Larry Wheels Opens Up About His Battle With Sex Addiction

Larry Wheels recently made the difficult decision to publicly share his experiences dealing with sex addiction.

In a raw conversation on the Straight Outta The Lair podcast, Larry Wheels got candid about how this addiction nearly destroyed his life and cost him astronomical sums of money. 

By being vulnerable about his struggles, Larry Wheels hopes to inspire others battling similar demons to seek help.

From Powerlifting Stud to Social Media Icon

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Over the past decade, Larry Wheels has become one of the most recognizable figures in strength sports and fitness

His elite powerlifting achievements include a 2,275 lb raw squat and 2,010 lb raw bench press. Larry Wheels has also conquered the world of strongman competitions.

Leveraging his larger-than-life personality and freakish strength, Larry Wheels expanded his brand rapidly through social media. 

He was one of the first strength athletes to successfully crossover into influencer status. Today, his YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers who tune in to see his inspiring training videos.

Larry Wheels’ transparency about his use of performance-enhancing drugs has also earned him legions of fans. 

He is outspoken about both the benefits of PEDs in allowing him to achieve new strength levels, as well as the health risks he now aims to mitigate.

Sex Addiction Spirals Out of Control in Dubai

During a stint living in Dubai, Larry Wheels developed an increasingly destructive addiction to online sexual content. With strip clubs banned in Dubai, Larry Wheels turned to adult webcam sites to feed his addiction. 

He admitted to spending up to $5,000 per day on these cam services. Larry Wheels traced this addiction back to his use of anabolic steroids, which sent his libido into overdrive. 

He described the habit as “the worst thing I had to deal with in Dubai” and “a legitimate addiction.” 

The ease of access and lack of in-person accountability enabled his sex addiction to quickly drain his bank account.

Giving His Partner Full Financial Transparency

At his lowest point, Larry Wheels realized he needed help before losing everything. His solution was to give his partner at the time full access to monitor his finances. 

This accountability prevented Larry Wheels from making impulsive decisions that would feed his addiction.

After breaking up, Larry Wheels found himself slipping back into old habits. When he began dating his current fiancée, Wheels decided total financial transparency was again necessary to maintain control over his addiction.

As he explains, “I told her ‘This is something I’m struggling with and I’d love your help and this is what worked in the past.’ We have that system in place and it works, man. 

She saved my life.” Handing over control of his finances to a trusted partner gave Larry Wheels the oversight required to stop the vicious cycle.

Ongoing Battle to Stay Clean

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While Larry Wheels presently has his addiction under control, he remains cautious about the potential to relapse. 

Even though his habits never escalated to hard drug use, Larry Wheels believes sex addiction can be equally destructive.

“It’s dangerous for me. It’s dangerous ‘cause I know it’s still in me,” Larry Wheels admits. 

He realizes that without staying vigilant, addiction can gradually lead “either to death or homeless.” This raw self-awareness of his vulnerability makes Larry Wheels’s recovery journey so compelling.

Larry Wheels explains that his natural “strong libido is such a distraction.” He appears to almost resent his sex drive, viewing it as more of a curse than a blessing even as a young, famous, successful man. 

Larry Wheels understands that his wiring makes him prone to temptation, requiring constant diligence to stay clean.

Importance of Removing Stigma Around Sex Addiction

The fitness world frequently glorifies the player’s lifestyle. But Larry Wheels’s openness about the agony caused by his addiction counteracts that harmful narrative. 

He is proof that no amount of money, power, or partners can fill the voids underlying sexual compulsions. Larry Wheels’s honesty also shatters the stigma preventing many, especially men, from seeking help. 

Our society propagates the notion that men should be able to handle problems privately. It takes incredible courage for Larry Wheels to reveal his battle with sex addiction publicly.

His vulnerability permits other men struggling with porn, cam sites, or solicitation to get the treatment they need. 

Larry Wheels shows that discussing sexual compulsions should be no different than addressing drug, alcohol, or gambling addictions.

Sharing his experiences helps remove the shame factor that allows sex addiction to multiply in the dark. Not only does Larry Wheels raise awareness, but he provides hope to those currently in the grip of addiction. 

They can take comfort in knowing even the mighty Larry Wheels had to wage this war but saved his life by reaching out for support.

Positivity and Redemption

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Despite hitting rock bottom financially and mentally from his addiction, Larry Wheels resolved to take back control of his life. His relationship with his fiancée and a renewed focus on training has enabled Wheels to regain his footing.

Rather than hide his struggles, Larry Wheels bravely shared the details to let others facing similar demons know they are not alone. 

By opening up about addiction, Larry Wheels advances the larger conversation around breaking down stigma and expanding resources for treatment.

While Larry Wheels will always need to remain vigilant against relapse, his redemption story arc can inspire millions. 

He is proof that even after losing your way, it is possible to reclaim your purpose. Larry Wheels now moves forward living the lessons of his past, stronger and more driven to uplift others.

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