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Boiled Egg Diet For Weight Loss 2021(Updated)

Every person who struggles with losing weight is looking for an effective weight-loss method. You should know that you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Leading a healthy life means you should include as many healthy foods as you can in your everyday life. The boiled egg diet you can include in your diet plan.

Nutritionists and health experts all over the world claim that the boiled eggs diet can help you to lose 24 pounds in just 2 weeks.

You have to include some other low carb diet with a hard egg boiled egg. Only boiled eggs aren’t the ultimate solution for weight loss.

As well as you can add a scrambled egg diet with a boil egg diet because it can give you variation in food.

Honestly, as we all know one of the biggest public health problems is the plumpness. Obesity is closely connected with heightened risk for a lot of diseases, such as several types of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

This diet – when used appropriately, allows you to lose weight by adhering to a low-carb diet and focusing on lean protein, vegetables, and very few fruits as your calorie sources.

The boiled egg diet is not a long-term weight loss solution and should not be used to keep weight off permanently. You should also not eat only eggs while on this diet—the best diet is one that incorporates vegetables and other sources of protein for your body.

Many people love eggs and find their taste, protein content, and vitamins and minerals to be the perfect protein and on-the-go snack. From breakfast food to a dinner solution, eggs are easy to cook and can provide your body with the proteins and nutrients it needs to lose weight.

Boiled Egg Diet
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Boiled Egg Diet

A boiled egg diet naturally has very beneficial properties for your health and also are a perfect ingredient for a rapid weight loss. If you include eggs, and citric fruits, and some vegetables, you will create a balanced diet. It will improve your overall health as well as it will help you burn fat without much effort and hunger.

Eggs represent a health food. They contain a lot of healthy nutrients and proteins. Consuming eggs provide all the necessary healthy nutrients and vitamins for the human body. If you take up this weight loss diet and don’t eat unhealthy food for some time, you will considerably build up your metabolism.

Hard-Boiled Egg Diet

The egg diet is called the egg diet for a reason! These types of eggs have been shown to accelerate weight loss in a short period. This is likely because they haven’t been cooked in any oils or had anything added to them that would make them unhealthy.

Before I answer the frequent question of how many calories in an egg, let me first tell you this. The boiled egg is a type of food with low energy density. It means that relative to its weight, it contains quite a few calories (1.6 calories per gram, or in total measurements – 78 calories per weight of 50 grams).

The origin of egg calories is also important. There is a difference when they come from protein, carb, or fat. So how much is protein in an egg?

Well, the protein which eggs contain is considered to be among the purest types of protein available. And one egg contains 6 grams of pure protein – the essential building block of every muscle, organ, and tissue in the entire body.

The egg also contains several important vitamins and minerals, among which vitamin B-12, vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin B-6, along with minerals like Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium.

One egg can account for a whopping 10% from your daily recommended consumption of both vitamin D and vitamin B-12, 5% of vitamin A and vitamin B-6, and 3 and 2% of iron and calcium respectively.

So when you are answering the question of “are eggs healthy?” consider the benefits of boiled eggs by simply looking at their nutritional value.

Here’s How you can make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs at home in a few easy steps:

  • Put your desired amount of eggs in a pot and cover with cold water.
  • Turn the burner on high and bring to a boil.
  • After the water begins boiling, let eggs boil in water for about 10 minutes (less if you like a softer yolk, longer.
  • if you like a firmer one. Ten minutes will give you an average yolk!).
  • After this, turn off the burner and immediately drain the pot.
  • Fill the pot with cold water again to cover the eggs. Ensure every egg has at least one crack in it. You can shake the pot if you’re able, or you can individually crack each egg and let it fall back into the water.
  • Due to the temperature of the pot and eggs, your eggs will inevitably become warm again. You do not want this – you want cold eggs in cold water. So get some ice cubes and put a cup or so (depending on how big your pot is and how many eggs you boiled) into the water. Let the eggs sit for 10-30 minutes in the cold water.

