development and symmetry.

Vladimir Yakovlev Chest and Shoulder Workout

vladimir yakovlev shoulder press
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To target his chest and shoulders, Vladimir incorporates an inclined bench press, chest press, cable flyes, chest press, peck deck, and lateral raises. These exercises help him build strength and definition in his upper body.

Vladimir Yakovlev Back Workout

He includes exercises such as pull-ups, machine pulldowns, seated rows, pullovers, and dumbbell rows for his back. These exercises work the various back muscles, helping him achieve a well-defined and strong back.

Vladimir Yakovlev Leg Workout

vladimir yakovlev leg workout
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Leg training is essential to his routine, including squats, leg presses, leg extensions, lunges, leg curls, and calf raises. These exercises help him develop solid and well-defined quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

Vladimir Yakovlev Arm Workout

vladimir yakovlev arm workout
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For his arm development, he incorporates exercises like tricep pushdowns, extensions, bicep curls, and concentration curls. These exercises focus on building strength and size in his arm muscles, creating a proportionate and sculpted look.

Vladimir Yakovlev Abs Workout 

Vladimir includes leg lifts, bicycle crunches, and oblique exercises to enhance his abdominal muscles. These exercises help him achieve a toned and defined midsection.

Compound movements, isolation exercises, and attention to detail for each muscle group characterize Vladimir Yakovlev’s workout routine. 

His commitment to consistent and intense training plays a significant role in his ability to achieve a chiseled and well-developed physique in the sport of bodybuilding.


How Tall is Vladimir Yakovlev?

Vladimir Yakovlev is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

How Old is Vladimir Yakovlev?

Vladimir Yakovlev is 30 years old.

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