Phil Heath Criticizes Rivals for Abusing Steroids Over Proper Training

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Seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath recently discussed performance-enhancing drugs in bodybuilding. Phil Heath claimed he used fewer steroids than competitors but still dominated. 

He criticized today’s massive bodybuilders for abusing drugs instead of proper training. From 2011 to 2017, Phil “The Gift” Heath was untouchable in the Mr. Olympia competition. 

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His unrivaled muscle fullness and shape powered him to 7 straight Sandow trophies before losing to Shawn Rhoden in 2018. Now retired, Phil Heath still follows the sport closely.

In a new interview, Phil Heath addressed steroid use in bodybuilding. He revealed his dosages were conservative by pro standards. 

Phil Heath also condemned today’s mass monsters for over-relying on drugs instead of workout fundamentals.

Low Doses Fueled Heath’s Early Success

According to Phil Heath, he won his first national title off just 500 mg/week of testosterone plus minimal deca durabolin. 

At a time when pros often used grams of multiple steroids, Phil Heath’s cycles were almost pedestrian. Yet his phenomenal response allowed him to turn pro and start winning shows off such low doses. 

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Phil Heath credits focus on slow progression, not prematurely ramping up drugs to chase size. He believes today’s bodybuilders make this mistake frequently.

Phil Heath didn’t add growth hormone, an anabolic commonly used for recovery, until 2008 – his third year as an IFBB pro. 

Despite larger competitors using much more gear, Phil Heath kept winning with his genetics and work ethic. He only implemented small steroid increases when needed.

Critiquing the Mass Monster Culture

Whereas Phil Heath advocates slow builds and training focus, he criticized today’s “mass monster” trend of extreme size chasing through drug abuse. In Phil Heath’s view, this methodology harms long-term health and ruins muscle quality.

Phil Heath pointed out that despite 300+ pound bodybuilders everywhere now, none match legends like Ronnie Coleman who used fewer drugs. 

In Phil Heath’s opinion, today’s huge competitors need more detail and proportional shape from improper training, diet, and improper drug cycling.

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Rather than growing into size gradually and mastering nutrition, Phil Heath believes the latest generation pounds drugs from the start. 

They prioritize scale weight over properly developing each muscle. According to Phil Heath, this improper approach explains why quality needs to catch up to sheer mass.

The Dangers of Over-Relying on Drugs

A major concern Phil Heath raised is bodybuilders turning to the black market for untested steroids out of desperation for size. With no regulation, these products could be contaminated or fake. 

Phil Heath prefers pharmaceutical-grade steroids from reputable sources. He also warned that recklessly upping doses without professional guidance can badly damage health. 

The risks include hormonal crashes, organ stress, accelerated aging, and psychological effects like addiction.

Whereas pros like Phil Heath use ancillaries and bloodwork to monitor side effects, he worries today’s bodybuilders ignore safe practices in chasing freakish mass. They sacrifice long-term well-being for short-term gain.

Phil Heath’s Measured Approach to PEDs

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Throughout his Mr. Olympia reign, Phil Heath never exceeded 1,500 mg/week of total injectables at his peak. 

He experimented with higher amounts but disliked the water retention and health implications. 

In contrast, many IFBB pros use several grams of multiple steroids plus other drugs. Rather than constantly pushing dosages, Phil Heath focused on refining diet, training, and recovery. 

He treated steroids as “finishing touches” strategically applied to complement fundamental work, not replace it. 

Phil Heath built his all-time great physique primarily through dedication and wisdom.

For longevity post-career, Phil Heath recommends bodybuilders avoid becoming “drug addicts” dependent on pushing compounds sky-high. 

With smart cycling and Phil’s health monitoring, he minimized side effects even at an elite level.

The Takeaway Lessons

While PED use is entrenched in high-level bodybuilding, Phil Heath’s approach offers valuable lessons:

  • Start with clinical doses and increase slowly only when beneficial
  • Prioritize nutrition, training, and recovery fundamentals over drugs
  • Use ancillaries and bloodwork to monitor for side effects
  • Avoid untested black market products from unverified sources
  • Focus on gradual quality muscle gains, not just scale weight
  • Be wary of psychological dependence and health impacts

Phil Heath recommends athletes be extremely cautious before using any banned substance. But for those who do, adopting his measured mindset could help strike a healthier balance.

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