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In the hallowed halls of men’s 212 bodybuilding, one name resonates with an unparalleled legacy – Flex Lewis.

As the seven-time Olympia winner in the 212 category, the Welsh powerhouse etched his name in the annals of bodybuilding history.

However, beyond the glitz and glamour of stage triumphs lies a tale of an extraordinary diet regimen, one that eclipses the conventional boundaries of caloric intake.

The Dominant Force: Flex Lewis‘ Olympia Reign

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Dominated by muscle hardness, forearms of granite, and a back intricately chiseled, Flex Lewis’s physique on the 212 stage was a testament to his meticulous approach to training and nutrition.

His reign as the king of 212 was not just a collection of victories it was a demonstration of superiority, a display of a physique with minimal weaknesses.

A Farewell to the Stage

In May 2022, the bodybuilding fraternity received news that marked the end of an era – Flex Lewis announced his retirement.

Challenges with appetite became a formidable adversary, prompting the legend to step away from the competitive arena.

Yet, as with any great narrative, hints of a possible return linger, albeit with a ‘7-figure’ price tag.

Retrospective Reflections on Diet

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Retrospectively, Flex Lewis delves into the colossal diet that played a pivotal role in his decision to bid farewell to competitive bodybuilding.

The 212 category imposed its unique challenges, demanding Flex Lewis to consume a staggering 8,000 calories daily.

However, this wasn’t a free pass for indulgence it was an intricate dance with clean foods, a symphony of nutrition that sculpted the body into a work of art.

“To make weight for the 212 category, Flex Lewis revealed he had to ‘shrink his stomach,’ stressing that he could only consume clean foods.”

“I could do that even when I was eating all the time because you can get a lot of hidden calories in shit food.

But when you’re eating good rice and fucking baked potatoes and all that stuff, that’s a lot of food.”

The Battle to Make Weight

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The struggle to fit into the 212 class became increasingly arduous for Flex Lewis

The road to maintaining an off-season weight within bounds saw him embrace constant travel, a deliberate strategy to keep busy and stave off the temptation of surpassing 235 pounds.

“To keep his off-season weight cap at a reasonable number, Flex Lewis would purposely travel more often to stay busy, adding that he ‘always’ had to over-diet throughout his career.”

“For me to walk on stage, I wish I was able to show the best version of myself, and no one has ever seen the best version of myself because I always had to over-diet.”

Weight Shedding Dilemmas

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In the weeks leading up to Mr. Olympia’s competitions, Flex Lewis found himself in the delicate act of shedding weight, often needing to cut down from 224-226 pounds.

The process was a delicate balance, a meticulous dance of shedding pounds without compromising muscle integrity.

“Me stepping on stage about 224, 226, I’ve got photos like four weeks out, ready and I had to find 12 pounds to come off of me. Me and my coach were like where the fuck is this coming.”

“When you’re dieting down for a show you have to eat into muscle. For four weeks out, I smelled like piss. When you lose muscle you get the secretion or smell,” reminisced Flex Lewis.

Life Beyond the Stage

flex lewis physique
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His retirement marked not just the end of an illustrious career but also a journey toward holistic health. 

Flex Lewis, content in his post-competitive life, celebrated his 40th birthday with a physique transformation that hinted at further improvements in 2024.

“As the most successful 212 bodybuilder in the sport, Flex Lewis’ perspective on nutrition sheds light on the difficulty of remaining one of the best in the world.”


The culinary odyssey of Flex Lewis encapsulated in an 8,000-calorie diet, serves as a testament to the sacrifices and dedication embedded in the pursuit of bodybuilding greatness.

Beyond the stage lights and thunderous applause lies a man who navigated the intricate dance of nutrition, sculpting not just a physique but a legacy that resonates in every calorie consumed and every pound shed.

Flex Lewis, the legend, leaves behind a culinary tale that will be whispered in bodybuilding circles for generations to come.

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