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Bret Mossing, the renowned Canadian fitness sensation, has carved a distinct niche in the world of health and wellness through his compelling fitness tips and engaging content.

Widely recognized for his expertise, Bret Mossing has garnered a substantial following across various social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more, captivating audiences with his insights into fitness training, workouts, tips, gym routines, travels, vlogs, lifestyle, and a myriad of other captivating scopes.

Bret Mossing Age

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Bret Mossing, the accomplished Canadian fitness guru, currently stands at 24 years old, with his birth year recorded as 1999. Born in Canada, his age, as of the latest available information in 2023, places him in the prime of his youth. 

This young and dynamic individual has already made significant strides in the fitness and wellness space, showcasing a level of expertise and dedication that belies his years. 

As Bret Mossing continues to inspire and impact the fitness community, his age stands as a testament to the early achievements and promising future of this rising star in the health and wellness arena.

Bret Mossing Height and Weight

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Bret Mossing, the fitness influencer hailing from Canada, boasts a distinctive physical presence that complements his expertise in the wellness realm. 

Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches, Bret Mossing exudes a charismatic aura that resonates with his audience. 

In conjunction with his height, Bret Mossing maintains a well-balanced physique, with his weight clocking in at around 68 kg.

Enhancing his overall appeal, Bret Mossing’s physical features include captivating brown eyes that add a touch of allure to his charismatic presence.

Complementing his dynamic persona, Bret Mossing sports short black hair, contributing to his distinctive and polished appearance. 

As a fitness enthusiast and influencer, Bret Mossing’s commitment to a balanced and healthy lifestyle is not only evident in his knowledge but also in his own physical embodiment, making him a relatable and aspirational figure in the world of health and wellness.

Bret Mossing’s Diet Plan

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Breakfast – The Foundation of Champions:

Embarking on a day of intensive training, Bret Mossing kickstarts his mornings with a breakfast tailored for champions. The focal point of this powerhouse meal is a meticulously crafted egg omelet. 

Carefully weighing out the egg whites, approximately 200g, and incorporating two whole eggs, Bret Mossing strikes a balance between protein and fats, setting the tone for a day of structured nutrition. 

Notably, he strategically reserves a significant portion of his daily fat intake for later in the day, aligning with his hormonal optimization approach.

Expanding beyond eggs, Bret Mossing introduces cream of rice, a versatile complex carbohydrate source. This is paired with a scoop of whey protein isolate, providing a symphony of flavors and nutrients. 

Topped with frozen berries and a touch of cinnamon, Bret Mossing reveals the art of synchronizing warmth and creaminess in the preparation process, ensuring a perfect blend of textures.

Midday Fuel for the Pump:

Following an intense workout, Bret Mossing refuels with a purposeful combination of 170g of chicken, 150g of raw Russet potato, and an assortment of vegetables. 

Precision in weighing the components underscores Bret Mossing’s commitment to post-workout recovery and achieving an optimal nutrient balance. 

The addition of salt, pepper, and sugar-free syrup contributes not only to flavor but also aids in optimizing hydration and muscle pump.

Consistency and the Power of Volume:

A meal that doubles as a workout supplement, Bret Mossing shares his go-to midday sustenance – a taco salad. 

Featuring extra-lean ground beef, lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes, this meal emphasizes the importance of volume when adhering to a restricted caloric intake.

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Super-setting this with a diet soda sheds light on how seasoned bodybuilders manage the psychological aspect of cutting. 

This meal becomes an experience that caters to both the palate and psyche, ensuring a satisfying midday refuel.

Culmination with Steak:

The day concludes with a carnivorous delight – a sirloin strip steak weighing in at 175g. This high-protein, high-fat grand finale ensures that Bret Mossing meets his daily caloric and macronutrient targets. 

The choice of red meat is demystified as a strategic decision, positively impacting hormonal balance and overall well-being during the intense weeks of preparation.

Bret Mossing’s precision diet plan stands as a testament to his commitment to the art of bodybuilding.

Each meal is carefully weighed and strategically composed to align with his overarching goal of success at the upcoming Nationals. 

