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Leonardo Schulz Cardoso, Leo Stronda, is a well-known Brazilian bodybuilder, fitness icon, singer, former rapper, and YouTuber. 

He gained recognition as the vocalist and co-founder of the renowned hip-hop duo Bonde da Stronda. Leo Stronda’s multifaceted career includes his successful clothing line, XXT Corporation. 

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Notably, he was the face of the famous Brazilian bodybuilding channel Fábrica de Monstros, which amassed an impressive subscriber count of over 2.5 million. However, Leo Stronda had to part ways with the channel due to contractual issues. 

Undeterred by the setback, he launched his new channel, Leo Stronda, which has already garnered an impressive following of over 3.30 million subscribers.

Leo Stronda Early Life

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Leonardo Schulz Cardoso, born on July 5, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had an intriguing early life that laid the foundation for his diverse career. 

One notable aspect of his upbringing was his close friendship with Diego Villanueva, which would prove instrumental in shaping his future endeavors. 

In 2006, Leonardo and Diego joined forces to form the music group Bonde da Stronda, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

Leo Stronda Bodybuilding Journey

Leonardo Stronda’s bodybuilding career has been a testament to his dedication, discipline, and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

From a young age, his passion for bodybuilding began to take root and flourish. At 16, Leonardo’s interest in the sport intensified, and he committed wholeheartedly to its pursuit.

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Leonardo actively participated in various bodybuilding competitions to enhance his skills and refine his physique. These experiences gave him valuable lessons and insights, shaping him into a formidable competitor. 

Through countless hours of training, meticulous attention to nutrition, and a relentless work ethic, Leonardo honed his physique and continually pushed the boundaries of his capabilities. While his bodybuilding pursuits were paramount, Leonardo’s talent extended beyond the gym. 

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He successfully merged his passion for music with his devotion to bodybuilding, evident in the release of his single “Bonde da Maromba.” This song not only showcased his musical abilities but also served as a celebration of his dedication to the bodybuilding lifestyle.

The accompanying music video, released on December 17, 2012, further solidified his presence in the industry and garnered attention from bodybuilding and music enthusiasts.

Recognizing the power of social media, Leonardo Stronda skillfully utilized various platforms to connect with his audience and share his knowledge and experiences. 

His online presence extended beyond music, encompassing posts on nutrition, health, wellness, and training tips. Leonardo inspired and motivated others through these channels, fostering a community among fitness enthusiasts.

Leonardo’s bodybuilding career, intertwined with his passion for music and commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, has been a journey of personal growth and achievement. 

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His dedication, determination, and ability to connect with others have established him as a famous bodybuilder, fitness influencer, singer, and YouTuber. 

Leonardo Stronda continues to inspire and empower individuals worldwide through his multifaceted career and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Leo Stronda Measurements

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Leo Stronda Height5 Feet and 10 Inches
Leo Stronda Weight85 to  90 KG
Leo Stronda Date of BirthJuly 5, 1992
Leo Stronda Age31 Years
Leo Stronda Arm Size17 Inches
Leo Stronda Chest Size46 Inches
Leo Stronda Waist Size30 Inches
Leo Stronda ReligionRoman Catholics
Leo Stronda NationalityBrazilian

Leo Stronda Net Worth

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Leonardo Stronda has achieved significant success throughout his career, encompassing bodybuilding, music, and various entrepreneurial ventures. 

As a result of his accomplishments, it is estimated that he has amassed a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars. His early endeavors in bodybuilding allowed him to establish a strong foundation for financial growth. 

By participating in competitions and leveraging his knowledge in the fitness industry, Leonardo built a solid reputation and attracted opportunities that contributed to his financial success.

Leonardo’s foray into the music industry as part of the hip-hop duo Bonde da Stronda also provided him with additional income streams. 

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His involvement as a vocalist and the release of hit singles, such as “Bonde da Maromba,” garnered a significant fan base and contributed to his overall earnings.

Furthermore, Leonardo’s entrepreneurial spirit shone through with establishing his clothing line, XXT Corporation. This venture allowed him to diversify his income sources and tap into the lucrative world of fashion and merchandise.

Alongside his career achievements, Leonardo Stronda leveraged the power of social media to expand his reach and connect with a vast audience. He cultivated a strong online presence by leveraging platforms like YouTube and engaging with his followers. 

This digital presence has contributed to his fame and served as a platform for brand collaborations, sponsorships, and endorsements, all of which have played a role in his net worth.

