Siberian Power Show 2021

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Siberian Power Show is a powerful event, full of multi-sport ventures, with bodybuilding and fitness as heroes, including in their program amateur and professional categories.

The International Federation, and the Russian Federation, together with organizer Mr. Dennis Kiyustin, organized the organization of the second edition of the Siberia Power Show 2021 for April 2021. This second version will continue the excellent success obtained in this year’s festival.

Venue And Prize Money of Siberian Power Show 2021

The best IFBB and IFBB Elite Pro competitors will be traveling to Russia Siberian Power Show 2021 in April.

The sixth annual Siberian Power Show games festival will take place on 3 to 4 April 2021 in Russia. The best competitors in the world will be competing to win their share of the $60,000 prize money.

siberian power show 2021

World Record Challenged

Yury Belkin is one of the strongest powerlifters in Russia. At the end of 2020, he set achieved a record of lifted 445 kg. Yury demands that this record proves him to take a significant part of the $10,000 prize money awarded to the powerlifters.

Contestants of the Siberian Power Show 2021

Here is a list of qualified contestants for the Siberian Power Show 2021.


ZufarBadrunov is a Russian bodybuilder, he became interested in sports from childhood, he was involved in judo at the age of 16, and he got himself a master of sports in this direction. However, due to studies, he had to quit martial arts.

At the University, he was involved in bodybuilding and began to visit the gym, and a little later he made his debut in amateur bodybuilding.

He is a participant in the Siberian Power Show 2021.

Yana Kuznetsova

Yana Kuznetsova is a professional athlete in the fitness bikini category. Vice-world champion Elite PRO, TOP-10 Olympia.

She is a famous fitness model and has a professional IFBB Elite PRO card.

Originally, she did not even think about a sports career, but then she was submitted to take part in a tournament where largely newcomers from different parts of the country competed.

The main achievement of her is performing a world’s largest tournaments EVLS Prague Pro, IFBB Baltimore Grand Prix, IFBB Mr. Olympia Weekend, Arnold Classic Europe, Elite Pro Miami, almost in all, Yana became the absolute champion.

She is creator and director of the first international online fitness and wellness school. She will compete in the Siberian Power Show 2021.

Mikhail Shivlyakov

Mikhail Shivlyakov

Mikhail worked as a marine in Baltiysk, Sevastopol, Kaspiysk. Then he went to war in Chechnya. He served there for four months and got two awards, the Suvorov medal, and the Zhukov medal.

After returning from the army, he determined to professionally engage in powerlifting. After meeting with the vice-president of the Federation of Power Extreme of Omsk, VasilyGrishchenko, he became seriously involved in powerlifting all-around.

In 2010, he became a prize-winner of the power extreme tournament “The Strongest Man of Russia – 2010”, held in Perm.

In March 2011, at the personal invitation of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mikhail took part in the prestigious annual world competition Arnold Classic, where he represented Russia and entered the top ten strongest Men in the world.

Galina Maslovskaya

Galina Maslovskaya is a Russian athlete, Absolute Champion of Russia and Europe in fitness bikini.

She was interested in athletics from her childhood, but due to an injury, she had to leave the sport. She has been competing in bodybuilding competitions in the fitness bikini category since 2017.

In 2019, Galina became the absolute winner of the Nordic Cup Classic and got the IFBB Elite PRO Card. She will compete in the Siberian Power Show 2021.

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