Keone Pearson vs Shaun Clarida: From Rivalry to Open Ambitions

In the realm of bodybuilding, where the muscle is sculpted and champions emerge, Keone Pearson stands as a formidable force.

As the reigning 212 Olympia champion, Keone Pearson’s journey has been one of resilience, transformation, and an evolving rivalry with ‘The Giant Killer,’ Shaun Clarida.

In a recent podcast with Dennis Wolf, ‘The Prodigy’ not only delved into the intricacies of his rivalry with Shaun Clarida but also contemplated the possibility of venturing into the Open category, with dreams of claiming gold at the prestigious Arnold Classic.

The Genesis of Keone Pearson

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Keone Pearson’s ascent in the IFBB Pro League began in the Classic Physique division, where his bubbly muscle volume, tight waist, and show-stopping aesthetics quickly garnered attention.

However, the call of the Men’s 212 Bodybuilding division beckoned, and in 2020, Keone Pearson made the transition, leaving an indelible mark on the stage.

The road to success, though, was not without its challenges. A 14th-place finish at the 2021 Mr. Olympia served as a humbling experience for Keone Pearson.

But undeterred, he rebounded in 2022, claiming victory at the Tampa Pro and securing a sixth-place finish at the Olympia, setting the stage for a triumphant 2023.

Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida: A Rivalry for the Ages

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The narrative of bodybuilding often weaves itself around iconic rivalries—the yesteryear battles of Phil Heath and Kai Greene, and now, the emerging saga of Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida.

Keone Pearson, in the podcast, reminisced about his initial admiration for Shaun Clarida, even admitting to ‘fanboying’ over the two-time 212 Olympia champion when he was still finding his footing in the sport.

The comparison drawn by Keone Pearson between their rivalry and the Phil Heath/Kai Greene era adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

He envisions a sustained rivalry, free of on-stage altercations but rich in competitive spirit.

Keone Pearson foresees himself and Shaun Clarida battling it out at the top for the next two or three years, recognizing that he, at 28, is just embarking on his journey while Shaun Clarida may be approaching the twilight of his illustrious career.

Ambitions Beyond 212: Keone Pearson’s Dreams

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Keone Pearson’s ambitions extend beyond the confines of the 212 division. His foray into Classic Physique was short-lived, as he quickly outgrew the category.

His coach’s advice to avoid struggling for two more years in Classic led to a decisive move to Men’s 212 Bodybuilding in 2020.

Now, Keone Pearson contemplates the prospect of participating in the Arnold Classic, a dream he has harbored since the inception of his bodybuilding career.

Despite uncertainties about the inclusion of the 212 category in the Arnold Classic, Keone Pearson expresses his willingness to prepare for the event if given the opportunity.

The prestige associated with the Arnold Classic, whether in the Open or 212, fuels his desire to compete on that illustrious stage.

Keone Pearson’s Leap to the Open Category

The tantalizing prospect of Keone Pearson entering the Open category sends ripples of excitement through the bodybuilding community.

Keone Pearson hints that it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when,’ suggesting that a potential venture into the Open category might materialize in the 2025 Arnold Classic, contingent upon his performance at the upcoming 2024 Mr. Olympia.

The idea of testing the waters in the Open, even if briefly, aligns with Keone Pearson’s long-term vision of concluding his career in the Open class.

keone pearson mr olympia 2023
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Breaking free from the constraints of size and weight restrictions, Keone Pearson envisions a future where he can showcase his physique on the Open stage.

The Anticipation for 2024 Mr. Olympia

As the bodybuilding world anticipates the 2024 Mr. Olympia, scheduled for October 10-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the focal point remains the intense showdown between Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida.

The clash of these titans promises to be a spectacle, a chapter in the ongoing narrative of their burgeoning rivalry.

In conclusion, Keone Pearson’s journey unfolds as a riveting tale of ambition, rivalry, and the pursuit of greatness.

From fanboying over his competitors to standing as the reigning 212 Olympia champion, Keone Pearson’s evolution in the sport exemplifies the tenacity required to thrive in the world of bodybuilding.

As the story of Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida continues to captivate fans, the prospect of Keone Pearson’s leap into the Open category adds an exciting dimension to the unfolding saga of one of bodybuilding’s rising stars.

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