Larry Wheels Decision to Choose Classic Physique: Embracing the Artistic Side

Larry Wheels, a renowned strength athlete and bodybuilder, recently revealed his decision to compete in the Classic Physique division instead of the Men’s Open category

In an Instagram post, he expressed his admiration for Classic Physique’s artistic touch and explained why he didn’t pursue the extreme requirements of the Men’s Open.

This blog post will delve into Larry Wheels‘ journey, highlighting his transition and the reasons behind his choice.

The Rise of Larry Wheels

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Larry Wheels gained fame through his incredible strength feats as a powerlifter in 2017. Setting a world record in the 275-pound weight class, he showcased immense power and talent. 

However, after experiencing a back injury, Wheels transitioned to bodybuilding, making his amateur debut in 2018 at the NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic.

Choosing the Classic Physique Division

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After a successful career in powerlifting and bodybuilding, Wheels decided to switch to the Classic Physique division. 

In his Instagram post, he explained that he aims to achieve a tighter waistline and a more aesthetically pleasing physique. 

He expressed his excitement about the industry’s exceeded and drew inspiration from athletes like Joshua Manoi, who possess beautiful and graceful physiques. 

Larry Wheels emphasized that Classic Physique feels like an art form, unlike the mass monster image associated with the Men’s Open.

A Shift Towards Healtcouldr Approach

Wheels highlighted the healthier approach he could adopt in the Classic Physique division. By relying on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) instead of other performance-enhancing drugs, he believes he can still be competitive, maintain a stunning physique, and showcase his strength. 

This approach aligns with his desire for a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Wheels recognize the dedication and extreme measures required to compete in the Men’s Open but believe it differs from the path he wants to pursue or advocate for his audience.

Impressive Strength and Physique Updates

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Throughout his transition, Larry Wheels has continued to showcase his incredible strength and physique. He can excel in strength and aesthetics with impressive lifts like a 150-pound incline dumbbell bench press for 25 reps and a 500-pound paused bench press. 

Collaborating with powerlifting legend CT Fletcher and fellow athlete Stefi Cohen, Wheels demonstrates his commitment to pushing his limits while focusing on his Classic Physique goals.

The Takeaways

Larry Wheels‘ decision to choose the Classic Physique division over the Men’s Open showcases his desire for a more artistic approach to bodybuilding. 

By focusing on aesthetics, a tighter waistline, and a healthier lifestyle, Wheels aims to achieve a balance between strength, beauty, and overall well-being

With his impressive track record and dedication, fans eagerly await his debut in the Classic Physique division, anticipating a remarkable performance on stage.

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