Milos Sarcev’s Concerns Grow as Behrooz Tabani Faces Visa Delays Ahead of 2023 Mr. Olympia

With the 2023 Mr. Olympia competition just seven weeks away, bodybuilding is abuzz with excitement and anticipation.

However, amidst the fervor and preparation, one athlete faces an unexpected hurdle on his path to the prestigious Olympia stage. 

Behrooz Tabani, a prominent Men’s Open Pro bodybuilder, is entangled in a visa predicament that threatens to jeopardize his participation in the event. 

His renowned trainer, Milos Sarcev, has taken to social media to express his outrage at the delay in securing Behrooz’s Tabani visa, raising concerns about his ability to compete on bodybuilding’s grandest stage.

Behrooz Tabani’s Road to the Olympia

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Behrooz Tabani, like many athletes in the IFBB Pro League, understands the immense pressure accompanying the journey to the Olympia stage. 

The Men’s Open category demands exceptional muscularity and the ability to stand out among the best in the sport. 

Behrooz Tabani possesses the requisite qualities, making him a formidable contender in this fiercely competitive division. 

However, his journey to Olympia has been marred by visa-related challenges, a predicament he shares with reigning Mr. Olympia, Hadi Choopan.

2022 Behrooz Tabani achieved a significant milestone by winning the gold medal at the 2022 Romania Muscle Fest Pro in November. 

His victory in this prestigious event earned him the final Men’s Open Mr. Olympia qualification of the season, setting the stage for his debut on the Olympia platform. The bodybuilding world eagerly awaited his performance. 

However, when the moment arrived for Behrooz Tabani to grace the Mr. Olympia stage, he was denied a visa, preventing him from traveling to the United States—a crushing disappointment for both the athlete and his supporters.

A Recurring Nightmare

Fast forward to the 2023 season, and history repeats itself for Behrooz Tabani. Despite securing his Olympia qualification by winning the 2023 Arnold Classic South America, he now faces the possibility of missing the Olympia contest scheduled for November 2-5 in Orlando, Florida. 

With just seven weeks left until the Olympia, the alarming issue of his visa remains unresolved, leaving his dreams and aspirations hanging in the balance.

Milos Sarcev’s Frustration

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Milos Sarcev, the esteemed trainer of Behrooz Tabani, took to social media to express his deep disappointment and frustration at the alarming visa delays. 

The countdown to the Olympia continues relentlessly, and the absence of a visa appointment or approval for Behrooz Tabani is a source of profound concern. 

Milos Sarcev’s post serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges international athletes often face when attempting to compete on the global stage.

A Broader Issue

Behrooz Tabani’s visa ordeal is not an isolated incident in bodybuilding. The sport has witnessed other athletes from the IFBB Pro League encountering similar visa-related problems. 

In 2021, Ukrainian bodybuilder Vlad Suhoruchko faced the heartbreak of visa denial, preventing him from participating in that year’s Mr. Olympia competition. 

Vlad Suhoruchko’s popularity and following among fans made his absence from the event significantly disappointing.

A Call for Attention

Milos Sarcev’s impassioned post on social media serves as a call to action, drawing attention to Behrooz Tabani’s visa struggles. 

Behrooz Tabani’s track record of multiple Pro Show victories and his qualification for the previous year’s Olympia showcase his commitment and talent within the sport. 

The bodybuilding community must rally behind Behrooz Tabani in his quest to overcome these visa challenges.

The Road Ahead

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Should Behrooz Tabani defy the odds and secure his visa for the 2023 Mr. Olympia, he will face a formidable lineup of competitors in the Men’s Open category. 

The division boasts some of the world’s most elite bodybuilders, making it a test of skill, dedication, and conditioning. 

Behrooz Tabani’s unique attributes and exceptional activity could position him as a wildcard, capable of making a lasting impression on the Olympia stage.


Behrooz Tabani’s visa struggles, just seven weeks away from the 2023 Mr. Olympia, are a stark reminder of the challenges international athletes face in bodybuilding

His trainer, Milos Sarcev’s public expression of concern underscores the situation’s urgency. 

As the bodybuilding community unites in support of Behrooz Tabani’s journey, there is hope that his visa issues will be resolved, allowing him to shine on the Olympia stage and uphold the integrity of the sport. 

The road ahead may be challenging, but in bodybuilding, as in life, perseverance and determination often lead to victory.

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