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While net worth estimations can vary and are subject to market fluctuations and personal investments, Leonardo Stronda’s diverse career and entrepreneurial ventures have undeniably contributed to his financial success. 

With a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars, he has established himself as a thriving and influential figure in bodybuilding, music, and entrepreneurship.

Leonardo Stronda Wife

Leonardo Stronda is currently single and fully committed to his career. With unwavering determination, he prioritizes his professional pursuits and channels his energy toward achieving his goals.

Being single allows Leonardo to devote his time, attention, and resources to the various facets of his multifaceted career. It allows him to fully immerse himself in his passions, whether bodybuilding, music, or entrepreneurship. 

By remaining unattached, Leonardo can dedicate long hours to training, refining his skills, creating music, and expanding his ventures without the commitments and distractions of a romantic relationship.

This single-minded focus on his career enables Leonardo to pursue opportunities, take risks, and explore new avenues for growth. He can seize the moment, travel, and collaborate with like-minded individuals while maintaining a relentless drive toward success. 

It allows him to make decisions solely based on his professional aspirations and ambitions without considering the impact on a partner or relationship. While Leonardo Stronda may be single at the moment, it is evident that his dedication to his career is a top priority.

This singular focus allows him to fully harness his talents, capitalize on opportunities, and continue making strides in bodybuilding, music, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Leo Stronda Diet Plan

leo stronda dieta
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Leo Stronda maintains a straightforward and nutritionally balanced diet plan, emphasizing the consumption of whole foods. He understands the importance of fueling his body with nutrient-dense options to support his bodybuilding and fitness goals. 

While Leo prefers to rely on whole foods, he occasionally incorporates supplements when circumstances prevent him from accessing the necessary food sources, such as during travel.

Leo’s diet revolves around natural, unprocessed foods that provide essential macronutrients and micronutrients. His meals typically consist of lean proteins, such as chicken breast, turkey, fish, and tofu, which help support muscle growth and repair. 

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He incorporates a variety of complex carbohydrates, including whole grains, sweet potatoes, and vegetables, which provide sustained energy for his intense training sessions. 

Additionally, healthy fats from nuts, avocados, and olive oil contribute to his overall well-being. Leo ensures he consumes sufficient protein to meet his body’s needs to maintain optimal performance and support his body’s recovery process. 

This typically involves consuming protein-rich foods at each meal, helping to repair and build muscle tissue. Alongside protein, he emphasizes the importance of consuming adequate fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are abundant in whole foods.

While Leo Stronda’s diet primarily revolves around whole foods, he recognizes that there may be situations where supplements become necessary, particularly during travel when accessing specific food items might be challenging. He temporarily turns to supplements to fill any nutritional gaps in such instances.

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By adhering to a diet that centers on whole foods and prioritizes nutrient-dense choices, Leo Stronda ensures that his body receives the necessary fuel and nourishment to support his bodybuilding endeavors and overall well-being. His approach emphasizes the fundamental principles of a balanced and sustainable dietary regimen.

Leo Stronda Workout Routine

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Leo Stronda follows a workout routine to promote muscle growth and sculpt a defined physique. His approach involves lifting heavy weights with a relatively low number of repetitions, typically focusing on the 8-12 rep range. This rep range allows him to challenge his muscles and stimulate hypertrophy effectively.

To maximize muscle growth, Leo incorporates drop sets into his training regimen. After completing his regular sets, he adds a couple of extra sets without any rest, using lighter weights. 

This technique pushes his muscles beyond failure, inducing additional stress and promoting further muscle development. Leo’s workout routine likely consists of compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 

These exercises are known for their effectiveness in building strength and muscle mass. Examples of compound movements may include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, and rows.

Leo may also include isolation exercises to target and sculpt individual muscle groups precisely. These exercises help to enhance muscle definition and create a balanced physique. Some examples of isolation exercises he may incorporate are bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises, and calf raises.

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Leo likely incorporates rest days into his workout routine to ensure proper recovery and prevent overtraining. Adequate rest and recovery are crucial for muscle growth and overall performance.

It’s important to note that Leo Stronda’s workout routine may vary based on his personal preferences, specific goals, and any changes he makes over time. 

However, his emphasis on heavy lifting, moderate rep ranges, and including drop-sets suggests a focus on hypertrophy and muscle development.


How Tall is Leo Stronda?

Leo Stronda is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

How Old is Leo Stronda?

Leo Stronda is 31 years old as of 2023.

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