Joan Pradells Diet Plan and Workout Routine

In bodybuilding, certain individuals emerge as exceptional talents, capturing the attention and admiration of audiences worldwide.

One such remarkable figure is Joan Pradells, a young and successful bodybuilder from Spain who has experienced a phenomenal transformation in a remarkably short period. 

Pradells has become a source of pride for the Spanish bodybuilding community with his extraordinary achievements and unwavering dedication. 

Let’s delve into the fascinating story of Joan Pradells, also known as the Spanish Nick Walker, and explore his inspiring journey to greatness.

Born in Valencia, Spain, in 1996, Joan Pradells enjoyed a happy childhood, although he admits he was not a diligent student. 

However, he possessed a persistent and independent nature, which allowed him to excel in endeavors he set his mind to. 

Pradells initially found his sporting passion in rugby, where his pursuit of muscle mass and strength led him to join a gym at 17. 

During this time, his good muscular physique caught the attention of onlookers, hinting at his exceptional genetic potential.

Joan Pradells Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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In 2017, Pradells began uploading fitness content on YouTube, showcasing his weightlifting prowess and sharing his journey with a growing online community. 

His dedication and natural aptitude for strength training resonated with viewers, catapulting his popularity on social media platforms. 

Pradells and his friends, including mentor Jordy Bentley, established a gym in a garage, recording and sharing his intense training sessions on YouTube. This period began his ascent as a notable figure in the bodybuilding world.

With a growing following and a burning ambition for greatness, Pradells made a significant investment and rented an industrial warehouse to set up a professional gym. 

Equipped with top-of-the-line training apparatus, including benches, squat racks, Olympic bars, and more, Pradells created an ideal environment to pursue his dreams of becoming a champion. 

Moving to the warehouse with his friends, he experienced his most impressive powerlifting feats, further solidifying his presence on social media platforms. Pradells’ success in powerlifting brought him immense joy and recognition at a young age. 

Weighing between 120 and 125 kilograms, he achieved remarkable raw milestones, showcasing his immense strength and determination. 

Capitalizing on his growing popularity, Pradells and his friend, Jody Bentley, established PB Studio, an online company selling gym training equipment. 

With their combined expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, they developed a range of products, including deadlift straps, squat knee pads, weightlifting bows, workout apparel, and informative e-books.

As Pradells’ influence grew, he caught the attention of Myprotein, a prominent sports supplement company in the UK. Becoming an ambassador for the brand in Spain, Pradells not secured a stable income and gained valuable exposure. 

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However, in mid-2022, Pradells surprised his followers by announcing his departure from powerlifting and a shift toward bodybuilding. Citing mental exhaustion and a desire to explore his passion, he embarked on a new chapter in his athletic career.

Pradells’ decision to pursue bodybuilding proved to be a resounding success. His competitions garnered significant attention, with fans flocking to witness his stage presence. 

Pradells economic stability flourished, enabling him to acquire the former mansion of a renowned soccer player, which he plans to transform into his gym. 

Standing 182 centimeters tall and weighing 131 kilograms in the off-season, Pradells possesses an aesthetically pleasing and proportionate muscular physique. 

He aspires to weigh over 140 kilograms, aiming to become a mass monster in the bodybuilding world.

While Pradells achievements in bodybuilding have gained substantial media coverage, little is known about his personal life. 

Currently, in a relationship with Marta PCJ, a fellow lifter, and nutritionist, Pradells finds support and companionship in his partner. 

Marta, also serving as his camerawoman for YouTube videos, plays an integral role in capturing and editing his content, ensuring his inspiring journey reaches a wider audience.

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Joan Pradells’ transformation from a rugby player to a revered bodybuilding sensation exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment. 

Through his captivating YouTube presence, remarkable athletic accomplishments, and entrepreneurial ventures, Pradells has become an icon in the fitness community. 

With his sights set on International competition and the prestigious Mr. Olympia title, Pradells continues to inspire others to embrace their true passions and push the boundaries of their potential. 

The story of Joan Pradells serves as a testament to the extraordinary achievements that can be attained through relentless pursuit and unwavering determination.

Joan Pradells Diet and Nutrition Plan

joan pradells dieta
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Joan follows a balanced diet that includes a variety of foods. He starts his day with a shake of oats and a significant amount of protein, approximately 50 grams. 

He also consumes three eggs and 125 grams of berries. After this meal, Joan mentions that he will have a combined sustenance meal outside, although specific details about its composition are not provided.

For lunch, Joan prepares a solid and powerful meal at home, which includes 500 grams of cheese, 150 grams of rice, protein yogurts, and 200 grams of grapes. 

The meal is described as being organized and taking time to cool down due to the substantial amount of food. Later in the afternoon, Joan consumes another meal, the details of which are not explicitly mentioned. 

He mentions taking a pill to help him sleep, indicating that this meal is eaten closer to bedtime. Additionally, he eats another 50 grams of blueberries after this meal.

In the late evening, Joan consumes 400 grams of yogurt and a normal protein bar weighing 20 grams. This meal is described as being powerful.

It’s important to note that while this information provides some insight into Joan Pradells’ diet and nutrition choices, it needs more specific details about portion sizes, cooking methods, and the overall macronutrient breakdown of his meals. 

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Consulting with a qualified nutritionist or dietitian is recommended for a comprehensive and personalized diet plan.

Joan Pradells Meal Plan

Here is the complete Meal Plan of Joan Pradells.

joan pradells meal plan
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Joan Pradells Meal 1

  • Shake with oats and 50 grams of protein
  • 3 eggs
  • 125 grams of berries

Joan Pradells Meal 2

  • A combined sustenance meal

Joan Pradells Meal 3

  • Solid and powerful meal at home with cheese
  • 500 grams of cheese
  • 150 grams of rice
  • Protein yogurts
  • 200 grams of grapes

Joan Pradells Meal 4

  • A meal consisting of a significant amount of food, which is still being prepared at 8:30 PM
  • Includes cheese, rice, protein yogurts, and grapes

Joan Pradells Meal 5

  • A meal consumed after the previous one
  • Contains an unspecified amount of food, which was consumed about 20 minutes prior
  • Includes 50 grams of blueberries

Joan Pradells Meal 6

  • 400 grams of yogurt
  • A normal protein bar weighing 20 grams
joan pradells nutrition
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Joan Pradells Workout Routine

Joan Pradells follows an intense and well-structured exercise routine to develop his muscles. His training approach involves a combination of high-volume and high-intensity workouts

joan pradells tienda
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Here is a sample weekly workout routine:

Monday: Chest and Triceps Workout

Bench Press3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Incline Dumbbell Press3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Dumbbell Flyes3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Tricep Dips3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Tricep Pushdowns3 Sets of 8-12 Reps

Tuesday: Back and Biceps Workout

Deadlifts3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Bent-Over Rows3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Lat Pulldowns3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Barbell Curls3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Hammer Curls3 Sets of 8-12 Reps

Wednesday: Legs Workout

Squats3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Lunges3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Leg Press3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Leg Extensions3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Leg Curls3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Calf Raises3 Sets of 8-12 Reps

Thursday: Shoulders and Abs Workout

joan pradells shoulder workout
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Military Press3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Lateral Raises3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Front Raises3 Sets of 8-12 Reps
Plank3 Sets Hold for 30 Seconds Each
Russian Twists3 Sets of 15 Reps

Friday: Rest Day or Cardio

On the fifth day, Joan Pradells may rest or engage in cardio exercises such as running, cycling, or swimming to improve cardiovascular fitness.

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