When you return to peel the eggs, the shell will come right off, leaving you with no wasted eggs and perfectly hard-boiled eggs naturally.

It’s also essential not to store your eggs in plastic, as plastic can be toxic for your food, especially if you are heating it or putting warm eggs in plastic. Don’t do this, put them in a glass container, and put them in the fridge to store.

Boiled Egg Diet Plan

This egg diet is meant to be a short-term solution only and while eggs may be great to include as a regular part of your diet, the best egg diet will include other foods and allows your body to gain its nutrients from a variety of foods rather than just eggs.

Boiled Egg Diet Timing
Courtesy of Buzzfeed

So how much weight are you likely to lose? If you were to follow the egg diet perfectly, you would probably shed a few pounds, potentially some pounds in a week and a few more the following week.

Boiled Egg Diet Menu

Here is the 2-week menu of boiled egg diet, enjoy!

1st WEEK


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit + 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– 2 slices of bread and fruit.

Dinner– Chicken meat with salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Chicken meat with a green salad.

Dinner– 2 eggs, 1 orange, and some vegetable salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– 1 tomato, 1 slice of bread, and low-fat cheese.

Dinner– Chicken meat with some big salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Fruit.

Dinner– Steamed chicken meat with some big salad.


Breakfast- 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– 2 eggs and steamed vegetables.

Dinner– Fish (on the barbecue) and a big salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Fruit.

Dinner– Steamed chicken meat with some salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Chicken meat with tomato salad and vegetables.

Dinner– Steamed vegetables.

2nd WEEK


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Chicken with some salad.

Dinner– 2 eggs, 1 orange, and salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– 2 eggs and steamed vegetables.

Dinner– Fish (on the barbecue) with some big salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Chicken meat with some salad.

Dinner– 2 eggs, vegetables, 1 orange, and salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– 2 eggs, steamed veggies, and low-fat cheese.

Dinner– Steamed chicken meat with some big salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Tuna salad.

Dinner– 2 eggs with some salad.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch- Chicken meat with some salad.

Dinner– Fruits.


Breakfast– 1 citric fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

Lunch– Steamed vegetables and chicken meat.

Dinner– Steamed vegetables and chicken meat.

Water Intake

It’s also very important to drink water while doing this diet. This is because the high level of protein in this diet may cause you to become constipated or be taxing on your major organs. Also, water is essential for any weight loss practice or strategy. Water helps to detox your body, flush out your kidneys, helps you to feel full and provides your brain, skin, and entire body with the hydration it needs to look and feel great.

You should aim to get at least 9-13 cups of water a day depending on your size and activity level. A person who exercises or has a high activity level will need to consume more water than people who tend to be more sedentary. There are water calculators online that can help you determine how much water you should be drinking.


For your new healthy lifestyle and to add to your ability to drop pounds in these first couple weeks, exercise will be your new best friend (along with, you know, the eggs)! Depending on the current shape you’re in and what you like to do (as well as what type of job you have), your exercise regimen will be unique.

For example, if you’re obese, cardio will likely not be the best exercise for you in the beginning. Instead, try swimming or stationary biking indoors. If you have an office job and don’t get to move much during the day, exercising once or even twice a day may be of benefit to you. Whenever possible, take breaks to walk around the office or stretch!

When you love something, you do it more often. This is why sticking with a form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy can help you form a healthy habit of staying active! If you love dancing, take dance classes or try Zumba. If you enjoy feeling stronger and want to build muscle, lift weights. If you enjoy cardio such as biking or jogging, begin in small doses and work your way up to a mile, two, or even three or four!


This may sound simplistic, and I might be coming off as pretty ignorant right now, but there is a link between weight loss and adequate sleep, so you better pay the Sandman. Eight hours per night unless you are dramatically different than most people and can go ahead with 7 just fine, or need 9 to feel properly rested.

