Hadi Choopan’s Journey to the 2024 Arnold Classic Crown

The anticipation for the 2024 Arnold Classic is reaching its crescendo, and the bodybuilding community is buzzing with speculations and discussions.

In a recent YouTube video, Chris Cormier, the ‘Real Deal’ of 1990s IFBB Pro fame, shared his thoughts on Hadi Choopan’s prospects in the upcoming contest.

Not only did Chris Cormier dissect Hadi Choopan’s physique and performance, but he also offered valuable posing tips for the former Mr. Olympia.

As the bodybuilding world gears up for the Arnold Sports Festival, let’s delve into Chris Cormier’s insights and explore Hadi Choopan’s potential path to victory.

Setting the Stage: Arnold Sports Festival 2024

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The 35th annual Arnold Sports Festival, hosted by the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, is just around the corner, scheduled from February 29 to March 3.

Among the headlining contenders are ‘The Nigerian Lion’ Samson Dauda and the former Olympia titleholder Hadi Choopan, setting the stage for a riveting clash.

This showdown is a highly anticipated sequel to their close encounter on the Mr. Olympia stage in November, where Samson Dauda emerged victorious.

Hadi Choopan, having lost his Olympia title to Derek Lunsford, is determined to reclaim his winning ways by competing in the 2024 Arnold Classic.

Chris Cormier’s Analysis of Hadi Choopan’s Path to Victory

The Importance of Conditioning and Hardness

Chris Cormier, known for his insightful analysis, pinpointed the key factor for Hadi Choopan’s success – ‘blistering hardness.’

According to Chris Cormier, Hadi Choopan needs to present a level of dry conditioning and hardness that sets him apart.

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While acknowledging that Hadi Choopan might not possess the shape of a ‘Greek God,’ Chris Cormier emphasized that his path to victory lies in showcasing the unparalleled hardness he exhibited in his earlier Olympia appearances.

This quality, Chris Cormier believes, could make Hadi Choopan a strong contender for the Arnold Classic title.

Concerns About Height and Posing

Chris Cormier, however, expressed concerns about Hadi Choopan’s height, particularly in comparison to Samson Dauda.

He speculated that Hadi Choopan’s physique might appear ‘squatty’ next to Samson Dauda’s, highlighting a potential disadvantage in the visual presentation.

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Despite this concern, Chris Cormier clarified that, at this stage in Hadi Choopan’s career, size is not the primary focus.

Instead, he emphasized the importance of maintaining shape and understanding which muscle groups need improvement and which need preservation.

Posing Tips from ‘The Real Deal’

In a gesture of mentorship, Chris Cormier offered Hadi Choopan some valuable posing tips, focusing on the front and back lat spreads.

He emphasized the significance of hand placement during these poses, urging Hadi Choopan to be cautious and avoid laziness.

Chris Cormier advised Hadi Choopan to press his thumbs into the space between his hips and lat insertions deeply to accentuate the poses and do justice to his physique.

Size vs Shape: Chris Cormier’s Perspective

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Contrary to the common pursuit of sheer size, Chris Cormier suggested that, for Hadi Choopan, continuous growth might not be the key to improvement. Instead, understanding the balance between size and shape becomes crucial.

Chris Cormier believes that there comes a point where relentless pursuit of weight gain may not contribute to betterment.

Hadi Choopan, according to Chris Cormier, should focus on refining his existing shape, identifying areas for improvement, and preserving the aesthetic balance of his physique.

The Pressure on Hadi Choopan: Insights from Chris Cormier

During discussions with Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy, Chris Cormier alluded to the pressure on Hadi Choopan at the 2024 Arnold Classic, suggesting that Hadi Choopan faces more expectations than Samson Dauda.

This insight adds an extra layer of complexity to Hadi Choopan’s journey to redemption, highlighting the external factors that might impact his performance.


As the bodybuilding world eagerly awaits the unfolding drama at the 2024 Arnold Classic, Chris Cormier’s words serve as a guiding light for Hadi Choopan.

The emphasis on hardness, the careful balance between size and shape, and the intricacies of posing tips are invaluable insights that could make a difference on the grand stage.

Hadi Choopan’s pursuit of victory is not just a battle against competitors but also a quest to refine and perfect his craft with the guidance of seasoned veterans like Chris Cormier.

As the countdown to the Arnold Classic continues, the spotlight intensifies, and all eyes turn to Columbus, Ohio, where the fate of these bodybuilding titans will be decided.

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