Derek Lunsford: On the Path to Becoming Bodybuilding’s First Two-Division Mr. Olympia Champion

In a recent podcast episode, bodybuilding icon Flex Lewis conversed with rising star Derek Lunsford, discussing the future of Lunsford’s career.

Lewis expressed his belief that Lunsford has the potential to become the first-ever two-division Mr. Olympia champion, likening his journey to Conor McGregor’s accomplishments in the UFC. 

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This article is about Lunsford’s recent successes, his rivalry with Lewis, and the mounting pressure as he sets his sights on becoming a two-division champion.

Lunsford’s Remarkable Rise

Over the past few years, Derek Lunsford’s name has garnered significant attention in bodybuilding. In 2022, he made a powerful impression at Jim Manion’s Pittsburgh Pro, which led to a special invitation to compete in the Open Mr. Olympia

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Despite his debut in the Open division, Lunsford’s performance was awe-inspiring, and he stood out among his peers. Although he narrowly missed the gold, losing out to Hadi Choopan, Lunsford left an indelible mark on the audience.

Rivalry and Respect

Flex Lewis, a former 212 Olympia champion, retired as Lunsford’s career began to gain momentum. However, Lewis recognized Lunsford’s potential and expressed admiration for his achievements. 

The two athletes reflected on their past rivalry, realizing that much of the animosity between them was fueled by external influences. They now deeply respect each other’s abilities and recognize the significance of their competitive history.

The Quest for Two-Division Glory

Flex Lewis, who aspired to become a two-division champion, believes that Derek Lunsford is now on the path to achieving this remarkable feat. 

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Lewis spoke highly of Lunsford’s performance at the Pittsburgh Pro, expressing gratitude that he no longer competes against him. 

He predicted that Lunsford would be bodybuilding’s first-ever champ-champ, drawing inspiration from Conor McGregor’s accomplishments in mixed martial arts.

The Pressure and Expectations

Following Ronnie Coleman’s prediction that Lunsford will win the 2023 Olympia, the rising star admits to feeling heightened pressure. 

Ronnie Coleman’s endorsement has placed added expectations on Lunsford, pushing him to strive for greatness. 

While the pressure is palpable, Lunsford embraces the challenge and is determined to fulfill the prophecy set forth by the legendary Coleman.

Preparations and Nutrition

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As Derek Lunsford’s preparations intensify for the upcoming Olympia, he strongly emphasizes his nutrition. He aims to follow a clean and meticulous diet, believing it will positively impact his overall physique come November. 

By prioritizing nutrition and making intelligent supplement choices, Lunsford seeks to optimize his performance and showcase his best form on the Olympia stage.

Contenders and Anticipated Showdown

While Hadi Choopan claimed the 2022 Olympia title, many speculate that his reign may be short-lived. Nick Walker and Samson Dauda, prominent figures in the bodybuilding scene, also aim to secure the prestigious title. 

However, the prevailing sentiment suggests that the ultimate showdown for the title will be between Lunsford and Walker, as they are considered the top contenders for the crown.

Aiming for Legacy

If Derek Lunsford emerges victorious at the Olympia, he will etch his name in bodybuilding history as the sport’s first-ever two-division Mr. Olympia champion. 

This achievement would fulfill the dream once shared by Flex Lewis and solidify Lunsford’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the bodybuilding world.


Derek Lunsford’s journey to become bodybuilding’s first two-division Mr. Olympia champion is gaining momentum with the support and admiration of Flex Lewis

With a remarkable rise through the ranks and the pressure of high expectations, Lunsford stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the sport. 

As preparations intensify, all eyes will be on Lunsford as he embarks on his quest for Olympia glory, aiming to cement his name in bodybuilding history.

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