Boiled Egg Diet Snacks

When it comes to this diet, additional foods are your friend. You should not be eating eggs all the time, as we’ve discussed. 6-8 eggs per day are plenty and this amount should be incorporated into your diet with other healthy foods.

boiled egg diet snacks
courtesy of mommymouseclubhouse

You can still enjoy your morning coffee or tea, and dessert. However, you should be choosy about anything extra you want to add to your diet, as this means additional calories!

Adding foods such as avocados, nuts, and seeds provide healthy fats and can be liberally incorporated as they actually help you to lose weight, especially around your abdomen.

However, adding foods such as bread, sugars, and processed meats will provide you with extra calories and sugar but won’t be beneficial to your body.

Anything that’s related to sugar besides fruit is best left out when it comes to the egg diet. If you want to enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate or a glass of wine in the evening, then do so, but in moderation.


By the end of Week 2, you will feel super light and energetic. You will love the way you look, and adhering to the egg diet plan for 14 days will give your confidence an extra boost. All your gut problems will vanish, your metabolism will be back on track, and you will be addicted to your new lifestyle.

Eggs consist of high protein concentration and minerals. Such substances are essential parts of the human organism. Eggs are readily available in most stores and are the crucial parts of a healthy diet.

Certain individuals may be allergic to eggs, especially children, but in most cases such allergies are overgrown. This high-quality protein eggs can:

  • Help tame your hunger urges.
  • Play a major role in your weight loss regimen.
  • Help with weight maintenance when you finish dieting.

So, to answer your question on whether this diet does work, the answer is a probable “Yes”.

Boiled Egg Diet For Weight LossEffects of Boiled Egg Diet

Fat Loss

One of the most notable and sought-after effects of the egg diet is fat loss. The boiled egg diet naturally works well to invoke fat loss simply due to the significant decrease in total caloric consumption that it will invoke.

For one thing, the high protein content of the eggs will lead to a decrease in the number of calories needed to feel full, as protein is much more satiating than other macronutrients.

Eggs will also increase fat loss by increasing metabolism, as protein has been shown to increase postprandial thermogenesis much more than other types of macronutrients. By decreasing the number of calories you take in, while simultaneously increasing the number of calories you burn at rest, over time the egg diet will result in a significant fat loss.

Preservation of Lean Body Mass

One significant advantage of the egg diet compared to more traditional diets is its ability to help preserve lean body mass. Many diets that follow government guidelines are often very high in carbohydrates and low in protein, while the egg diet is the opposite. This is beneficial, as protein is very important in preserving lean body mass during a caloric deficit.

The protein in eggs is particularly valuable, as egg protein is the only protein that has a perfect score of 100 on the Biological Value score and a perfect score of 1.0 on the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score.

Because preserving lean body mass is necessary for numerous health and metabolic reasons, the large protein content of the egg diet can result in positive effects compared to those of more traditional diets.

Decreased Physical Performance

One inevitable effect that will always occur on a low-carbohydrate diet is a temporary decrease in performance. This is because glucose is the body’s main source of fuel and is very important for maintaining optimal performance in physical activities.

As you continue to reduce your carbohydrate intake, your glycogen stores will become depleted, and your body will have to rely on fat and amino acids for fuel, which is a less-efficient process.

For those who are competing in athletics, the egg diet would be a very poor choice, as it will significantly decrease your ability to perform at your best. For most people, however, the decrease in performance is not a serious issue, as performance levels will return to normal once a normal diet is resumed.


