Sam Sulek vs Anton Ratushnyi: Seth Feroce Analyzes the Ascent

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In the ever-evolving realm of bodybuilding, emerging talents often take divergent paths, leaving enthusiasts to ponder who might emerge as the next sensation.

Recently, Seth Feroce, a notable figure in the bodybuilding community, offered his insights into the futures, fame, and physiques of two rising stars – Sam Sulek and Anton Ratushnyi.

Seth Feroce’s candid assessment, shared in a YouTube video on January 4, 2024, delves into the unique trajectories of these two promising athletes.

Sam Sulek: The YouTube Sensation

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In a remarkably short span, Sam Sulek has transcended the traditional route to bodybuilding stardom.

Boasting over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, Sam Sulek has become a recognizable face in the fitness community. Despite not gracing a bodybuilding stage yet, his charisma, humor, and inclusive gym content have garnered a massive following.

Sam Sulek’s affiliation with Samson Dauda, the third-ranked bodybuilder globally, further amplifies his growing influence.

Anton Ratushnyi: The Classic Physique Prodigy

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In contrast, Anton Ratushnyi, at the tender age of 19, carved a distinct path by establishing himself as a Classic Physique threat.

His journey reached a pinnacle at the 2023 NPC National Championships, where he secured his Pro card dominantly, making him the youngest-ever IFBB Pro in Classic Physique.

Anton Ratushnyi’s rapid ascent and unique approach set him apart as a formidable force in the bodybuilding landscape.

Seth Feroce’s Verdict: Anton Ratushnyi the Superior Bodybuilder

When posed with the question of who the better bodybuilder is between Sam Sulek and Anton Ratushnyi, Seth Feroce offered a straightforward response.

Despite acknowledging Sam Sulek’s widespread popularity and star power, he unequivocally asserted, “Anton Ratushnyi is the better competitive bodybuilder because Sam Sulek has never competed.”

Seth Feroce delved into the critique surrounding Sam Sulek’s unconventional approach to diet, training habits, and the speculation about his substance use.

However, he emphasized the essence of bodybuilding, stating, “This is bodybuilding. Whenever you’re on stage, nobody knows how much you fucking bench pressed.”

Sam Sulek’s Flaws and Potential

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Seth Feroce highlighted perceived flaws in Sam Sulek’s physique, specifically addressing an imbalance between his upper and lower body.

He acknowledged that, at 21, Sam Sulek’s legs might not be fully developed and could improve over time.

Seth Feroce also pointed out that while Sam Sulek is a massive figure in the fitness world, he might benefit from a bodybuilding coach if he decides to compete at a higher level.

Anton Ratushnyi: A Freak Phenom

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In contrast, Seth Feroce marveled at Anton Ratushnyi, placing him in the exclusive category of the “.01 percent” – individuals like Anton Ratushnyi who possess exceptional genetic gifts.

Seth Feroce predicted Anton Ratushnyi’s ascent in the Classic Physique division, foreseeing him making the top five at the Mr. Olympia within the next two or three years.

Seth Feroce highlighted Anton Ratushnyi’s unique position as a dedicated bodybuilding coach, emphasizing the benefits of such guidance.

The Influence of Coaching and Celebrity Status

Seth Feroce touched on the coaching aspect, highlighting that while Anton Ratushnyi has a bodybuilding coach in Kyle, Sam Sulek appears to be training on his own.

He expressed the belief that if Sam Sulek were to venture into bodybuilding shows, especially given his celebrity status, having a coach could be beneficial to ensure optimal preparation and presentation on stage.

Who is Seth Feroce?

In the realm of weightlifting and fitness, Seth Feroce stands as a prominent figure, captivating audiences with his prowess and expertise.

Hailing from New York, United States, Seth Feroce has garnered widespread recognition as a fitness celebrity, boasting an impressive following of over 500,000 on Instagram.

Born on November 21, 1984, Seth Feroce, at the age of 39, has become a beacon of inspiration for fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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Beyond his achievements in the gym, Seth Feroce is celebrated for his entrepreneurial ventures, notably as the owner of All American Roughneck. 

His contributions extend beyond the realm of workouts, as he consistently shares a diverse range of fitness-related content on Instagram, fostering a community of enthusiasts eager to embrace a holistic approach to health and well-being.

As we delve into the facets of Seth Feroce’s life, this article aims to illuminate his journey, providing insights into his background, achievements, and the multifaceted persona that has earned him a distinct place in the fitness landscape.

Join us in exploring the bio, wiki, age, and lesser-known facets of Seth Feroce’s life as of 2024.

The Broader Perspective and Support for Rising Stars

Seth Feroce’s assessment echoes the broader discussions within the bodybuilding community about the evolving nature of the sport and the unique trajectories of emerging talents.

While recognizing flaws and potential areas for improvement, the focus remains on the individual journeys of Sam Sulek and Anton Ratushnyi and the impact they might have on the future of bodybuilding.

In conclusion, until Sam Sulek decides to step onto the IFBB Pro League stage, Seth Feroce maintains that, at the present moment, Classic Physique’s Anton Ratushnyi stands out as the superior bodybuilder overall.

The debates and discussions around these rising stars underscore the dynamism of bodybuilding, where diverse approaches and personalities contribute to the ongoing narrative of this captivating sport.

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