Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek’s Intense Chest and Calves Workout: A Glimpse into Olympia Preparation

The journey to the Olympia stage is marked by relentless dedication, rigorous training, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the bodybuilding world eagerly anticipates the 2023 Mr. Olympia, we delve into the preparation of Samson Dauda, a rising star in the Men’s Open category, and his recent collaboration with fitness influencer Sam Sulek for an intense chest and calves workout.

Samson Dauda: The Dark Horse Emerges

Samson Dauda, known as ‘The Nigerian Lion,’ emerged as a dark horse in the 2022 competitive season.

He earned his ticket to the 2022 Olympia with a victory at the 2021 EVLS Prague Pro and made an indelible mark by securing a top-four finish at the 2022 Arnold Classic.

Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek's Intense Chest and Calves Workout
via samson dauda instagram account

His remarkable debut at the Olympia 2022 showcased his potential, as he claimed the sixth spot and even challenged the formidable Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay on stage.

Samson Dauda‘s 2023 journey began at the Arnold Classic, the first major Pro show of the year. He faced elite competitors and emerged victorious, earning his place at the 2023 Olympia.

His ultimate goal is to dethrone the reigning champion, Hadi Choopan, and capture the coveted Mr. Olympia title on November 5, 2023.

Sam Sulek: The Rising Fitness Influencer

A prominent fitness influencer, Sam Sulek, has been making waves in the online fitness community.

Notably, he built a massive physique, weighing 240 pounds, at age 21.

Sam sulek fitness
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His incredible muscle mass at such a young age has raised eyebrows, with experts speculating about his possible use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

However, Sam Sulek continues to grow and develop his impressive physique.

A Dynamic Training Duo

In pursuit of his Olympia dreams, Samson Dauda decided to join forces with Sam Sulek for a chest and calves training session.

This partnership aims to maximize Samson Dauda‘s preparation for the 2023 Olympia, which will be held from November 3 to November 5 in Orlando, Florida.

The session was an opportunity to assess their training chemistry and push Samson Dauda‘s limits as he prepares for the biggest competition of his career.

The Intense Training Session

Superset – Angled Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises

The training session kicked off with calf work. Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek performed angled calf raises on a Precor Icarian selectorized machine, superseding them with seated calf raises.

Samson dauda workout
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This combination allowed for rapid progression and minimal rest between sets, priming the calves for the intense workout ahead.

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Moving on to chest training, Samson Dauda and Sulek tackled the Smith machine incline bench press.

Incline pressing movements emphasize the upper pectoral muscles, a challenging area to develop.

The Smith machine‘s fixed trajectory ensured focused targeting of the upper chest, minimizing the involvement of stabilizing muscles and reducing the risk of injury.

Given Samson Dauda‘s rigorous Olympia preparation, the Smith machine was the ideal choice for this exercise.

Machine Incline Chest Press

The duo continued their chest workout with the incline chest press, utilizing an iso-lateral machine.

This variation added another layer of stimulation to their pectoral muscles, ensuring a comprehensive chest workout.

Pec Deck Flyes

Samson Dauda and Sulek incorporated pec deck flies into their routine to enhance the upper body’s adduction strength.

This isolation exercise isolates the pectoral muscles, providing a different stimulus than pressing movements.

Several sets of pec deck flies further intensified their chest training.

Close Hammer Grip Dumbbell Press

The final exercise of the day was the close hammer grip dumbbell press.

This chest press variant adds variety to the training routine and is less strenuous on the shoulders.

It allows for adequate muscle stimulation with relatively lighter weights, contributing to overall chest development.

Samson Dauda and Sulek executed multiple sets of close hammer grip dumbbell presses to conclude their challenging training session.

Sam Sulek age
via sam sulek instagram account

The Full Workout

In summary, the chest workout consisted of the following exercises:

  • Superset: Angled Calf Raises and Seated Calf Raises
  • Smith Machine Incline Bench Press
  • Machine Incline Chest Press
  • Pec Deck Flyes
  • Close Hammer Grip Dumbbell Press
  • A Glimpse into the Future

Samson Dauda and Sam Sulek may have different career trajectories, but their collaboration showcases the unyielding dedication and hard work that defines the bodybuilding world.

As they continue their respective journeys, they serve as reminders that the path to greatness is paved with sweat, determination, and partnerships that push boundaries.

The 2023 Mr. Olympia promises to be a showdown of epic proportions, and Samson Dauda‘s Olympia preparations, fueled by intense training sessions like the one with Sam Sulek, exemplify

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