Site-Enhancement Oils and Steroids: Unveiling the Truth in Bodybuilding After 40

Pursuing longevity in bodybuilding has become a significant topic of discussion, considering the inherent risks associated with the sport. 

In a recent episode of The Menace Podcast, renowned bodybuilding figures, including Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and Dave Palumbo, candidly discussed the risks involved in bodybuilding after age 40. 

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This article explores the insights shared during the discussion, covering topics such as site-enhancement oils, expired steroids, and the importance of health monitoring in competitive bodybuilding.

The Role of Site-Enhancement Oils

One notable aspect discussed during the podcast was site-enhancement oils, with veterans Milos Sarcev and Chris Cormier reflecting on their experiences with Synthol, a commonly used substance. 

While Sarcev regretted using Synthol on his arms, Cormier warned upcoming talents about the dangers of such practices. Both athletes acknowledged these substances’ negative impact on their physiques, emphasizing the importance of caution when using them.

Enhancement Methods in Modern Bodybuilding

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The conversation also shed light on the prevalence of substance usage in modern bodybuilding, with the participants asserting that many top bodybuilders employ various substances to enhance their physique. 

Dave Palumbo suggested that site-enhancement oils are extensively used by the top 10 Open bodybuilders in the Mr. Olympia competition.

Milos Sarcev and Chris Cormier echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the use of substances is widespread in the industry.

Expired Steroids and their Consequences

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Milos Sarcev shared a personal anecdote about his experience using expired steroids, revealing that he unknowingly used a batch over 10 years past its expiration date. 

This led to an unexpected side effect of severe acne. Sarcev’s account highlights the potential risks associated with using expired drugs, underscoring the importance of ensuring the quality and integrity of substances used in bodybuilding.

Health Concerns and Monitoring

The discussion also addressed the significance of monitoring one’s health, particularly for athletes in the bodybuilding community. 

Chris Cormier shared his struggle with prostate issues and revealed that the prolonged use of steroids, such as Equipoise, caused discomfort in his prostate. Dave Palumbo explained the connection between elevated levels of DHT and prostate problems. 

The participants stressed the importance of regular health check-ups, urging athletes to address potential health concerns proactively.

The Importance of Cardiac Health

In a significant revelation, Dave Palumbo emphasized the importance of cardiac health for individuals over 40. 

He recommended that everyone in this age group undergo a cardiac CT angiogram, which can identify any blockages in the arteries. 

Palumbo cited an example of Rich Gaspari, who discovered a 100% blocked artery through this test. This revelation highlights the potentially life-saving benefits of proactive cardiac health assessments.

Longevity and Balanced Effort

Despite the challenges and risks associated with bodybuilding, the podcast participants emphasized the possibility of achieving longevity in the sport. 

They emphasized the need for a more consistent and calculated approach to training, diet, and overall health maintenance. 

Bodybuilders can aim for a sustainable and successful career beyond 40 by prioritizing health and being mindful of the substances used.

The Takeaways

The podcast discussion featuring Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and Dave Palumbo offered valuable insights into the risks, challenges, and potential solutions for bodybuilders aged 40 and above. 

The conversation shed light on using site-enhancement oils, expired steroids, and the importance of health monitoring in this competitive sport. 

By prioritizing health, embracing responsible practices, and adopting a balanced approach, bodybuilders can pursue longevity in the sport while minimizing potential risks and maximizing their overall well-being.

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