David Laid Biography, Age, Weight, Height, Career, Wife

David Laid began his fitness journey at a very young age. He is now a global sensation, winning many difficulties to become a social media star, sponsored athlete, and fitness model.

David Laid had many hardships growing up, from losing his father when he was just two years old to being dominated in school and starting to have self-confidence issues.

Key Points!

  • David Laid Age 30 Years Old

  • David Laid Height 6 Feet & 2 Inches

  • David Laid Weight 84 to 90 KG

  • David Laid Arm Size 19 Inches

  • David Laid Chest Size 41 Inches

  • David Laid Waist Size 30 Inches

  • David Laid Girlfriend Julia Jackson

  • David Laid Nationality Estonian

  • David Laid Training his complete training split

  • David Laid Net Worth $3 Million

  • David Laid Instagram Followers 4.7M

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    Taking on his social media following, he later became a Gym shark sponsored athlete. He is also a New York-based model. He often cooperates with fellow bodybuilders on social media. David Laid didn’t participate in Mr. Olympia ever in his life.

    Early Life of David Laid

    david laid early life
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    David Laid was born in Estonia, Europe, on 29 January 1998. At 2, he lost his father in a terrible accident, who gloomily slipped off the side of a docked ship – maintaining fatal injuries.

    His mother was left defeated by the loss, then decided to make a better life for herself and David Laid, moving with David Laid to the US a few years later.

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    David Laid weighed only 44kg at the age of 14. He experienced a lot of mockery and bullying due to his thin structure, especially in school.

    All this made him very anxious about his body. David Laid’s early juvenile life was full of confidence problems without a father figure to guide him.

    David Laid was diagnosed with scoliosis. Doctors recommended he go to the gym and start weight training. However, the bullying never finished, and this influenced his life. His insecurities affected every aspect of his life.

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    A few years after the diagnosis, he determined to make an actual change in his life. He got an interest in fitness, which would eventually change his life for the better.

    David Laid Transformation

    David Laid began to lift weights utilizing a fitness lifestyle consistently. He was determined to change from his thin structure.

    He did not know the proper diet and training methods when he began lifting weights. However, he was very excited and watched videos to gain insight into building muscle.

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    His physique started taking shape very soon. The videos about body transformation also increased his self-esteem, making him more focused on the prospects rather than past difficulties.

    Fitness soon grew his way of life. David Laid had built a strong body within a few months of lifting weights. He was no longer anxious about his slim body. There was no seeing back for him; he was focused on reaching his goal physique.

    Becoming A Fitness Model

    david laid fitness model
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    Upon receiving both the mental and physical benefits that working out provided him with, David Laid began watching videos to inform himself about diet, new exercises, and everything else fitness-related.

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    Finally, his body changed even faster, and using books and videos, he discovered how to track his progress and break his records. Watch the Biography of Shaun Clarida, 212 Mens Champion 2020

    On 21 December 2013, David Laid uploaded his first video on YouTube with the title “David Laid 18 Month Transformation 14-15 Year Old”, which soon went viral, as people were surprised by how his body had changed in just a year and a half.

    David Laid Workout Routine

    david laid gym routine
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    David Laid’s favorite workouts are deadlifts, bench presses, and squats. He does the exercises to sustain and enhance his physique. He follows a hard workout plan, training 6 times per week.

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    His commitment to the gym is unique, sometimes training for 6 hours daily. His work ethic is worthy he favors push, pull, and leg split training. He finds the way to be most suitable for his body.

    David Laid Diet Plan

    David Laid has a big challenge when it comes to dieting, and he lacks the desire to eat large amounts daily. This is a huge hindrance, mainly when hitting the gym to build muscle. He was thus consuming high-calorie foods, allowing him to gain mass quickly.

    He can eat an extensive variety of foods as long as he watches his calorie intake. He focuses on his calorie consumption depending on his fitness goals. Thus, he has different calorie eating depending on whether he is bulking, cutting, or gaining weight.

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    David Laid Height and Weight

    David Laid, born on January 29, 1998, in Estonia, Europe, experienced a tragic loss at the tender age of 2 when his father suffered a fatal accident, slipping off the side of a docked ship.

    This unfortunate event marked the beginning of a challenging journey for David Laid, who would later gain recognition in the fitness and bodybuilding community.

    In terms of physical attributes, David Laid has become well-known for his impressive physique. As of the latest available information, his weight fluctuates between 84 to 88 kilograms.

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    david laid height and weight reddit
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    This weight range reflects his dedication to maintaining a muscular and well-defined body, a result of intense training and a disciplined lifestyle.

    In addition to his weight, David Laid stands tall at 6 feet and 2 inches. His above-average height complements his muscular frame, contributing to his striking and imposing presence.

    This height, combined with his dedication to fitness, has made him a prominent figure in the fitness industry, inspiring many with his transformation and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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    It’s important to note that these details may be subject to change, as individuals in the fitness industry often undergo transformations and adjustments to their training routines.

    For the most up-to-date information on David Laid’s height and weight, it is recommended to refer to his official social media profiles or other reliable sources.

    David Laid Measurements

    david laid abs workout
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    David Laid Weight84 to 90 KG
    David Laid Height6 Feet and 2 Inches
    David Laid Age30 Years
    David Laid Arm Size19 Inches
    David Laid NationalityEstonian-American
    David Laid Date of Birth29 January 1994
    David Laid FianceJulia Jackson
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    David Laid Wife

    David Laid is currently in a relationship with dancer and fitness freak Julia Jackson. Aside from the social media update, we don’t know much about his relationship with Julia.

    Net Worth of David Laid

    david laid net worth
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    According to various reliable sources, David Laid has a net worth of over $125,000 as of 2019, acquired by becoming a YouTube star and developing his brand.

    David Laid Dup Program

    David Laid started a Dup program that was based on strength and hypertrophy. This program was very popular among athletes and bodybuilders. David Laid provided this program in PDF form and on his YouTube Channel.

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    What is David’s Laid Waist Size?

    David’s waist is between 27 to 28 inches, almost the size of his quads.

    Who is David Laid Dating?

    David is currently in a relationship with dancer and fitness freak Julia Jackson. Aside from the specific social media update, we don’t know much about his relationship with Julia.

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    How Much is David Laid Worth?

    David Laid is one of the most successful fitness influencers on social media. He currently has an expected net worth of approximately 450,000 US dollars, most of which he has earned through his YouTube channel and fitness brand.

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