Rising Bodybuilder Stephane Matala Poses a Threat to Chris Bumstead, According to Dennis James and Milos Sarcev

In bodybuilding, the Classic Physique division has witnessed intense competition and a wealth of talent over the years. 

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming shows, bodybuilding enthusiasts have their eyes on a rising star Stephane Matala

Recently, Dennis James and Milos Sarcev discussed Matala’s potential on The Menace Podcast and expressed their belief that he could threaten the reigning champion, Chris Bumstead.

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Stephane Matala’s Impressive Journey

Rising Bodybuilder Stephane Matala Poses a Threat to Chris Bumstead
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Stephane Matala, also known as ‘Mr. Unchained’ on Instagram has been captivating fans with his jaw-dropping physique. 

Starting with local contests, he made his mark in bodybuilding by winning the Musclemania Paris Junior Champion competition in the Men’s Physique category.

Matala has gained significant attention ahead of his debut in the Classic Physique division with his remarkable lines, impressive condition, well-shaped muscles, and prominent striations.

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The Opinion of Dennis James and Milos Sarcev

During The Menace Podcast, Dennis James and Milos Sarcev expressed astonishment at Matala’s physique. James highlighted Matala’s clean muscles, absence of scar tissue from steroid injections, and old-school bodybuilding aesthetics. 

Milos Sarcev, impressed by Matala’s chest striations, mentioned his potential to work on his front double biceps pose. 

stephane matala vs cbum
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Although Sarcev believes that Bumstead’s superior structure currently gives him the edge, he sees Matala as a future threat to the champion.

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Stephane Matala, a rising bodybuilder with an awe-inspiring physique, has garnered attention from industry veterans Dennis James and Milos Sarcev. 

As he prepares to debut in the Classic Physique division, Matala’s clean muscles, exceptional condition, and old-school bodybuilding aesthetics have established him as a formidable competitor. 

While Chris Bumstead holds the title, Matala’s potential threat and increasing popularity suggest an exciting future in bodybuilding. 

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Fans eagerly await Matala’s performance at the 2023 Mr. Big Evolution Pro Portugal, where victory could lead to a face-off against Bumstead at the prestigious Mr. Olympia show in November.

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