Through a symphony of flavors, nutrient balance, and psychological satisfaction, Bret Mossing’s dietary approach exemplifies the meticulousness required in the competitive world of natural bodybuilding.

Bret Mossing’s Workout Routine

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Embarking on the last day of German Volume Training (GVT), Bret Mossing takes on biceps and triceps with an unwavering commitment. 

The core of this intense routine revolves around barbell curls for the biceps and overhead extensions for the triceps. 

The objective is simple but daunting: 10 sets of 10 reps for each exercise, ensuring an exhaustive workout experience.

Barbell Curls for Biceps:

Beginning with barbell curls, Bret Mossing delves into the challenge, aiming for 10 sets of 10 reps.

The weight selection is a careful balance, starting heavy but not to the point of failure on the 10th rep. Each set is executed with precision, allowing for a 60-second rest between sets.

The evolution of the workout, including necessary weight adjustments, unfolds, highlighting Bret Mossing’s adaptability and strategic approach.

Overhead Extensions for Triceps:

Transitioning seamlessly to triceps, Bret Mossing introduces overhead extensions, mirroring the format of 10 sets of 10 reps. 

The intensity builds, challenging both strength and endurance. Bret Mossing shares insights into the difficulty of gauging the right weight for such high-volume training, emphasizing the importance of adjusting as needed.

Superset Strategy:

Notably, Bret Mossing incorporates a superset strategy, elevating the difficulty by pairing bicep and tricep exercises

The alternating nature of these supersets adds a layer of complexity, pushing the boundaries of muscular fatigue. 

The workout showcases Bret Mossing’s ability to push through physical challenges and maintain a high level of intensity.

Bret Mossing’s Net Worth

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Bret Mossing’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million USD. This valuation is based on various sources of income attributed to his multifaceted career. 

Bret Mossing has gained prominence as a fitness coach, a well-known Instagram personality, a successful YouTuber, a popular figure on TikTok, and an influential presence on other social media platforms. 

It’s important to note that net worth estimates can vary, and the figure mentioned here is based on research and available data on the internet. 

Given Bret Mossing’s active career across different platforms, there is the potential for his income to grow in the future.

Social Media Phenomenon:

Bret Mossing’s digital footprint extends across multiple platforms, reflecting his commitment to reaching and inspiring a diverse audience. 

Whether it’s a quick fitness hack on TikTok, an in-depth workout routine on YouTube, or glimpses into his daily life on Instagram and Twitter, Bret Mossing’s presence resonates with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. 

His ability to seamlessly blend valuable fitness guidance with a personal touch has cultivated a dedicated fanbase drawn to his authenticity and passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Bret Mossing YouTube Career:

At the forefront of Bret Mossing’s digital journey is his YouTube channel, where he initiated his online venture with a groundbreaking video titled “4 Year Natural Body Transformation | Bret Mossing” on December 19, 2019. 

This video not only marked a pivotal moment in Bret Mossing’s content creation but also established him as a credible source for those seeking genuine insights into fitness transformations and journeys. 

The channel serves as a hub for Bret Mossing’s extensive knowledge, offering viewers a comprehensive resource for their fitness endeavors.

Mossing Fitness Creator:

Beyond his individual social media endeavors, Bret Mossing is the mastermind behind MOSSING FITNESS, a platform that encapsulates his fitness philosophy and serves as an inclusive community for individuals passionate about wellness. 

Through MOSSING FITNESS, he continues to inspire, educate, and connect with a growing community of fitness enthusiasts, fostering a culture of support and empowerment.

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Massive Fan Base:

Bret Mossing’s impact is evident in his substantial fan base across his self-titled social media accounts. 

His ability to resonate with followers through relatable and informative content has solidified his position as a go-to figure in the fitness community. 

The trust and admiration he receives from his fanatics highlight the positive influence he wields in promoting a holistic approach to health and well-being.

In the dynamic landscape of fitness influencers, Bret Mossing stands out not only for his physical prowess but also for his dedication to sharing meaningful content that transcends the realm of workouts

As he continues to inspire and motivate, Bret Mossing remains a beacon of fitness wisdom, leaving an indelible mark on the global fitness community.

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