Samson Dauda Advocates for Positivity in Bodybuilding After 2023 Mr. Olympia

In the aftermath of the highly anticipated 2023 Mr. Olympia, where the bodybuilding world witnessed exceptional displays of talent and skill across 11 divisions, a cloud of negativity has overshadowed the event. 

Samson Dauda, who secured a commendable third place in the Men’s Open category, is using his platform to address the detrimental impact of this negativity on the sport.

The Dark Side of Victory

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While the 2023 Mr. Olympia showcased awe-inspiring victories and title changes in seven divisions, one particular triumph faced an unexpected backlash. 

Derek Lunsford, the newly crowned Mr. Olympia champion in both the 212 and Men’s Open divisions, made history. 

However, instead of basking in the glory of his achievements, Derek Lunsford found himself dealing with criticism and even threats to his family.

Samson Dauda, having also competed in the Men’s Open category, delivered a vastly improved performance, leaping from sixth place in the previous Olympia to a remarkable third place. 

Despite his personal success, Samson Dauda is now compelled to address the rising tide of negativity within the bodybuilding community.

A Plea for Unity and Respect

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Taking to Instagram, Samson Dauda expressed his passion for bodybuilding and his deep appreciation for the sport. 

He reflected on the transformative power of bodybuilding in his life and how the negativity surrounding the sport saddened him upon returning home after the Olympia weekend.

“I love this sport. I love bodybuilding. I love what we do. It hurts me when I come home after a crazy weekend and a crazy achievement like this to just look around and see and hear so much negativity about this sport and what we do. Come on guys we can do better. We can do better!”

Samson Dauda emphasized the need for the bodybuilding community to focus on the positive aspects of the sport and the incredible platform it provides for athletes. 

He urged fellow enthusiasts to recognize the sacrifices made by competitors and to distinguish constructive criticism from destructive negativity.

“Believe me, the guys that walk up on that stage have sacrificed a lot to do this. We have all sacrificed a lot to be on that stage. We are the best in the world at what we do.

It doesn’t come by chance it comes by a lot of hard work and sacrifice, and to have them on stage and being criticized and ripped apart, you know there’s a difference between criticizing a physique and criticizing it and ripping it apart. It’s sad to see.”

The Ripple Effect on the Sport

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Samson Dauda drew attention to the broader consequences of unchecked negativity within the bodybuilding community. 

He highlighted the impact on show promoters who dedicate significant efforts to organize events, only to face relentless criticism.

“The show promoters, they do a lot, they give up a lot to make this happen, and they get criticized left, right, and everywhere for them giving their best? Guys, can we please do better? The negativity is going too far.”

The athlete urged for a collective shift towards unity and positive engagement, emphasizing that the incessant negativity is detrimental to the growth and perception of bodybuilding on a global scale.

“We say we love the sport and want to show the sport to the world but how can we possibly do that when the rest of the world sees us ripping ourselves apart? We don’t grow in the sport this way we’re destroying it. We have to do better.”

Moving Forward

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Looking ahead, Samson Dauda is set to compete at the Romania Muscle Fest Pro on November 11-12. 

This competition will see him face formidable opponents such as Nathan De Asha and Behrooz Tabani, both absent from the Olympia stage due to visa issues.

As the bodybuilding community navigates the aftermath of the 2023 Mr. Olympia, Samson Dauda’s plea for positivity, respect, and unity echoes as a call to action. 

In a sport that demands dedication, sacrifice, and resilience, fostering a supportive environment is crucial for the continued growth and success of bodybuilding worldwide.

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