Joel Thomas – The Beast Unleashed in Bodybuilding

Professional bodybuilder Joel Thomas is a veritable beast among men in a sport filled with genetic anomalies and larger-than-life personalities. 

With his highly dense, ripped physique and superhuman strength, Joel Thomas looks more mythical creature than a mortal man when he steps on stage.

The reigning New York Pro and Vancouver Pro champion has become one of the most intimidating forces in the IFBB Pro League through his combination of physical gifts and relentless work ethic. 

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Let’s examine the beastly journey that transformed Joel Thomas into a top professional bodybuilder.

Destined for Greatness From a Young Age

Born March 28, 1984, in the United States, Joel Thomas displayed athletic talents and physical prowess from early childhood. 

He began participating in gymnastics at just 3 years old, developing incredible strength, flexibility, and muscle control through the sport. Joel Thomas further expanded his athletic skills during high school, competing in wrestling and football. 

This diverse sports background established the coordination and functional strength he later channeled into bodybuilding.

Never one to avoid hard work, Joel Thomas also tried his hand at powerlifting as an adult. 

At age 32, he reached the impressive milestone of a 633-pound raw squat. Joel Thomas was no stranger to pushing his body’s mighty feats of strength.

Discovering His Bodybuilding Passion

While Joel Thomas enjoyed success in various strength sports, his true calling was bodybuilding. The challenge of sculpting an aesthetic, proportional physique appealed to him more than simply lifting the most weight possible.

He fully committed to the iron game in his mid-20s, gaining size and honing his physique through rigorous training. 

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Thomas outgrew the junior ranks rapidly, emerging as a top contender in the men’s open divisions.

His pancake-thick, granite-hard muscles, and tiny waist quickly earned Joel Thomas a reputation as a future champion. 

He continued earning top placings and turning heads as a new beast on the scene.

Securing His Olympia Qualification

After years of steady progress, Joel Thomas finally achieved his biggest bodybuilding dream in 2021 – qualifying for the Mr. Olympia.

His first-place victory at the 2021 Toronto Pro cemented his Olympia qualification. Joel Thomas brought a sharp, full-muscle belly look reminiscent of Flex Wheeler’s iconic physique. 

Despite standing under 5’6″, he dominated with perhaps the densest muscle on stage.

Critics hailed it as Thomas’ best showing yet. The beast was officially unleashed on the Olympia stage, placing a respectable 13th in a stacked lineup his rookie season.

Joel Thomas’ Mind-Bending Training Approach

To build his mythological mass and granite conditioning, Joel Thomas follows one of the most intense training programs in the sport. 

His workouts last up to 2 grueling hours daily for 5-6 days per week.

A typical brutal session consists of the following:

  • Challenging pulling exercises like weighted pull-ups and bent-over rows
  • Heavy pressing moves like incline bench press, shoulder press, chest flyes
  • High-volume lifting for delts and arms – up to 12 sets for biceps
  • Staples like squats and walking lunges for leg development
  • Very short rest periods to increase the intensity

Joel Thomas constantly pushes to beat personal records and reach new levels of muscle exhaustion. 

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He incorporates drop sets, partials, and advanced techniques to fatigue muscle fibers fully. It’s this beastly mindset that fuels his phenomenal growth.

The Monstrous Diet That Feeds the Beast

To maintain mass well over 250 pounds shredded, Joel Thomas consumes a huge daily diet – upwards of 5,000 calories on training days. 

He eats every 2-3 hours to keep energy and protein synthesis high. Joel Thomas structures his nutrition around lean proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and supplements:

  • 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight – over 250 grams daily
  • Egg whites, chicken, red meat, salmon, protein shakes
  • Oats, rice, sweet potatoes, and vegetables for carbs
  • Nuts, seeds, peanut butter, oils for essential fats
  • Creatine, BCAAs, and multivitamins to optimize recovery

The calculating meal prep and strict eating schedule are crucial for Joel Thomas to fuel his rigorous training demands and freaky muscle growth. No detail goes overlooked.

The Beast Has Much More to Accomplish

With a newly minted Olympia qualification under his belt, the beast we know as Joel Thomas remains hungry for more significant conquests in the sport.

After shocking fans by winning the 2022 Vancouver Pro just weeks after the Olympia, Thomas has proven he is still gathering momentum and has much left to accomplish.

Can Thomas qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia and improve on his 13th-place debut? Will he evolve from a rising threat to champion material? 

One thing is sure – this beast won’t stop until he has etched his name among the bodybuilding greats.

With otherworldly genetics and a maniacal work ethic driving him, we can expect Joel Thomas to continue ascending and shaking up the pro ranks for years. 

He is living proof that beasts with enough hunger and determination can make the seemingly impossible a reality. Joel Thomas is just getting warmed up. The beast has been unleashed.

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