  • High protein, low carbohydrate diets help to reduce appetite.
  • Eggs are a good source of protein and vitamins.
  • High protein diets increase the rate of calorie burning.
  • Studies show that eating eggs for breakfast increases weight loss.
  • Not a healthy or balanced approach to eating.
  • Eliminates entire food groups and many vegetables.
  • Lack of carbohydrates will make it difficult to engage in strenuous physical activity.
  • Many people experience fatigue and nausea during the first few days of the diet as the body adapts to a reduced intake of carbohydrates.
  • Eating a lot of eggs can cause constipation, flatulence, and bad breath.
  • Dietary boredom may reduce the ability to stick with the program.
  • Not sustainable as a lifestyle plan for healthy weight management.
  • Likely that any weight loss will be regained upon a return to normal eating.
  • Eggs are high in cholesterol but there is a debate to their effect on blood cholesterol.

So as you can see, this diet has become very popular and people are finding that eggs can help them reach their weight loss goals.

You must consult your nutritionist and healthcare providers before starting this diet. This diet, in particular, may leave many people feeling energy deprived due to the elimination of carbs and sugar as well as drastically reducing calorie intake which may hinder bodily functions, particularly for women who need ample calories for healthy hormone production.

This diet isn’t sustainable for many people as well due to the daily consumption of eggs which may not be suitable for those watching their cholesterol levels, especially for those who have or are prone to high cholesterol.

After you do this diet and lose weight, remember that you cannot continue to do this diet. You will need to introduce other foods back into your diet to help your body be well. But you can still keep off the pounds by drinking plenty of water, getting lean protein and vegetables and healthy fats such as eggs and oils, and keeping stress free.

Bottom Line:

Boiled eggs diet is the ultimate solution for weight loss and fat burn. But before starting this egg diet menu you should make a healthy plan for yourself, because every person’s body is different from each other, so according to your need make a diet plan, include eggs, divided it into weeks, and then measure the results.

Remember those people who are victims of high blood pressure or any other disease you should be cautious before starting to this egg diet plan because it can harm your body. This plan is recommended for those people who are fit and want to remove their fat fastly.

Finally, if you are lazy and don’t want to perform exercises then you should follow this plan to lose weight without exercise.


What is the healthiest way to eat eggs?
If you want to eat eggs as a healthy and delicious meal, choose boiled or poached eggs. And to make it healthier, combine vegetables with eggs to get the extra fiber and vitamins.
Is hard-boiled eggs good for losing weight?
The cooking method makes a big difference, as eggs become a source of extra calories if they are fried or scrambled in butter or other fats. But hard-boiled eggs do not require any butter and contains fewer calories, they can contribute to weight loss.
Is the boiled egg diet good for you?
If you want a high protein and low-calorie diet, then it is one of the best diets for you. It helps in losing weight and maintaining strong bones. But the low carb intake can make you feel tired and the lack of energy is not a good thing if you want to exercise.
How many eggs can you eat a day to lose weight?
A maximum of 2 whole eggs per day should be enough for an adult egg are best consumed during breakfast. If you want to add more protein, you can eat other food like lean meats to keep you full and satisfied.
What happens to your body when you eat eggs every day?
There are many different benefits of eating eggs every day but only if you healthily eat them. They are good at boosting your immune system, reducing the risk of your heart diseases, and making your bones and muscles strong.
What can you drink on the egg diet?
You should only drink water and zero-calorie beverages. Sodas and processed beverages are high in calories and they can spoil all the good that your egg diet is doing, but if you to want to drink a healthy beverage then fresh juices of fruits and vegetables would be the best choice.
Is egg bad for cholesterol?
Egg yolk contains cholesterol but there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol which means it can be maintained if balanced properly. If you eat eggs the right way and in a proper amount, there is nothing much to worry about.
Should I eat eggs if I have high cholesterol?
Eggs are a bit high in cholesterol, but eating one egg per day won’t increase the risk of heart disease or stroke in healthy people. Surely, there is a potential increased risk in people who suffer diabetes, they should be careful with the number of eggs they want to eat.
Are eggs good for high blood pressure?
Eating eggs in a healthy and proper way can give you some good blood pressure benefits. The proteins that are found in eggs whites produce components that act in a similar way to some blood pressure medicines.

Tikkay Khan

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